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Kevin Martin v James Harden Debate

I know it is still very very early in the season, however I wanted to have a quick look and discussion of the stats so far, and where we think each player will go from here:

Kevin Martin - OKC 5 Win 2 Loss

Played - 7
MinPG - 29.6 (-10.2)
PPG - 17.7 (28.7 per 48min)
FG% - .507 (+.064)
3P% - .531 (+.261)
FT% - .925 (+.100)
TR - 3.0 (-2.2)
APG - 2.3 (-2.2)
SPG - 1.6 (-0.1)
T/O - 2.1 (-2.9)
EFF - 17.4 (EFF per48 Min - 28.34)

James Harden - HOU 3 Win 3 Loss

Played 6
MinPG - 39.8 (+10.2)
PPG - 26.5 (31.9 per 48min)
FG% - .443 (-.064)
3P% - .270 (-.261)
FT% - .825 (-.100)
TR - 5.2 (+2.2)
APG - 4.5 (+2.2)
SPG - 1.7 (+0.1)
T/O - 5.0 (+2.9)
EFF - 21.2 (EFF per48 Min - 25.52)

Alot of people early on where calling the trade as OKC getting screwed, and you can argue that for longevity purposes Harden is the better option. However based on immediate performance, OKC are no weaker than what they were last season. Martin playing his role to perfection. Shooting at a ridiculously high clip.

Dont get me wrong Harden is playing some great ball (minus his turnovers), however he would still be adjusting to the main scoring role for the team.

Where to now for both players?

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Years ago

Come play offs OKC are going to miss Harden's play big time! When Westbrook has some brain explosions in the play offs there will be no Harden to steady the OKC ship. Historically Martin hasn't really shown up big time in the Playoffs. In saying that Martin is filling the void for now...

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Years ago

Still to early to tell i say.

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Years ago

Harden completely flopped in the finals, too, people forget that...

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Years ago

I'd go as far to say harden cost them the finals series as choked... Martin is better at moving without the ball so hopefully Westbrook can get him the ball.

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Years ago

Its clear the Thunder screwed the pooch on this. Its not even close. From a bball fans view, its a great thing to see Harden be unleashed and be the first option! Martin is a middle of the pack guy, good not great.

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Years ago

Anybody got stats comparing Martin's output for OKC vs Harden's output for OKC?

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Nathan Lovett  
Years ago

Ive loved watching Martin play for OKC, he knows his role and is playing it perfectly

Harden was selfish and wanted an extra 8mil from his offer of 52min

Since he didnt get it, he walked out on his team that ALMOST won the NBA title with its first shot

Stats in the past show team who can keep their personel usually go on to win after failing


both have been through this in the past

I reckon he threw in his chances at a title now, theres no way he will get one with the Rockets

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Harden is and has always been a volume shooter. That 3PT% is bad for a guy who will be expecting to take 25-30 shots in a game.

He's got to step up and be consistent with his shot; the PPG is a nice fat number, but he could be getting that on less shots. Martin brings the consistency and he brings the experience of being a starter for so many years.

As far as I can see, OKC plugged the hole when it comes to finals Basketball; though I don't see the Win column being as high this year.

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Years ago

@ Big Marty
Thats funny, because what made Harden so important to OKC is he was so efficient at getting his points, he always has been the opposite of a volume shooter.

The problem for OKC is the loss of their best playmaker, they gave Harden the ball down the stretch in crunch time to make plays off the pick and roll, because he was so efficient with the basketball. Now that his playmaking is gone, Durant has been a little less aggressive scoring wise, almost making Westbrook the number 1 scorer on the team. Kevin Martin is good, gets to the charity stripe a lot, but defensively isn't gonna hold his own quite as well as Harden good (even though he wasn't great), and isn't a playmaker.

Westbrook is the key to their championship status, his mental blanks and lack of focus defensively, as well as some shocking decision making with the ball, gotta be reigned in for OKC to be in the Finals again.

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Years ago

It's hilarious how much Westbrook screws up on the defensive end. His defensive behaviour is not unlike that of a dog in the park - eyes on the ball...will not take eyes off ball, easily distracted, doesn't register what's around him.

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Years ago

Comparable stats for both playing with OKC

Kevin Martin - With OKC (2012/13)

Played - 7
MinPG - 29.6 (-1.8)
PPG - 17.7 (28.7 per 48min)
FG% - .507 (+.016)
3P% - .531 (+.141)
FT% - .925 (+.079)
TR - 3.0 (-1.1)
APG - 2.3 (-1.4)
SPG - 1.6 (+.6)
T/O - 2.1 (-0.1)

James Harden - With OKC (2011/2012)

Played 62
MinPG - 31.4 (+1.8)
PPG - 16.8 (25.7 per 48min)
FG% - .491 (-.016)
3P% - .390 (-.141
FT% - .846 (-.079)
TR - 4.1 (+1.1)
APG - 3.7 (+1.4)
SPG - 1.0 (-.6)
T/O - 2.2 (+0.1)

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