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Townsville Crocodiles 2012/2013 season in review..

Now that the Crocs' NBL season is over, it is a good time to reflect on what went wrong during and before the 2012/2013 campaign...

Roster Imbalance - there are six (count em!) guys on this team under 6'3", which is inexcusable for a professional basketball team. It doesn't hurt them on defense so much because guys like Chris Cedar and Mitch Norton have the muscle to body up bigger opponents, but on offense they just can't get anything going at the rim. As much as I love Chris and Mitch, there isn't a place for both of them in this team unless one of them is starting. And neither of them are quite ready for that. Just way too many PGs and undersized SGs. This is basic stuff. Like, really, really basic stuff:

Gary Ervin - listed at 6'0", actually more like 5'8" or 9". Mitch Norton towers over him.
Mitch Norton - 5'11"
Chris Cedar - 6'1"
Michael Cedar - 6'3" (shorter in real life)
Peter Crawford - 6'3" (shorter in real life)
Brendan Teys - 6'2"

Clint Steindl - grew up down the road in Mackay. Plays the position that the Crocs are shallowest at (SF) and has a skillset that they have very little of (3pt shooting, athleticism). Has been playing with and against guys like Chris Cedar and Todd Blanchfield since he was a little kid. Played with Ben Allen at St Mary's. Playing in Townsville would mean he would be closer to his family in Mackay. Can someone tell me why this kid isn't a Croc?

Peter Crawford - is not a franchise player. They paid him like one, and the front office talks about him as if he is a top 3 player in the league. Again it's the same stubbornness from the front office. This isn't a knock on PC. He just needs help. He's not a first-option on offense on a winning team. Age has really caught up with his brittle knees this year after an off-season playing for the national team. Guys aren't supposed to get two-year contracts with pay-rises at age 33. The Crocs gave him one.

Opponent Scouting - the Crocs seem to pay no attention to what other teams are doing ahead of time. They throw out the same strategies regardless of opponent. This is purely defensively-speaking, as the Crocs have no offensive strategies.

Coaching - every basket I have seen the Crocs score this season has come off a one-on-one situation, a fast-break, or another "impromtu" situation. No one scores from an offensive set, ever. This is the coaching staff.

Free Agent Scouting / Recruiting - Woolpert spent an entire Summer in the US evaluating imports and came up with not one but two duds. One was a small forward who he tried to cram into the PG slot; the other a soft power forward who he tried to make a center. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when you try to go after an import center, you better go to the table with an open wallet or you are going to get a dud. The fans were promised a back-to-the-basket monster, 6’10", great hands, a franchise corner-stone of an import at the 5. Instead we got Ben Allen. In addition, they signed no Australian talent despite losing their Aussie centrepiece in Luke Schenscher (instead choosing to replace him with...Russell Hinder).

Shot Selection - Michael Cedar, Chris Cedar, Ben Allen, Larry Abney and Jacob Holmes are the worst offenders here. Which is half of the roster shooting terrible shots early in the shot clock, consistently, all game long. Not good enough. It’s the players’ fault for launching so much garbage but it’s the coachs’ fault for not tearing them a new one every time they hurl steaming turds in the vague direction of the rim.

Upper Management - after years of alienating the local fan base and local corporate sponsors following the demise of the fantastic regime that reigned until David Carmichael left the franchise, the front office has put an on-court product together to match their incompetence off the court. There are entire corporate boxes just completely empty at every home game. Crowd numbers are way down across the board. The stadium is dead-quiet in the closest of matches in crunch time. To boot, their stubbornness in penny-pinching in bringing in the decaying corpses of Larry Abney and Russell Hinder while elevating Ben Allen to a starting spot based on a couple of decent pre-season games (instead of signing actual basketball players) is inexcusable. The board aren't happy and will certainly show CEO Ian Smythe the door soon. The only question is whether they will wait for the season to finish to do so...

Let's take a look at what Crocs CEO Ian Smythe has done wrong since last season ended, in chronological order:

1. Whines to the press about contract negotiations with Luke Schenscher, completely botching the whole ordeal. Schenscher would later say that he had in no way made up his mind or even started negotiations at that point, and that Smythe was just talking absolute nonsense about what should have been private negotiations. Way to piss off one of the best centers in the league that you were trying to re-sign. That was all Luke needed to book a ticket home to Adelaide and the Crocs' lost their cornerstone.

