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30 Jul

Light Vs Dark On Scoreboards

Posted by Southern Joe at 06:43. Tagged: Juniors
Last post: 12:59, 31 Jul 


Lithuania vs Boomers tonight

Posted by Zodiac at 01:51. Tagged: International
Last post: 12:36, 31 Jul 


36ers Season Prediction, Offseason Summary

Posted by 800 at 04:31. Tagged: NBL
Last post: 08:33, 31 Jul 

29 Jul

Boomers 2k17 ratings predictions

Posted by Orbs at 07:50. Tagged: International
Last post: 08:09, 29 Jul 


BA seeking a recent photo of the OPALS

Posted by Just Very Old at 03:57. Tagged: Women
Last post: 06:35, 29 Jul 




Bogut set to play in Rio!

Posted by LC at 03:07. Tagged: International
Last post: 11:35, 29 Jul 


BA to announce Head of WNBL appointment Tuesday

Posted by Isaac at 02:40. Tagged: General
Last post: 07:11, 29 Jul 


Wildcats sign Kernich-Drew for two years

Posted by Isaac at 11:19. Tagged: NBL
Last post: 11:48, 29 Jul 


Boomers hit the big time! We're in 2K17!

Posted by Hoopie at 09:24. Tagged: International
Last post: 02:48, 30 Jul 


Brazil v Boomers Friendly

Posted by XY at 09:20. Tagged: International
Last post: 01:21, 30 Jul 


Stephen Holt signs with Zaragoza

Posted by DaHuzyBru at 01:35. Tagged: General

28 Jul



Thread is locked to replies. Woodville 2016-17 Junior Trial Times

Posted by WDBC at 09:13. Tagged: Juniors


Brisbane Bullets sign Matt Kenyon

Posted by Anonymous at 06:44. Tagged: General
Last post: 07:44, 29 Jul 




Mirko Djeric released from Kings contract, to play in Serbia

Posted by AngusH at 11:29. Tagged: NBL
Last post: 04:34, 28 Jul 


Cairns Taipans' import plans

Posted by Isaac at 11:22. Tagged: NBL
Last post: 07:15, 29 Jul 

27 Jul

Jacobsen official & team arriving next 2 days

Posted by Peter at 10:01. Tagged: Sixers
Last post: 11:07, 30 Jul 


Opals warm-up matches in the USA

Posted by Luuuc at 08:38. Tagged: Women
Last post: 10:44, 31 Jul 


Lightning sign Laura Hodges

Posted by Isaac at 03:42. Tagged: Women
Last post: 08:13, 28 Jul 


Gorjok Gak ruled ineligible for 2016/17 season

Posted by LC at 12:09. Tagged: College
Last post: 05:00, 27 Jul 


Bolden withdraws, will play pro before 2017 draft

Posted by Isaac at 10:58. Tagged: College
Last post: 12:40, 30 Jul 


Boomers vs Argentina warm-up game

Posted by dani at 09:16. Tagged: International
Last post: 05:57, 28 Jul 


Amare Retires With Knicks

Posted by Ricey at 06:19. Tagged: General
Last post: 09:54, 27 Jul 


Bogut V Cambage - bad blood?

Posted by Statman at 05:28. Tagged: International
Last post: 05:26, 30 Jul 

26 Jul

Boomers Uluru TV Special

Posted by Zodiac at 08:02. Tagged: International
Last post: 08:06, 26 Jul 


FOX Sports' Olympics Coverage

Posted by Anonymous at 04:07. Tagged: General
Last post: 10:11, 26 Jul 

25 Jul

Boomers V Lithuania

Posted by skull at 07:37. Tagged: International
Last post: 06:08, 26 Jul 


Australian "Select" team

Posted by Aussie at 06:51. Tagged: General
Last post: 06:32, 27 Jul 


NBA players at the Rio Olympics?

Posted by Aussie at 02:15. Tagged: General
Last post: 01:03, 26 Jul 


St Clair Redevelopment

Posted by Fish Fingers at 01:40. Tagged: General
Last post: 10:33, 25 Jul 

24 Jul

when will games be scheduled at Campbelltown LC ?

Posted by Larry at 07:31. Tagged: Local
Last post: 08:52, 29 Jul 

23 Jul

Spoilt for Riches

Posted by Anon at 10:59. Tagged: International
Last post: 04:58, 26 Jul 



22 Jul

Wildcats Squad Changes & Media Spin

Posted by Dazz at 05:27. Tagged: NBL
Last post: 11:53, 26 Jul 




Wildcats sign Jaron Johnson

Posted by Luuuc at 11:47. Tagged: NBL
Last post: 01:49, 29 Jul 

21 Jul

Josh Smith???

Posted by Dazz at 06:24. Tagged: NBL
Last post: 04:59, 24 Jul 


32 BA Prospects, who got selected?

Posted by Aussie at 11:50. Tagged: General
Last post: 04:53, 23 Jul 

20 Jul

Eric Jacobsen signs with Adelaide

Posted by ME at 03:55. Tagged: General
Last post: 10:34, 25 Jul 


My Boomers Tribute Video

Posted by Coopz at 02:45. Tagged: General
Last post: 07:22, 22 Jul 


Guess Simmons Rookie Averages!

Posted by Baller#3 at 11:22. Tagged: NBA
Last post: 04:32, 24 Jul 

19 Jul

Stackers Thoughts on Joyce's Opals Role

Posted by Pointybits at 11:53. Tagged: Women
Last post: 02:45, 23 Jul 


Simmons and McRae make Summer League 1st team

Posted by Hendo8888 at 07:16. Tagged: NBA
Last post: 01:18, 21 Jul 


Boomers pre-oympic games

Posted by Shaggy at 05:38. Tagged: General
Last post: 10:27, 25 Jul 


Bogut's recovery?

Posted by ME at 12:51. Tagged: General
Last post: 02:49, 19 Jul 

18 Jul

What to teach first?

Posted by Coach Jay at 04:52. Tagged: General
Last post: 01:43, 19 Jul 


Boti: 36ers have made offer to import.

Posted by Master Chief at 04:48. Tagged: General
Last post: 03:54, 20 Jul 


Joe Ingles All-Star Camp

Posted by Baseline shooter at 11:49. Tagged: General
Last post: 11:22, 20 Jul 
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