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More imports and less restrictions

Thoughts on the league allowing more imports per team, like euro basketball or even no restrictions- obviously means that the salary cap and points sytem goes, and onyl teams that can afford it woudl be successful. I am not saying this is a great idea, but just a thought..............

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2007 Brisbane Bullets
2008 Sydney Kings (Choked to Sean Lampley in the Final)

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The points system has to go. Good idea at the time but needs to go now. Good Australian players who want to come home can't without team giving up another player/players.

I think we should look at the Chinese CBA system and allow NBA players to come to the league and not count under the cap. That should make the league stronger and promote interest.

Only problem is money.

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Name one player who cannot come back and play because of the points system?

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David Barlow

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If there was no points cap a player would still lose their job to make way for Barlow
That article just highlights a player who doesn't understand the points cap and how it works. Players going to Europe have actually helped others to get game time in Australia.

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A number of clubs have made Barlow generous offers in recent years but couldnt match what he gets in Spain. It has nothing to do with the points system.

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If you name Barlow as an example, you lose and I wonder if you actually thought about it, sorry. That article and his comments were a load of crap.

Try again.

Why allow more imports at the expense of Australian players? Let me list some crowd-pulling current examples for you that clubs can afford:


Three clubs last round only used one of their two import spots. A number of clubs don't spend the whole cap.

Clubs need bigger, more consistent crowds and more revenue from a TV deal.

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if there was no restrictions on imports/ salary and the points cap was still in place you could perceivably have a team of

+ 4 rookies and be under the points cap with 6 points spare

Only reason the marquee player isnt explored is that most clubs dont make money now let alone punting a few mill on an PR experiment.

For every Barlow that goes overseas a Loughton comes back. Anstey came back as did Heal, Catalini , Rogers etc etc eventually the euro guys will come back and play in the NBL.

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I had a feeling someone would bring up Barlow lmao.

points cap

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I'll put together a hypothetical team staying within the points cap...

C: Jawai
F: Anderson
F: Ingles
G: Newley
G: Mills

6: Petrie
7: Steindl
8: Rhys Martin
9: Trueman
10: Shaun Bruce

Total points: 70
You have an All-Star starting line up. Hell, 3 of them have played in the NBA! One other has been drafted and the other is in NBA talks.

Bench features one of the better point guards in Rhys Martin. One of the best (and underrated) forwards, Anthony Petrie. Great rookie with big upside, Clint Steindl. Throw in Trueman for a big body/3rd string big man and Shaun Bruce, who will be a solid NBL player soon enough.

You might say "But no team can afford that line up".. Yep that's my point. It's not the point system that's restricting these players from coming back to Australia. It's how much (or little) money there is in Australia compared to Euro/States.

So please.. Don't talk about how restrictive the point system is, if a player is good enough he'll get a job. If he isn't he signs with a 2nd or 3rd tier Euro club.

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Correct. The biggest thing restricting players is the small number of clubs. With only eight it doesnt matter what system you have some players are going to miss out.

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The QBL is now introducing a player points system for next season

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that's a great team but who is going to be able to match Anderson's 3 million Euro a year salary? It's great to have no restrictions but who in Australia could afford to pay half of those guys enough money to leave their current employer??? NONE. We just dont have the money simple as that

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Anon '182, that's his exact point. Read his post again. He's saying that the points cap is not stopping clubs putting together amazing teams. It's not stopping David Barlow getting an NBL job.

Teams can't afford to match those Euro salaries or necessarily bring in marquee players. Points cap is largely irrelevant and for many clubs, the salary cap is too.

And even with a marquee player rule, check out Jonny Flynn's stats. #6 draft pick averaging about 15-16 PPG with 5-6 APG. Not too different from the imports we already get - Lisch, Ervin, Wilson, etc.

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I guess my point was people throw up Marque player payments outside cap, basketball right now can't afford to play 10 guys 1 million least of all 1 guy 1 million & 9 guys 900k

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The points cap has to go because it's just stupid. It achieves nothing, and is not designed to spread talent but as a shortcut to actively monitoring the salary cap.

It's like something a local junior league would have..

"oh no you can't have him because he plays rep ball and you've already got three rep players boohoo!"

Rating players' ability based on some arbitrary criteria seems rather Draconian.

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Years ago

To clarify: I'm steadfast against it because it's stupid -- not because it is stopping anything from happening.

It just seems like it is pointless, more bureaucratic red tape that is unneccessary. and it's one more thing that fans don't understand. Especially given it doesn't exist outside of the NBL in any professional sporting league that I know of.