2. Whines to the press about Peter Crawford's contract negotiations, alienating their only remaining "franchise player". PC re-signs, but very well could have walked.

3. Goes public that Ben Allen and Michael Cedar are not being re-signed due to their on-court failings. Re-signs them both the next day.

4. Announces on twitter that they have narrowed their search down to two import centres and will have an announcement the next day. The next day comes around and the Crocs announce the signing of dud Curtis Withers, a player who was not even on the shortlist Smythe announced the day before. Obviously botched negotiations with the two other guys and, clutching at straws, reached out to Withers.

5. Axes both Jason Forte and Curtis Withers before the season starts. Replaces Forte with Gary Ervin (good) and Withers with Larry Abney (baaaaaaad).

Once Smythe is gone, is a shift towards the community model the answer to gaining a little more accountability and transparency from the front office? Almost certainly.

So what has gone right this year?

Two things and two things only: Gary Ervin and Todd Blanchfield. Everyone else is playing at a standard (skill-wise AND effort-wise) that is not really deserving of a pay cheque even in a semi-professional league. Jacob Holmes is rebounding well but his absolutely psychotic shot selection is undoing the benefit of every board he grabs.

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Years ago

dont forget norton. when he gets on the court he makes good plays and does get the crowd somewhat semi involved. rumor has it smyth wont leave and if he does a big sponsor will walk

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Years ago

You forgot to mention that the reason Woolpert went to the USA was for a HOLIDAY.
He picked the 2 duds, not from scouting or personal observation of their abilities he saw when over there, the had ALREADY PLAYED for him.
Now the broken down Abney is the next EASY solution. The Crocs are a laughing stock. Soooooo much damage has now been down by this pretend coach in Woolpert.
The CEO? Probably the same. The Crocs need a good clean out from the top down.
I suspect that after this season the owners might do it. Cut their investment from last season which was needed because they were efectivley broke.
They might take their profits while there are still some and leave.

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Years ago

Wow that was full on.. But i enjoyed reading it.

Other positive for me is Mitch Norton, a real big fan of his game and what he can be/will be.

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Years ago

Yeah I'll agree with that, Norton has been good as well, especially when you consider his confidence and calmness for his age. Just needs to fix that shooting stroke and get rid of that sideways-spin from the ball. Used to be a dead-eye shooter but hasn't shown it at the NBL level yet. Definitely has a bright future.

Was strange that he didn't get on until the third quarter against Cairns after playing major minutes all season long. Not sure what was going on there.

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Years ago

Schenscher was almost always going to leave as long as a good enough option was presented to return home.
PC is a Boomer and so should be paid accordingly and is. PC was the one who went to the press first , not the club. Having said that look at what he has produced this season thus far.
The Crocs used to be the only show in town , now they have to battle with V8's , soccer til recently and the Rugby for the corporate dollar.
Signing Holmes was a mistake, the guy is good stats wise but his W/L % would be one of the worst all time in the NBL. Just like Vukona always sees to be on wining teams Holmes seems to be a loosers. Plus the money spent on hime would mean Ervin + a superstar import of game changing capacity.

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Years ago

Holmes is an absolute chemistry killer on the offensive end. He shoots the dumbest shots I've ever seen.

His rebounding is game-changing though.

It's up to the coaching staff to tell him his role is to grab rebounds and not F up the offensive sets with stupid shots early in the shot clock with no offensive rebounders under the rim.

I'm starting to think that Eddie Gill played a bigger part in the team structure and keeping everyone in line than I thought. Gary Ervin is starting to yell at guys for doing dumb shit and I like it.

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Years ago

Where is Spursfan hyping up the Crocs championship chances?

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Years ago

Mick I don't agree at all red Holmes.... All players have taken poor shots and there has been some bad sets but he's been leading the way IMO

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Pie Cart  
Years ago

Spurs Fan ...did you say you rate Townsville in the top 3....nah bottom 3 more likely!!!!!

