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Do you prefer NBA or NBL?

which league do you prefer to support/watch?
the better and more well known NBA, or the australia NBL?
i personly like to watch nbl more, because its australian and better to support my team.
which one do you prefer?

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Years ago

I don't follow any one in the nba! I love basketball i lovd the nbl, i just don't see how u can follow a team or comp that u never can for 1. See the player's u want to see 2. U can never go and watch a game! Same any sport, id follow the a-leauge than the epl

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Years ago

It's interesting that the NBA catching up with international trends of playing smaller lineups and (somewhat) fewer isolations - and even a brief stint with a Princeton offense!

Watching the Knick-HEAT game last week was eye-opening: essentially last year's offensively talented but dysfunctional Knicks team playing unselfish ball and outclassing the defending champs. Never thought I'd see the day.

Have to go with the NBL, though. Many casual bball fans fail to realize that for average talent levels, the NBL produces very high quality basketball. The NBA, being about commercial entertainment, brands the "Stars", highlight reels and headlines rather than quality team basketball.

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Nathan Lovett  
Years ago

I find it hard to watch games where teams score so little

The Kings v Hawks games is a good example of this

NBL would be better to watch if the shooting % was a bit higher and more entertaining plays

Thats what you watch the nba for, entertainment

Theres nothing in the NBL that can compare with what happens in the NBA and no one can argue against that, its the best basketballers in the world playing against each other, who wouldnt love to see that

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Chuck Norris  
Years ago

What do you think, NBL by far. No contest

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Years ago

NBA by a mile.

College over NBL.

I love College because its so strategic and its a true team game.

Agree that the NBL's offensive struggles reduces its appeal.

However, with that being said, watching NBL highlights is enjoyable, and some of the plays are real nice.

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Years ago

Would a basketball purist draw a distinction between leagues, competitions? I don't know. Maybe.

I love both the NBL and NBA. I also happily walk down the road to Auchenflower stadium of the occasional evening to watch the locals run around, and enjoy it every bit as much.

Pushed, I'd say the NBA at the moment. Getting to watch the likes of Kevin Durant and Chris Paul do their thing on a nightly basis is something I'll never take for granted.

Having said that, if the Bullets were running amok in the NBL... well that's a different matter entirely.

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Years ago

I cannot get into the NBA like I can the NBL. I think this is due to a few things. NBL being Australian, being able to support your local team and get along to games is the most positive aspect for me. NBL not having 2000+ or whatever it is games a season, I find it hard to follow the NBA except for the major headlines and then I will watch closely during the playoffs. Sure NBA has the best players in the world but watching iso plays every other time down the court and IMO weak defence is not a brand of basketball I enjoy.

I dont really understand Australians who follow the NBA so closely but know nothing about the NBL. Get along to a few games and you will change your tune, it's alot better than watching the NBA on your computer.

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Years ago

I'm surprised so many prefer the NBL over the NBA. I mean good on you for supporting Australian basketball. This actually used to be pretty close for me but now it doesn't compare. The NBL just isn't that great to watch anymore unless you are at the stadium. Its the best I can go see and I just love basketball and will keep on supporting it, but there's no comparison imo. NBA

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Years ago

I prefer the NBL, it is more of a team game and each game is meaningful, but I do love the NBA playoffs and of course NBA highlight reels.

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Years ago

College by far! Sure beats watching players isolate and forget about the rest of their team, then complain to the refs when they don't make the shot.

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Years ago

I'd say NBA. Players know what they are meant to be doing and the plays are just more crisp, plus iso play and athleticism is fun to watch for me. What annoys me so much about NBL play is the amount of passes around the perimeter and how long it takes for things to happen on offense.

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Years ago

I used to follow the NBA all the time until I saw a college game, it doesn't even compare to me. The players effort and the crowd atmosphere is the difference for me.

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Years ago

College ball is great to watch. Real team game and the whole community gets behind the school. NBA is still great to watch but College ball gives a totally different experience.

The NBL was always great to watch when I was younger but the style of play at the moment does not make it a great spectacle. Too many low scoring games and not enough great highlights. If you go back to the 80's and 90's the games were much more fun to watch. The overall intensity might not be the same but you saw a far more entertaining game.

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Years ago

First: College, for the team ethic and the fact that they're human - they make mistakes, they all try hard, they're not so far up themselves so that they have to find someone to blame for their mistakes and misses, and they haven't screwed around with the rules as much as the NBA.

Second: NBL, for similar reasons, but the variety of athleticism and skills isn't as good as college.

Third: NBA, for the high quality of offensive skills and athleticism, but I hate the way they've screwed around with the rules, and the emphasis on flashy iso plays and highlight reels.

Fourth: Euro ball, which is spoilt by the thuggery they allow, and is sooooo slow (and you just KNOW they're going to foul to stop any fast-breaks or inside shots).

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Years ago

MW you are an idiot, go away.

I prefer to watch the NBL, NBA can get boring with all the time outs ect and they play way to many games.

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Years ago

Since i got fuk all exposure to NBA i prefer the NBL. At least I can actually go to NBL games and see a few games on tv each week. With NBA it's never on tv so the only clips i get is 3 minute highlight vids from

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Years ago

Cera77 you are the idiot

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Years ago

Hardly watch NBL anymore, I've lost interest around 5 years ago, maybe longer actually, and won't regain interest until the major sporting governing body (BA) gets it sh!t together and actually shows sound management sustainability instead of constant acts of stupidity. Intentions to expand the league quickly over the next year or two despite the league already being an extremely fragile entity shows the body's incompetence.

The NBA is a superior product by far. The talent is greater, the plays are more exciting, it is more of a show, there is more entertainment value than just a sporting game. College ball is also exciting to watch, but there is just nothing better when you get two great teams like the Lakers and Celtics battle it out in the post season, or whether you see Kobe make a shot he has no right to, seeing LeBron bust his way through a key full of men dunking over a 7" centre. You will never see stuff like that in the NBL or the NC2A.

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Young Gun  
Years ago

NBL. When the Bullets were in the comp I could get behind the team from my city. For me though, competition is competition and I can find something to enjoy going out to the SEABL games or juniors.

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Years ago

Definitely nba. I understand supporting the local league, and I still try to watch 1 nbl game a week but nba far more entertaining to watch! Best players and athletes in the world. The low scoring of the nbl just too boring to watch consistently. When the top scorer for a team is 15-16 points which consistently happens, something's not right.

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Years ago

NBA average per 40 minutes last year was 79.
NBL average per 40 minutes last year was 80.

This year it is 80 in the NBA and 76 in the NBL. Not really much of a difference either year.

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Years ago

I don't care if it's Australian, NBL players won't be able to cope in the NBA, even in NCAA. Andrew Gaze, one of Australia's greatest, couldn't even cope in the NBA himself which shows that the level of competition of basketball here in Australia is lower than in it is in America...

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