Years ago

NBL TV moan....again

So I've resigned myself not being able to watch live streams...constantly freezing every game so far to the point of unwatchable. So now I'm watching replays and they always start midway through the 2nd quarter! Anyone else have this? Ummm why? I'm so over this!

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Years ago

It all works fine for me.

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Years ago

I think someone said try a different browser with that issue.

In terms of normal streaming I tried using my mobile as a internet hotspot to stream to my laptop and that worked fine. Only problem is the limited download per month. Perhaps give that a go but obviously be wary of your download limit.

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Years ago

Try using the free streams on sportsbet.com.au. I remember one or two posters saying Sportsbet's streams were a lot smoother than NBL TV.


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Big Marty  
Years ago

KingJames, I mentioned in one of the previous threads that using IE over Firefox or Chrome seemed to have made an improvement for me, however that lasted about 3 games and now even IE is flakey.

I tend to browser swap until one holds up.

While it's good to hear some people can use it without issues, the service itself is very poor for the majority of users. Customer Support is minimal and responses to queries up on FB are pretty sub-standard, such as 'we're not having an issues from our end'.

Personally NBL.TV is the only streaming site where I have these issues. I'm assuming that they have had limited testing before this went live.

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

Big Marty, how do you know that the service is poor for a majority of users?

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Years ago

"the service itself is very poor for the majority of users"

thats a massive assumption. most people I know have very little trouble with it and there dont seem to be many mesages on social media saying its bad. just because a few people complain on a forum doesnt mean that is the reality in the wider world.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

My 'majority' is based on the complaints versus the 'It's fine' responses across a few different forums and media.

That's all I can comment on if those that are working aren't putting anything up. If you're concerned about my assumptions, feel free to get NBL TV to put a mandatory poll up for all subscribers to respond to.

Also, to elaborate further, Poor service extends further than just the streaming.

Either way, it's a sub-par service considering the number of other stream services out there where the freezing problems aren't present (e.g. myself): Youtube, Twitch, UStream, Sportsbet, Bet365...

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Wildcat Fan  
Years ago

The fact that this has been an issue for a handful of people on this forum and on ozhoops would suggest that there is an audience of people out there with the same problems. I don't want to assume that its the "majority of users" by any means, but there certainly are enough people with the same problems that maybe there are a lot more that aren't complaining about it on the forums.

I definitely agree that there has been minimal help on the customer service side of things, and to be told that "we are not having issues from our end" is a bit inconsiderate of those that are having problems.

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Years ago

I have almost always been using ipad - apple tv to watch nbl.tv and the only problems I have encounted is once or maybe twice a game the app crashing out.

Which is annoying but not really that much of an issue.

A couple games I have watched while out and about on my iphone which I find more temperamental due to the 3G connection I guess?

If a game is on One/Ten I will wait and watch it there usually.

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Years ago

yep i agree there are areas to improve but from what i can see out of thousands of people subscribing the complaints are well and truly in minority, unless each jarrad hurley complaint counts for a different person.

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Years ago

Big Marty, someone who is having difficulties with the service is going to be way more motivated to get on here and complain than someone who has no problem to get on here to defend it.

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Years ago

People keep telling me its my connection or computer gear. What crap! Youtube streams perfectly. Not nbltv though

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Big Marty  
Years ago

XY, that's true; but some people just can't be stuffed either way.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Should we have a competition?

Which will South Australians b!tch about more?

1) Marty Clark
2) NBL.tv
3) Refs

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Years ago

Good call, Marcus. I'm hoping this Anonymous wanker who is trying to give me a hard time on other threads keeps talking.

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Years ago

Marcus, that depends if we win or lose. Lose it's usually Marty. Win it's nbl.tv as they couldn't watch it. Win or lose refs will usually draw complaints.

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Years ago

YouTube streams better than anything else because it has monstrous backing. NBL.TV is a new service to a smaller market. I assume it partly relies on connections from stadiums.

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Years ago

If if were to do with connections to stadiums then everyone would get bad streams. I did a quick poll of people I know with it last night and none have had any real issues with live streams.

I dont know much about it but is there a level of streaming that makes it foolproof against congested net traffic in certain areas? (How did NBA ILP fix their issues to get above this?) Because if there is it sounds like they need to pump it up to that level so there arent pockets not getting a good feed for certain games.

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Years ago

I've had streaming problems all the time with nbl.tv and the pirate streams work fine...
I've emailed nbl.tv but i won't be paying for an unusable product..

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John Salmons  
Years ago

nbl.tv is a lot better than NBA ILP was when it first launched here. that was unwatchable and i got a refund.

I've only had problems with one game, broadcast from Cairns. even watched a few quarters on 3G.

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Years ago

When the stuttering occurs try lowering the resolution of the stream. The player will try to send the highest quality it can. It can't always detect that you have a slower or conjested connection. Issac is right in that there are issues with the upstream leg to the CDN(NBL.TV) from the stadiums but to complicate matters, but to complicate matters it is also your pipe to your house from the ISP, and iuts uplaod and download speeds. If you are on cable you are on a party line, so total traffic impacts as well. ASDL and ADSL2 has their own restrictions. Yopu can't assume that because you can pull up a website, or email that you have a good connection, and that connection has to be good end-to-end. Again Issac is correct. YouTube has huge bandwidth in comparison to all other CDNs so will often seem better. And the content is usually prerecorded not live so does not need live encoding.

Bottom line is, for $59.00, which is what most of us paid, live with the shortcomings. It is new technology and will only get better!

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Years ago

I think NBLTV is brilliant. For the price it is great value. You can't expect HDTV streams for budget price. I am with Telstra ADSL2 and have no problems. IPad, Laptop, IPhone, all good. At work have also had no problems streaming. Great quality. My work is also on Telstra. The problem is not NBLTV. It is at your end. With so many of us having no problems, it is not the product so stop bagging it without fully understanding where the problem is. How can people compare watching recorded videos on YouTube to live streaming? A 2 big thumbs up for NBLTV from me, just to let you know the majority of us users don't have problems.

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Years ago

Im sure there are some problems at their end, but I dont think they are nearly as big as some have made out. The service has been great for me.

In fairness, it must be very frustrating having issues, whichever end the issue lies at.

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