Earvin .....good choice
Abney ...... his days are done ,get another solid import to lift the team Ron Dorsey???off the bench

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Years ago

Yeah anon, I agree on holmes too. He was almost solely responsible for getting the crocs back into the game in the 4th. He was a monster on the glass, with about 5 boards in a row in one stretch and putting the ball on the floor and attacking the rim. The good definately outweighs the bad for me.

Ervin, pc and holmes are the only guys capable of putting up good numbers consistently or changing a game with blanchfield maybe as well.

Compare that to the great players from top teams.

Martin, Robbins (on d), lisch, redage, Wagstaff, Knight. With tovey and hire at least as good as Blanchfield.

NZ: Pledger, Jackson, Abercrombie, Vukona, Hudson, CJ.

Woolongong: Deleon, Saville, Forman, Hurdle, Davidson. Gruber (much improved) Martin (better than either norton or c cedar at this stage)

Johnson, Schensher, Gibson, Petrie, Weigh. Creek and Cadee as good as townsville's opposites numbers.

I love the Crocs and will continue to support them, but I can't see they have the cattle to turn it around.

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Years ago

The problem is, can you give Abney the ass now after already letting two imports go?

2 ppg to go along with an 0-6 record says yes.

On top of that he is carrying an injury. Elvin Mims would be a massive upgrade and wouldn't be asking for much money, or you could spend a little more (which they won't) and get someone bigger.

Even QBL guys like Greg Vanderjagt are a huge upgrade over what Abney is bringing to the table.

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Years ago

They need an overhaul for sure something like:

Coach: Offence looks so stale, new coach with some structure ideas.
Assistants: keep who is there I guess.

C : Workhorse (Import or otherwise) (30)/ Allen (10)
PF : Holmes (30) / Hinder (10)
SF : Crawford (20) unless on fire / Blanchfeild (20)
SG : Proven Shooter (Import or otherwise) (20) / One of Cedars (10) / Ervin (10)
PG : Ervin (25) / Norton (15)

The budget of the team is really showing I think. Cedar boys seem to be a liability on court imo Norton brings alot more but his minutes are victim of too many small gaurds on the team. Abney doesn't bring anything, there must be someone in the QBL or SEABL who would play for the same money in that role. Crawford isnt playing half as well as he did last season, I would like to see more of Blanchfeild on the court. Ervin is finding his form but can't do it on his own. Ben Allen is not up to big minutes yet, he needs to be coming off the bench behind a big that can make an impact.

Marketing : get some people in the stadium it looked empty, I think the taipans fans who made the trip were almost as loud/involved as the home team.
DJ/MC : Turn it down! only play songs that go with the game SPARINGLY, start de-fence or lets go crocs chants more often instead of songs blasting, NO MORE HAAAANDS UP - its shit.

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Years ago

Crocs won't go for Dorsey - Woolpert & Gleeson best mates!

They do look really bad & not up to NBL level.

Abney - embarassing
Hinder - no longer has it
PC - not a shadow of last season
Cedar bros - if not hitting the trey are totally useless
Allen - Starting 5? What is Woolpert smoking?

Paul Woolpert is a great guy but he's got his hands full this season or at least part of this season depending on how long he lasts!

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Years ago

The major problem with the front court is the complete lack of athleticism and toughness. Ben Allen couldn't jump over a piece of string. Jacob Holmes is great on the boards but can't score inside or jump either. Russell Hinder is only useful as THE last player off the bench. Not as the sixth man. Larry Abney can still do amazing dunks in the warm ups but when the game starts he could get out-jumped by Ben "Rare Air Indeed" Allen.

I won't play the minutes spread game, but the roster could look like this without even breaking the bank:

C - Proper Blue Collar Centre like Ian Crosswhite (ie. not Ben Allen), keep Ben Allen only if he takes another paycut or agrees to have his head shaved, or replace him with someone of similar value who doesn't care more about his hair than winning. Maybe keep Hinder but only if he is last off the bench. If not Hinder than some sort of big stiff that can soak up a few fouls for five minutes a night and at least convert an open layup if a drive-and-dish falls in his lap. A Greg Vanderjagt or Jeff Dowdell level player.

PF - Holmes, Import PF who can play a little C (nothing fancy, just a blue collar guy - no need to break the bank here).

SF - Blanchfield, plus a back-up college returnee wing, or a mid-priced NBL bench wing who can shoot the long ball. Someone like Steindl would have been perfect here.

