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NBL All Star teams announced

From Boti's site:

SOUTH, coached by Lemanis



NORTH, coached by McLeod



Team representation:
Sydney - 4
Wollongong - 3 + coach
Adelaide - 3
Melbourne - 3
New Zealand - 2 + coach
Perth - 2
Cairns - 2
Townsville - 1

Imports 9, locals 10, naturalised 1.

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Years ago

Adelaide getting looked after by the League Office with Gibson and Petrie included. Gibson deserves his spot but Vukona>Petrie all day (and Vukona polled reasonably well in voting from memory).

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Years ago

Clint Steindl.... WTF. He has scored in double figures only 2 games this season and rarely gets over 15 mins court time

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Years ago

If Steindl and Goulding are All-Stars, then the NBL is in big trouble.

Goulding is a starting shooting guard averaging 12ppg on 40% shooting (30% for 3's) for a team thats won 2 out of 10 games.

Steindl is averaging 6ppg!

Horrible decisions.

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Years ago

I'm a fan of Steindl. Don't get me wrong. But Crawford or Jamar Wilson deserve to to All-Stars over him.

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Years ago

2 best teams in the league have the same number of players combined as the 2 worst teams combined lmao

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Years ago

Yeah, Mystro - doesn't that show up that either the voting system is cr*p or the Melbourne & Adelaide coaches are cr*p cos they can't get the best out of their players.

Vukona should be in there!!!

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Years ago

I understand that Adelaide want to see some of their players but some of the other selections are pretty weak.

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Years ago

Agree. Melbourne has won 2 games out of 10, yet has three all-stars. That would be akin to the Charlotte Bobcats having 2-3 All-Stars in last seasons NBA All-Star game. It just wouldn't happen.

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Years ago

By the way, natwhereyouat, I'm a fan on Steindl too. And one day he may resemble a player in this league that is deserving of an All-Star spot, but there is no way anyone averaging 6ppg should be in the 'showcase' game of the season.

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Years ago

I just read on the NBL website that the 10 reserves were selected by the league office. What business do they have in picking these rosters? Surely it would be a coach/player voting system.

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Years ago

Before the season it looked like Sydney and Wollongong would struggle to get many guys on the all star team, now they are dominating the squad.

Cairns and Townsville both woefully underwhelming, obviously, while those two NSW sides are overachieving and playing good basketball.

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Years ago

Steindl may have been included for the following reasons:

- local rather than import; looks bad if the ASG is overly import-heavy
- already there for the three-point comp, so saves an airfare
- could well be more exciting than Wilson's layups?

Vukona is averaging under 7 PPG and under 7 RPG. And at 38%, for a forward! Petrie is averaging 10.4 PPG and 6.5 RPG, at 47%. He's also hitting at 47% from outside, to Vukona's 13%. Times in double figures: Vukona 2, Petrie 7. Petrie also saves an airfare, and don't underestimate the NBL's ability to watch their costs.

Could've put Wagstaff in for Goulding. Perth would've had Knight in there had he not been injured.

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Years ago

really other than Goulding and Steindl, (maybe could argue against Crosswhite and Petrie but i think both are ok selections) i think the teams are fairly right.

Steindl is young, athletic and can do some exciting things, probably why he got picked. Maybe could have chosen Saville, Loughton, Bruce or Neville instead, but no big deal.

Goulding i guess was picked for similar reasons to Steindl, i would have thrown in Dunnigan or Martin for him, both better players and fairly good to watch, but Martin plays too much defense for an all star game i guess. Creek is another option, plays for 36ers, exciting to watch but at the end of the day is no more proven than Goulding.

I say overall good teams, ill give them 9/10 good choices for each team, looking forward to the game.

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Dei mos 57  
Years ago

Jamar Wilson.. MVP runner up last season... can't even make the All-star bench this season, He's averaging better numbers than Corin Henrey with two less games...

Peter Crawford... goes to the Olympics as a Boomer AND A SHOOTER.. can't even make the All-star bench, Clint steindl makes team over him...

Todd Blanchfield averaging 11pts can't even make an All-star bench...

Rhys Martin, Cam Gliddon, Brad Hill, Glen Saville

Nice F*ck up NBL, cost cutting fools... let's make the NBL better.....