It's like implementing a height restriction or something.

Like I said, stupid.

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Years ago

You are making the same point just in a different way

The NBLPA is attacking the point system at present ( claiming restraint of trade) and some players ( Barlow) think the point system is stopping them from playing in the NBL

Nats post highlights that it is not the points cap that is stopping anyone from playing in the NBL but money.

As Isaac has said the priority for the NBL and NBLPA should be clubs generating larger income through sponsorship and broadcast rights to ensure all clubs are financially self sufficient and not reliant on philanthropy to survive. The A League generates 40mill per annum now from Foxtel versus the NBL's 1mill from Ten. This is despite having comparable ratings.

If the NBL can negotiate 10 mill per annum say, that would pay each clubs pay roll and allow 2 mill per annum for PR, publicity &c &c . That then makes all clubs viable and the league financial.

A great idea was that the NBL would/ could nominate 10 players that it considers Boomers / future Boomers. Each of these players would be contracted just like Cricket Australia do each season. The money that the player would receive would be on top of their NBL salary and so the lure to bring some people back to the NBL is greater.

Until that is done, or something close to it, enticing players from going OS and luring marquee players is a mute point.

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I think we need to points cap, it allows the league to keep some parity in the leaguy, which wouldnt be possible without it, the salary cap is basically impossible to police with the leagues limited money/resources/time, those things should be used as best they can on marketing, etc.

It has never prevented a player from playing in the league, players who were let go werent what the club wanted in that spot, and would have been let go with/without a points cap, some players wont admit it but its true, and the guys on big money in Europe are there for the moeny, again nothing to do with the points cap, there is not a single player not in the league due soley to the points cap.

Mick, you think its stupid, without it whats stopping a big money team like Perth from replacing Trueman with Neville because he 'is homesick' and agreed to play on the 'cheap', and say Bartlett with Ervin as they only have 1 import and he would come 'cheap' as he just got cut in Europe and enjoyed Australia, that takes away the Crocs 2 best players.

Sure Ervin could be replaced with another import but everyone knows its a lottery and not as simple to get someone as good, but who would you sign for Neville? I doubt the Baynes and Ogilvy types are coming to the NBL so it could be Trueman or someone of similar level.

This makes Perth significantly stronger, albeit taking the piss out of the salary cap like most teams did pre points cap, and no one can prove it as the NBL doesnt have the resources/time to do a full blown investigation/audit and makes the Crocs significantly weaker,

just losing Neville meaning you are forced to grab a Trueman type or stick with the Allen/Hinder Centre combo.

This therefore reduces parity of the league as a whole and the rich get strong and win many titles and the poorer teams its a mirical just to make the play offs.

This is the point of th points cap and why it is not stupid, it stops teams taking the complete piss out of the salary cap and allows a Neville (a fringe NBA player/Perth local) to go to the Crocs instead of just making a strong Perth team even stronger and almost a level above most other teams.

For people who say just police the salary cap, its not that simple do you know how difficult it would be to track every bit of money an owner could pay a player it is not as simple of getting a bank statement, you would potentially have to check every money pit/business an owner has to check there is not other money from outside the club itself going to a player, ie the Wildcats Pty Ltd pays Neville 40k, but owners small side background company x that no one really knows about it is paying him $150k, it wouldnt be easy to find that payment if the owner is trying to hide it and would be very time consuming or expensive to pay someone to do it for you. Getting tax returns may get you closer but the same issue of hiding money could exist and possible privacy issues in demanding a players tax return, thats also assuming everyone lodges on time, etc aswell.

So for me the points cap is a must and very good for the league overall.

On imports id love teams to be allowed to sign an extra import, but probably need to have 12 man rosters and/or a few extra teams so that not too many aussie players miss out, having an extra import could bridge the gap between the teams with top quality aussies and those without and keep the league even and could potentially add some more excitement to the league if we get the right type of imports.

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I agree with Anon, it's easy to hide payments from Harvey Norman and Pak N Save compared to the teams players points add up to 70.

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I know you are all not going to like this but you have all just showed the biggest issue with the NBL is the point system.

It has not created parity at all. The top teams from last year are still the top teams this year and the bottom teams are still no better off. Where is the parity?

Also how does Adelaide fit under a fair points system this year? Further what happens next year in Perth? Who do they cut to stay in the points system? What if another team leaves the league? Less "Points" and a more watered down league.

Money is the best measure. Players are not always going to take less to play on a better team. Most follow the money.

Finally just because a team spends the most doesn't mean they win the championship. New York had the highest salary of any NBA team most of the 2000's and did they win every championship.

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