SG - Crawford (Blanchfield, Ervin, Backup SF, and Norton can play a little here)

PG - Ervin, Norton

See Ya Later: Maybe Ben Allen, probably Hinder, definitely Michael Cedar, Chris Cedar, Larry Abney, Brendan Teys, CEO, entire front office and marketing staff.

Mick Cedar should have left the club in the off season when they low-balled him with the contract offer. If he had an offer elsewhere he should have taken it because it would have been better for him to have a fresh start some place else. Chris has no place on this team now Mitch Norton is healthy, so I hope for his sake he goes somewhere else and makes a name for himself because he has all the tools to be a succesful player if he applies himself (please though Chris fix that overhead line-drop-out throw-in of a three point shot you have, it's hideous).

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Years ago

What i would do is sign the best Aussie/NZ big available Neville, Horvath, Bradshaw, Cameron, who ever they can get and replace one of the Cedar boys. This is effctively the Schenscher replacement as the starting C

I would then replace Abney with the best import forward they can get, I'd go for a SF/PF who can do a bit of everything, like a Kevin Brooks/Chris Williams/Jay Wells type (obviously not one of these guys just a guy in there mould)

Then you would have a much more balanced and better roster imo.

Then run the rotations something like

C New aussie big (25)/Allen (15)
PF Holmes (20)/Hinder (10)/Import
SF Import (20)/ Blanchfield (20)
SG Crawford (25)/Ervin (5)/Cedar (10)
PG Ervin (25)/Norton (15)

As Allen isnt ready for starting minutes yet and they need a much better import than Abney even just a Mims level would be a huge improvement.

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Years ago

If you smart asses remember, I said if they start well, they should get top 2.

Mick, they are flooded with outside shooters, the ability to put the ball in the hole isn't the problem. It's getting people in the position to put the ball in the hole. Ervin did a little better at keeping the offense consistent, but it clearly needs more work.

If they win their next couple games - they aren't far away - I think they can make the playoffs and challenge for a championship for sure.

Although, I overrated Woolpert. I was at the game so I didn't see any of his other timeouts, but I got home in the last couple minutes of the last quarter on TV and his timeouts are an absolute shambles. I HATE his 'players have the say' way of coaching. It does not work (this season at least) because there are way too many people addressing the team, you have Holmes, Ervin, Woolpert and others randomly chiming in during the one timeout. I'm no coach, but it's the same principal business is it not? You need one domineering figure called the leader who knows the right things to do and leads by example. It's a massive problem.

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Years ago

The problem is that no one can score inside except for Gary Ervin and Todd Blanchfield, so the opposition has the freedom to just overplay the three point shot knowing half of the roster can be routinely goaded into shooting dumb, hotly contested threes because they are too scared to take it to the rack or make a play for their teammates.

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Years ago

A lot of them can score inside, but Ervin is the only one who can get to the rim with regularity. Michael Cedar can also do it running curls off downscreens.

But anyway, Schenscher was a big part of what the Crocs did last season, as you know they ran a lot through him. So using Schensch, they used to get the ball a fair way inside the arc very early in the offensive sets. That's how the Breakers were so effective in the past couple of seasons, they would get a boucher or vukona to just get a catch at the free throw line at the start of a set, opening up everything. The defense gets nervous once the ball gets inside the three point line, the offensive players get more intrigued and actually try to make off ball plays and actually want to run the plays they have been told to run. But when the ball stays on the perimeter the whole set (which is what happened with the Taipans in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter last night), nothing enterprising happens.

Defensively, I don't know. A lack of talk maybe. I guess they have no big guy noted for defense. Don't know if you saw, but Fearne has got Trigger jawing on defense for the whole possession, every possession, giving hand signals and all that shit. I haven't looked, but I doubt that's happening with the Crocs. Even if the Crocs don't have guys slashing up their defense and getting to the rack, leaving guys open is still probably a result of bad communication. Everyone needs to talk, especially the center (the anchor), whose job it is to see the whole floor and direct traffic.