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Years ago

All I can say is LOL. Melbourne has more players in this game than wins on the year!

WTF at Steindl?! he doesnt even start for his team!

Since the teams record obviously has nothing to do with being selected or not PC definitely should have got in.

If I was PC, Jamar Wilson, Wagstaff, Saville or even Pledger right now id be kinda hacked off

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Years ago

Vukona= 3 championships and Captain of Tall Blacks
Petrie= plays for Adelaide and puts up better numbers on a worse team

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Years ago

Should they save one spot on each team to farewell players who have made a big contribution and are about to retire?

Saville would get my vote in that case.

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Years ago

CJ Bruton perhaps for the South all stars hoopie?

I agree regarding Saville.
Re-introduce the All-star game, have some stars of Australian basketball suit up.

PC over Steindl for mine.

I can understand the league wanting an even spread of Import vs Australian talent.

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Years ago

Mystro, I forgot that they picked All-Star players based on International representation. And if you want to talk down Petrie for playing for Adelaide, you've got Vukona playing for powerhouse New Zealand.

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Years ago

Who wins?

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Years ago

don't be a dick, you know the point I was making

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Years ago

Mystro, Vukona is a role player give it up already.

What next another post declaring the awesomeness of one BJ Anthony?

Petrie is a better player than those two put together.

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Years ago

To me Vukona and Petrie are more or less equal, Petrie probably better suited to an All star game as he is the better shooter/scorer and being a 36er with the game in Adelaide probably a good move.

International representation, teams they play for is irrelevant, as far as who the better player is, stats are an indicator, which Petrie probably leads due to being a better shooter, but not the be all and end all, i reckon if you put them 1 on 1 it would be a real tight physical match, not much in it for mine.

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Years ago

Yeah petrie has done shits with more talent than Vukona.

He hustles that is all.

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Years ago

Mystro, I was saying that your point is irrelevant. Vukona is hardly having a great season. Shooting poorly, not scoring a whole heap, and not even a top five rebounder on averages given he's being underplayed through foul trouble or for whatever other reasons.

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Years ago

I think that PC was hard done by not getting in the north squad

IMHO should make the teams up by only picking 2 from each team

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UP North  
Years ago

Gliddon is having a WAYYYY better season than Steindl

Blanchfield is having a better season than him! You could almost argue that Sav is playing better than all 3...

you kinda get the feeling they added him and Hurdle (who I dont rate) just for cost cutting as they are both in the 3pt & dunk comps respectively and Gibson & Petrie are already in Adelaide!

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Years ago

Up North, the NBL would never stoop to such obvious cost-cutting measures.

Don't forget Pero Vasiljevic is the dunk comp 'reserve' in case someone pulls out too.

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Years ago

What do you want from an ASG? The guys who've had the best stats to date? The best players? The most entertaining players? A mixture of everything? When I voted, I went with guys who could/would dunk almost exclusively. Didn't care about representation per team. I think I voted for Vukona; wouldn't have voted for Goulding.

FWIW, at the time the starters were announced, the highest ranked vote-getters who weren't picked were:

Davidson (injured)

Knight (injured)

Those getting fewer votes weren't listed. Players picked that weren't on those lists are Steindl, Petrie, Goulding, Crosswhite and Hurdle. Of those, three wouldn't have required extra airfares. Maybe they let the coaches pick. Maybe Sav and Vukona wanted to sit it out?

Hurdle and Steindl will at least dunk. Goulding might try something fancy. Wonder if the league felt an obligation to have GGFFC-type teams or could load up on forwards without a C on the bench.

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Years ago

There is no actual centre on the South Stars bench, they have 3 guards and 2 forwards. Though if he wasn't injured Matty Knight would be the starting centre and DJ would more than likely be on the bench.

Peach is putting up better numbers for the 36ers than Vukona is with the Breakers. Just because MV has won 3 championships and Peach hasn't won any doesn't mean that he should be selected. Going by that logic the South Stars team would be made up almost exclusively of NZ Breakers players. And if that were the case then they'd have been better off playing the game at the Vector Arena.

There are some strange selections for the bench's in this game and there are some more deserving players in the league, but those are the teams and they're unlikely to change unless of injury or suspension.

