Jack Toft
Years ago

Sack Marty Now !

We've had a loss, this is the Auto-thread to allow people to vent.......

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Happy Days  
Years ago

Maybe the players should have a look at themselves first looking at the boxscore.

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Years ago

There does need to be some accountability, if we don't break even after game 12 (6-6), hand over coaching to Smyth on a temporary basis and see how he goes (like an Adelaide United-Kossie situation).

2 Years we finish essentially bombshelter, we have a much more talented lineup this time around, if they can't go 50% from the first 12 games, we don't want to ruin the season with the same old, same old. Something needs to change this year, and it needs to look like that's happening by the middle of the season.

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Years ago

The team is awful, plug different players in and still getting the same poor results. I personally would've gotten rid of Marty a while ago and I really am unsure why the Sixers management have not tried to relieve him of his duties (i'm assuming it's because he's on a long term deal and don't have the coin to pay him out).

The offense dries up for minutes at a time and looks awfully disjointed, lacking cohesion. On D they get abused whenever the offense runs multiple pick and roll sets, help doesn't come across quick enough on the weak side and they often end up leaving men wide open for easy points as a result.

I would kill to see the 6ers have a coach like Smyth back at the helm. At least his teams where enjoyable and exciting to watch. Watching Clarke's reign is just flat out painful!

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Jack Toft...thank you for starting this thread...seems Isaac's 'Sack Marty' bot isn't on its game tonight.

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Years ago

Good idea. Blame the Coach for Schenscher being 1/8. Gibson 3/12. Isn't Gibson supposed to be good?

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Years ago

Won't be attending any more home games until Mr Clarke is sacked. He's really done well in his 3 year plan he implemented for the sixers...

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Years ago

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Years ago

I think the Sixers are struggling lately is because they read this shit website and realise half their fans are a bunch of dicks.

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Years ago

While it isnt the coach who misses shots, fumbles the ball, defends poorly, doesnt block out to take defensive rebounds and just doesnt get into position for offensive rebounds, the coach is responsible for the players attitude, confidence and adherence to team rules.

Ken Cole may not have been the best coach in the world but over a long period of time he got his players to get the best out of themselves. I was still with South Adelaide when he first came over here and what a presence. Gary Fox had basically the same team for a lot of the time he was in charge of the 36ers, but couldnt get the same out of the team.

When Phil Smyth had the players, he got the best out of them and won Championships. In the later years, the team didnt have the money behind it so he didnt have the same overall team quality but at least it was enjoyable to watch.

Would Phil make this team perform better, who knows, but it must surely be a huge worry to the team owners to see these players having the life sucked out of them. The Tigers game was always going to be tough but it was a 53 point turnaround from their last match.

...... and now for Perth on Sunday. Could be a very interesting Monday.

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Years ago

Unfortunately Adelaide probably doesn't have the money to buy out Clarke's contract and then hire another coach.

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Years ago

Sanderson turned the Crows around in a season. So when you say its not the coach, think about the impact Marty has had on any player. Weigh...turned to sh$t, Creek hasnt developed anywhere near what ppl expected, Holmes improved the day he walked out the door, Ballinger plays like he wants to play again this season, DJ hasnt developed defense anywhere near enough.
All these players just keep getting worse mentalities, decreased skill sets and lack of game smarts. The only consistant thing over the last 3 seasons has been the coach and the horrible way we have played.

Look forward to the day I can goto a game with excitement again.

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Years ago

good point Skud, my thoughts summed up there too.

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ray jay  
Years ago

Really, Really Sad times! Where will it end?

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Years ago

Not a 36ers fan. Def not Marty's fault your team played like busted assholes tonight. It's like Flynn had two good assists to start the game and you thought 'ah, we'll we are screwed' and stopped trying.
Nothing to do with Marty, your team is full of soft cocks. Luke taking 4 shots under the basket before he gets a foul called. Man you are 7'2. Just dunk that!

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Big Ads  
Years ago

Do people think the Sixers players were spooked by all the hype that surrounded Errol's debut?

It's the task of the coaching staff to make sure this doesn't happen but were they caught up in the hype too? I didn't read any quotes from Marty during the lead up to last night's game.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

Couldn't agree more Anon #386609

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Years ago

I agree that the coach isn't responsible for players missing shots but he can directly influence the flow off the game by calling timeouts before the opposition gets away on the scoreboard and can put combinations on the floor that are going to work against the other teams players.
Breakers came out flat last night (like they have started most games this season) and before it got out of hand Lemanis called a time out and gave them a serve and some instruction and presto they were back in it.
It's not like the Sixers don't have the players to get it done.