On a side note, fuck I love this game. I'm watching the grizzlies @ warriors atm. grizz were up about 14 and the crowd started booing. then curry went whack, whack, whack. eight straight points and now the crowd loves them again two minutes later. that's what is so great about this game.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I'm just glad there's at least one team more woeful than the SIxers

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Years ago

The second Allen, Holmes, or Abney make a catch inside the perimeter, they are only looking to toss up a shot. In fact, when they make a catch anywhere it's all they are looking for.

Schensch would evaluate his options and look to score, or to create. That's the difference.

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Ganymede 5  
Years ago

I am told they tried to change Norton's shot in the off season. Not sure why go back and look at the kids record big big shooter and massive with assists most of his rep career. To change someones shot at 19 is crazy, If you go back and look at Norton's game you will see no one scored on him in the Cairns game. He did go to the rim, he feed Holmes the ball he had the hot hands on the night. Perth game only one big scored on him when he contested a 3 point shot because the big was left out at the 3 point line. NZ game he was not used to his strength in the Gong it was all just Ugly, last night they decide to play a player with a defensive threat very very little. I agree he needs to sort out his shooting and go back to what worked for him. Him at the point he doesn't need any help bringing the ball up which is allowing the boys to set up the plays and Gary just goes to work at the 2. Chris can sub in for the Point of the 2 spot but man. But i am seeing a young player doing what he is told. As for anyone else don't know much my boys played against for years. I just think at 19 he is worth a chance.

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Years ago

Mick, no doubting you are right. Most of the team is taking bad shots, but if they get an actual system and stick to it, players will find a groove.

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Years ago

Crazy that they tried to change his shot. He was one of the best shooters in the country, for any age group...


He now has a flat, sideways spinning shot that never drops. Who taught him this new style, Jacob Holmes?!

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Years ago

time to say goodbye to larry abney. shouild sign a big aussie to develop and put all other players on notice if they want to play next year

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Years ago

Abney is warming up a little, but he has absolutely no touch (I'm not sure if he used to). I don't think he will produce much more an he is currently.

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Years ago

And I haven't watched everything he's done this season, but I don't think he is very strong either.

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Years ago

But that's the thing, anon, they already put Mick Cedar and Ben Allen on notice if they wanted to play THIS year, and they turned around and re-signed them both again. Albeit with paycuts, but without spending the money they saved on those two on better players elsewhere on the roster. Ditto for releasing the two imports. They sign Abney to a minimum salary and elevate Ben Allen to a starting job, to save even MORE cash.

Everything they do is just a ploy to be cheap.

It's that shadiness that goes along with the cheapness by the front office that is pissing fans off big time.

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Years ago

Should've just signed Luke Nevill instead of abney. Safer option. Could've also been able to afford Dorsey. No inside presence whatsoever just holmes on the boards.

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Years ago

Jacob Holmes taking bad shots, noooooo he never had that problem in Adleaide! Smythe has killed off many potential contracts with his attitude and arrogance in negotiating.

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Years ago

I'm going to make a big call, the crocs will come good (not that it matters much to me, my boys are 4-1)just wait and see. They may not make play-offs but they'll def be better!

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Years ago

Tyrell, they cant get any worse, so not a massive statement. Even the worst teams go on a run at some point. Fact is last season they were a legit force then it all fell apart, in the offseason.

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Years ago

Can't get any worse? If the Tigers beat them tomorrow they will be officially the worst team in the Laegue.
It makes my tip for the Tigers to be the worst bad however. :(O

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Years ago

Allen is playing miles better than last year
he just gets exposed a little on defense and has trouble with confidence
the real problem is the lack of powerful pf player who can rebound

quick solution is cut abney

and pick up ivan mcfarlin

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Years ago

the word was that ivan mcfarlin had been signed- maybe abney then became available?

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Years ago

Wonder if Abney was an attempt to rekindle fan interest given he'd played there before?

I think a few decisions were made due to lack of strong alternatives. Mick, you've brought up Steindl a few times - I had one Crocs fan in the off-season wanting to bet me that he'd never play NBL. At the time, I'd already heard Cairns had signed him. I wonder now if that opinion of underrating him was shared by the coaches?

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Years ago

I think one of the big reasons fans get annoyed at Ben Allen (apart from being 7 foot and getting outrebounded by guys half his size) is that he looks so casual and disinterested. Always chewing gum, spiked up hair and doesnt look interested.

Needs to show some heart.

