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Sixers elevate Tom Daly for a month

THE 36ers host Townsville on Saturday at Adelaide Arena and have elevated development guard Tom Daly into the team on a month-long contract.
While they search for CJ Massingale's replacement. Let's hope they don't need the full month to find someone.

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Years ago

Massingale gets Aussie residency approved. Well done CJ. Wats up Marty?

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Years ago

idiotic! Dalys no better then massingale

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I think it's great.

I was a little worried for Pero. He was the 10th man in a nine man roster

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Years ago

Hurls you are right but CJ = 10 points Tom = 1 point
Was CJ 9 points better than Tom?
Now an import spot is open!

I personly think leave Tom there unless a quality import can be found, the team is still very good

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Years ago

Big difference between getting residency and getting citizenship

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Years ago

Hurls, they had to cut Massingale when they did or pay out his entire contract. Promoting Daly is a short term fix until they get who they want. They can then relegate Daly back to DP once they have their import. Having said that, Daly wont help the team within that month and by then it could be all over for the Sixers!

Risky decision/move IMO...

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Years ago

They can have 12 contracted players on the roster, Daly can be on the team with the new import if he arrives earlier than the month contract

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Years ago

If thats the case then we are headed to the championship, not!! I have no idea why the sixers keep persisting with Tom Daly!!!!


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Years ago

Where is the money for this "quality" import coming from?

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Years ago

How does it work with the salary cap?

Say CJ was on 37k, can they now offer the whole 37k to another player for say half the season? or is it pro rata based on the amount of games that are left in the season.

If they can offer 37k for half a season, i do beleive they could get someone fairly good, think about it, its 37k for 3 months work, basically 12k a month, equivalent to 120k a year, thats pretty good money.

Given that d-leaguers earn 15-30k for the whole season, 37k for half a season may interest some decent players playing d-league or guys between jobs around the world, plenty of guys have recently been cut from NBA and some of them would be without jobs, that would be my first point of call, to see if we can snare a bargain.

In todays economy and it being hard to find jobs in general let alone pro basketball gigs which would be even harder in many ways, 12k a month for 3 months work with the potential of earning 100k+ for a full season next year in the NBL if they do well and enjoy living in Australia may be reasonably enticing for some guys. Not everyone enjoys Europe/Aisia, despite earning more (if they actually get it all) or wants to bounce around short term NBA stints if they can get one whilst waiting in the d-league for less money. Some guys will settle for a decent paying somewhat stable 3 month stint over in Australia a very easy place to live for most. So its not totally impossible, but need to select well and get the right player.

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Years ago

As previously posted they won't sign someone til the new year just like Perth

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Years ago

Does that mean he'll get his name on his singlet...or do I have to go with my original idea and get one made myself

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Years ago

Still dont see why they cut massingale but want to promote daly, i mean daly is good, but not cj good.

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Years ago

Elevating Daly for a month is a real worry.

They had absolutely no one else in mind at the time they axed CJ?

It's going to take them a month to find someone?

Now the CEO announces her resignation.


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Years ago

In a way, this could work out well. We now finally get that 8 man rotation we've been crying out for.
Daly and Vasiljevic will play bugger all, (well, you'd hope so) which will allow everyone to get some rhythm and maybe we won't see 10 subs every quarter.
Unless there's 62 fouls in a game, and 3 players fouled out like against Perth, there's no reason to need more than 8 players in a 40 minute game. Our 7 are more than adequate, Crosswell might be a worry though.
When they find the import they are after, Crosswell will hopefully fall out of the rotation and the 8 man rotation can continue.
Now would be a great opportunity to adjust the starting line-up. Let Gibson play PG, give Creek a proper run for once and try Petrie in a starting role. We've had the same starting 5 all year, and we have a losing record. Try something new.
A month is only 5-6 games in the NBL. Hopefully they actually go out and find a suitable import and do the due diligence with them this time, if that takes a week or 2 longer, well that's better than ending up with another Winder/Massingale/Groves etc. We only have 2 away games in the next month anyway, so this doesn't make much difference.

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Years ago

I still think the whole situation at the 6ers stinks.

A year that had so much promise with so much talent is going to go to waste, after 3 losses the team confidence level will be at a low point.

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Years ago

Hopefully they have someone signed by the New Zealand game. Which by memory is a while away due to the All Star Game? If not by then, the move will come back to haunt them. Probably cost us the game against Perth having a smaller bench.

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Years ago

Yeah 8 man rotation sound good.

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Years ago

Would anyone give Dodwell a go, as he is loitering around the arena

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