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Years ago

Come on its time! 3 years in he cant coach! He would lose with the dream team. PLAYERS DON'T PLAY FOR LURCH

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Camel 31  
Years ago

" Stevie pulled up OK , after playing the team's most minutes and that's the main thing , as he has to do that again on Sunday . "

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Years ago

Marty cant take the shots for them, some things the coach can control, shooting poorly in a single game isnt one of them.....

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Years ago

The players can't shoot because he trains them too hard! Totally under his control.

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Years ago

mike brown had 5 games.

this guy has had 2 and a bit years.

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Years ago

Adelaide coach Marty Clarke didn't play down Flynn’s impact, despite his rusty shooting.

"You bring someone in who’s meant to be the saviour, and everyone else grows six inches, they pump up," Clarke said.

Clarke was quick to point out the eccentricities of basketball.

“That clearly wasn’t us,” Clarke said. “It’s an emotional league, emotional game. They caught fire and it was like a death by a thousand cuts.

“The biggest disappointment was that we’ve lost the series lead after an encouraging first game against them. And those series will play a big part in the league this year.”


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Years ago

Sick of his excuses, sick of his bad coaching, sick of ppl who think after 3 years he will improve and blame the players consistently for his obvious problem, sick of a club who wont do what they should have done several years ago.

Considering the new 1:30 timeslot means I don't get to half the games, the clubs persistence with this idiot makes me seriously question my season tickets. I wont watch another season of this crap.

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Years ago

I am sick of all the of the experts who thought "Weigh...turned to sh$t, Creek hasnt developed anywhere near what ppl expected, Holmes improved the day he walked out the door, Ballinger plays like he wants to play again this season, DJ hasnt developed defense anywhere near enough."
Where are these experts now? massingale, DJ, Creek, and Weigh. All over rated.
Marty you selected the side with the others above, went for Peach and Gibo and Schenscher as well. Now you lose to the Tigers. Last season mate. Someone else said it the Sixers dont have enought money to sack marty now. Clearly they had is pre season before the hired schenscher, gibbo and Peach. Maybe that would have been smarter then Cut your losses a season ago. rebild next season. Too late now.

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Years ago

Shows you what spin is all about.
Talent-wise, they are a top-three team, no question about that," Beveridge said of the 36ers.

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Years ago

A couple of things that I've noticed:

Last night - check the scoring worm on Live Stats. The slope of the Tigers' scoring line is the same all game. No flat spots, no noticeable changes. The 36ers' line starts the same and then the slope drops and stays at that lower level for the rest of the game. So nothing the 36ers' coach (or players) did was able to slow the Tigers' scoring rate all night, or increase the 36ers' scoring rate. So the coach either had no ideas on how to change the flow of the game or the players weren't able to do what the coach told them to do. Given the history of the last 2 years, it's hard not to lay much of the responsibility at the coaches' feet.

Through the season so far. Petrie, Schenscher and Johnson collectively are shooting 41.5%. I haven't checked but is that the lowest shooting percentage of the front lines in the league this season? It must be close to it!

Johnson is the worst - 38.2%. Johnson shot 44% last year. He's never shot as well at Adelaide as he did at the Tigers (55% in 2010).

Schenscher is shooting 40.8% after 48% at Townsville last year. He never shot below 54% for his preceding 3 seasons in the NBL.

Petrie is at 46.6%, which is about what he's shot each season in the NBL.

These patterns can't just be about the players. If the offence is too complicated for them to execute correctly, the coach has to either simplify the offence or find a different way to communicate it to the players. If it isn't the offence and execution but the players not shooting well, the coach has to diagnose why they've suddenly lost their accuracy and work out how to get them to fix it.

Last one is the contrast of the 36ers' performance and the Sydney Kings. The Kings have a new coach and have at least 5 new players. In contrast to the 36ers, they have been highly competitive in all but 1 game they've played, against teams at the top as well as the bottom of the league (the Cairns game in Week 2 is the sole exception).

They've had to deal with the same level of change in personnel as the 36ers. All of this team (not half - like Adelaide) have had to learn Heal's tactics from scratch and he has had to learn how to teach them and get the best from them come game time. Much to my surprise - and that of a lot of others - he has them playing well and CONSISTENTLY, week to week. As much as anything, this contrast with the inconsistent performances of the 36ers week to week convinces me that the 36ers' coaches are struggling.

By the way, anyone notice we are yet to have 2 wins in a row this season? Remember how good it felt to get that monkey off our back last year? Well, it seems to be back. To be honest, if we win against Perth tomorrow, I'll be only mildly surprised and unconvinced of a corner turned. We beat them 3 times last year and ultimately, those performances only raised false hopes.

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Years ago

Also rememer two of our wins were against Cairns backing up after night before (we fell in) and Sydney after they had played in NZ. Our form is very average. Always excuses, "Melbourne caught fire" Its your job to put the fire out!!