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Years ago

You can't really teach heart. He will never change. Not to say he won't get better, but he will never change.

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Years ago

The cheap Crocs had a good player in McFarlin all but signed. If they offered him a resonable salary rather than a pittance, he would be there now and would get the job don. Abney must be on chump change, and the results speak for themselves.

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Years ago

McFarlin is still a SEABL player so he wouldnt get more than NBL minimum anyway. Who is to say he would be doing good in the NBL anyway? A bit hypothical.

Didnt Abney just have a good season in the NZNBL?

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Years ago

Not that the NZ league is any sort of standard but yes Abney just averaged 19 & 10 there during the NBL offseason.

I didn't expect a great deal but I'm surprised at how bad he's actually been. They might need to cut him soon if only to make it look to the fans they're being pro-active.

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Years ago

Shows you how bad that competition really is. Abney clearly came here carrying injuries and you can't hide that fo too long in this comp.
McFarlin has the ability to compete in the NBL and if you suggest he should be on the NBL minimum you would be wrong. He probably is already on that in the SEABL.
Crocs offering minimum's wont attract a quality NBL player. Oh that's right, they've got Abney.
Massingale's on the minimum too, right?

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Years ago

I just wouldnt think McFarlin would have been offered that much more than NBL minimum. He would be on about 40k for SEABL, so to turn down the chance of playing in the NBL (and a greater chance of exposure/contract)for a similar amount would seem a bit odd. I guess he is a former NBA player who would have been on big money about 5 years ago.

It is said on here that Massingale is on about NBL minimum or there about.

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Years ago

There are legal minimums for any basketball import player playing in Autralia. One would imagine that mcFalin isn't on the minimum playing in the SEABL. The NBL minimum is approx $40k. Why would he even bother at that low figure. It shows how cheap the Crocs really were. No wonder thay are 0-6 and thanks for the donation. Tigers winning was easy money....

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Years ago

The Crocs offence was dependent on a 7 foot red head posting up and drawing the defence with shooters lining up around him. Pretty basic and the shots seemed to drop.

So when they lost the 7 foot red head they replaced him with a combination of Abney, Hinder & Allen.

Kidding themselves.

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Years ago

Why? Becasue its not bad for 6 months work and if he does well he might get offers from mulitple clubs the following season and get paid more.

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Years ago

Yeah 40k from SEABL and another 45k from NBL would be about 100k a year with free accomodation, car and some bills paid for. Not bad money to get paid for something you enjoy. The NBL would give him exposure as well playing in a respected league.

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Years ago

Exactly. They've also gone cheap so they can get Ervin, a previously proven league MVP. Reasonable decisions though I think the roster is weak regardless.

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Years ago

The problem isn't the decisions, it's the excuses to go cheap. Like using a couple of good Ben Allen preseason games as an excuse to have the second import be a bench calibre player instead of putting a proper ball club together. It just doesn't cut it.

The fact is, the current regime has done such a bad job of attracting local fans and sponsors that they are losing money, so in turn they can't afford to spend much on the roster, which in turn means corporate sponsors and fans don't give a shit, which means less dollars and a cheaper roster with each season. It's a vicious cycle and the only way to break it is a clean out.

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Years ago

The owners wont invest in a clean out. They will walk. Depite all the words from Colbran today we have faith in the club, we dont break contracts etc etc he just sacked 2 imports not long ago. What a lot of B/S.
He doesn't want to be seen to lose face in the Ville.
Damage is already done George unfortunately.

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Years ago

In his last three games once he has got some shape Abney has averaged 6.3 points, 56% shooting and 3.0 rebounds in 14 minutes. That's good output for minimum money. The issue is, as Mick said, this roster couldnt afford to bring in that kind of import they needed two quality Americans.

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Years ago

Interesting to hear that Lemanis wanted to return to the Crocs 2 seasons ago. Crocs declined.

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Years ago

Abney is not getting the chance to do his thing, you have players around him jacking up bloody 3s, they should be getting the ball inside to the bigger guys.

You won't win many games from the 3pt line it's about time the bloody coach pulled them up on it.

I'm sure if they gave Abney more minutes he'll prove a lot of guys wrong.

I mean, if they don't pass the ball to him he can't put points on the board it's that simple.

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