Personally I just hope that its an entertaining, high scoring game. And I hope that we can fill or get close to filling the Adelaide Arena. People have been calling for the return of the All-Star Game since the last one in 2007/08. Now that its back, lets get behind it and make it something the NBL wants to have every year. A full house or close to it will go a long way to making that happen.

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

I know Petrie is a 36er and a solid all-rouind player, but would the average Adelaide fan not prefer to see Dunigan in action in an all-star environment?

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Years ago

Don't love the idea of giving spots to guys who just showed up (Nevill too).

The average Adelaide fan didn't bother showing up to see Dunigan in a normal game... ;) (Or Petrie!)

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Years ago

Dunigan's only played 2 games in his entire NBL career, both last weekend. Regardless that he can play and certainly can dunk, it hardly makes him worthy of All-Star selection less than a month after making his debut in this league.

This is actually the type of game I'd love to see Mitch Creek play in. In an All-Star game you just know that most of his points are going to come from slam dunks.

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Years ago

Mika Vukona has proven that he can play with the best in the world and hold his own (WC performances against the likes of Spain etc). Petrie is a great NBL player but to say he is better based on some game stats of this season is laughable.
Mika's rebounding numbers are probably down this because his team have a legit 7ft presence in the paint starting who is leading the league in blocked shots and his point guard is nabbing stacks of them . Offensively he has to share shots with some of the best players in the league but still steps up when he has to.
I'd love to have Petrie here in a Breakers uniform, but he'd be on the bench behind Vukona.

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Years ago

Petrie and Vukona have had similar level years, no problem with either of them being picked, and realistically both should have well before Goulding was even considered!

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Years ago

Vukona did win player of the week in Round 3...not exactly just a role player

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Years ago

By selecting Steindl the NBL has eroded the legitimacy
of the all star game - joke. Hurdle to a lesser degree. Rhys Martin far more deserving than Hurdle, find 10 platers contributing more to their teams than Steindl.

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Years ago

Mystro, Schenscher went final four, played NBA. He's not in the ASG though.

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Years ago

Game, set and match to Isaac....

I would choose Petrie every single day of the week over Mika, and I rate Mika.

I'm also biased (with a possible man-crush) towards Petrie, watching him tearing SEABL a new one here in Canberra years before he got called up, and getting laughed off the forum for making that claim..

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Years ago

Simply a refection on the quality of the league right now. It's ordinary.

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Years ago

Steindl situation is a disgrace. On name alone you put Peter crawford in there... love watching his style of play. One bloody compettive individual. Nothing wrong with a import heavy All Star game, lets be honest here, they are usually what keep things interesting!

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Years ago

Mystro, you left out the bit about Petrie having to deal with two guys who rank in the Top 6 in the league in rebounds on his team.

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Years ago

I left heaps out, including how DJ is gonna be MVP and Schenscher is the best big in the league lmao

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Years ago

Stick to pumping up BJ Anthony mate!

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How about we settle this debate in a fight...Vukona vs Petrie, Vukona wins anyday. Petrie is better on stats, sure i'll admit that anyday, but Vukona is helping his team win consistently, is Petrie...NO!

In terms of who is more valuable Petrie wins, in terms of who is helping his team get W's Vukona wins.

Personaly I wouldn't choose people who are putting up numbers and not getting wins.

It's like giving Kemba Walker a All-star spot in the NBA...

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Years ago

haha BJ Anthony has a title at least ;)

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Years ago

"Simply a refection on the quality of the league right now. It's ordinary."

Spot on. That's made perfectly clear by how much Jonny Flynn is dominating everyone. Oh, hang on a second...

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Years ago

They should bring Dunigan out for the dunk comp, then Petrie can fake a niggle and they can swap him into the team. I'd rather see Dunigan in a game like this (and see what he can do in a dunk comp). And I'd rather not see Petrie risk injury in this game, I get to see him play most weeks anyway. Could be a good way for Dunigan to leave a lasting memory with the coaches for next season. He's only here on a limited contract, might as well get his name out there as much as he can.

Also on the PC vs Steindl debate, I find it amazing that PC is still coming out just for a 3 point comp. At this point in his career, considering he got snubbed from the team by an 18 year old who's had 2 good games, I just don't see the point for him to come out here for it.

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Years ago

Blanchfield should be in ahead of Steindl

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Years ago

crosswhite? the dude can barely run

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