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Years ago

I dont know who is to blame , but this is a business and like it or not at some point some heads need to roll.We have a pretty good roster and we get belted by 30 , what gives.....

THEY ALL NEED to act like professionals from management down , so if its the players then they need to go and if its the coaching staff or game plan then someone needs to be accountable..
In a semi - professional sport someone needs to act in a way that lets everyone know perform or your out of here and its about winning and putting bums on seats.

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Years ago

I'd give him another 3 years

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Years ago

In 2002, the year we won the championship we lost 13 games. Of those 13 games we lost to the bottom team by 18 ( Cairns) the 2nd bottom team ( Canberra) by 27 and to other games by 18 plus

People need to calm down a little i think.

Get to the Arena tomorrow and SUPPORT your team.

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Years ago

its funny this thread wasnt up last week after we beat sydney kings. We had a shocker. Perth had a shocker last week against Wollongong. Wollongon had a shocker last night vs Sydney. Relax guys every team has a bad game.

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Years ago

In 2002 we had a coach who had led us to two championships.

Now we have Clark who has done nothing but fail. Why should we be even more patient than we have been?

Did you appoint Clark or are you his mum? I detect a lot of defensiveness to criticism of Clark that is more than justified seeing how poor his record is.

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Years ago

So it follows then that a championship coach should allow loses to bottom two teams. The 36ers for the past two seasons have been hamstrung by ballingers contract.

NZ beat cairns tonight and the 36ers are back in the top 4

Perspective is all I am offering

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Years ago

Yeah perspective.

Happy to cut a championship winning coach some slack re losing to bottom teams in 2002.

But not happy to give Clark the same slack when his deficiencies as a coach are obvious to all apart from ownership.

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Years ago

Aside from the fact Smyth had already won two championships compared to Marty's wooden spoon (and a 2nd to bottom) here are the facts:

Rd 1: def Tigers at home by 23

Rd 2: lost to Breakers in NZ by 14 despite leading at 3-Qtr time.

Rd 3: def Taipans at home by 4

Rd 4: lost to Hawks at home by 14 again despite leading at 3-Qtr time.

Rd 5: def Kings in Sydney by 7

Rd 6: lost to Tigers in Melbourne by 30

Very underwhelming season so far given the talent on the roster.

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Years ago

One of the ANON's early on said the sixers fans were dicks for venting. As paying customers, I'd like to think I get something decent for my money both home and away. People forget that a membership is only for home games. The salaries are for all games, so while there is no benefits at away games, we expect to see something and against Melbourne,....well?

I wouldnt call the game impressive unless u were from the Tigers, would you?

Marty is a good coach for a junior team, not an nbl club. As much as I hate Benn McDonald, i'd have him coach the 36ers. Least we know how the refs will cheat for the perth game

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Years ago

Hawks and Breakers are at the top of the ladder. Bad loss in Melbourne and no one would dare overrate Marty, so I don't think it's catastrophic. That said, I'd be watching things closely for a couple of games. His coaching has been underwhelming to date.

Heal has been more convincing with Sydney at this point, and that's coming in completely fresh.

The comparisons with Smyth are always going to be unfavourable given the 98-02 years. Better, more recent one might be Lemanis in a way. He had some pretty decent rosters with Powell and Penney before seeing success. Half the 36ers crowd would've sacked him long before he got a championship. I don't remember thinking that he was a convincing coach in his early years.

Ignoring the last two rosters in Adelaide however, I think the team is strong enough on paper now that we should expect the side to be around where they are or better at this point. A couple more heavy losses and I'd seriously look at a change.

In the meantime, I'd start Petrie and bring Luke off the bench.

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Years ago

Only now you'll be watcing his games closer? The guy isnt up to it at this level of coaching and managing player personalities... He's a complete hack this is just silly that is played out so long!

Do people realise the team was heavily delayed out of Mebourne yesterday and arrived into Adelaide at 2ish... only to have a 230 recovery session...

Point is he is trying to come across as a hard working suck it up princess type coach, but has no coaching skills to back up on the court. All good to seta harsh schedule off the court, but maybe he should spend that recovery time working on his tactics and how to communicate in a way that gets the best out of his players on the court. This situation in Adelaide is alot owrse than the record shows...

Mark my words if something isnt done soon, will be a massive what 'couldve been' season considering the roster, amongst 36er fans for years to come.

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Years ago

I guess the recovery session worked!

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Years ago

The recovery session did nothing. Marty and co were as wek as usual, but the fact Perth were horrible, and CJ Massingale was finally allowed to play a little saved the day. Nothing that happened Sunday, had a thing to do with great team play over 4 quarters.

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