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Lakers without Pau Gasol

Lakers are 1-5 without Pau Gasol this season

Where are all those Kobe fanboi's telling me how Kobe is way more important than Pau?

Lakers are 1-11 when Kobe scores 30 or more. That speaks for itself.

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Years ago

Your embarassing yourself again champ. Lakers are in turmoil this season so far, Kobe is the only thing working for them. Leading the league in scoring and vocally showing support for Pau, and where he needs to be getting it.

Bring in pau and deduct Kobe for exmaple and the Lakers probs go 0-6 and lose by bigger margins, so again your really just hating and killing any credibilty by dogging the leagues leading scorer on a team with no bench and missing 2 of the best players from the past 10 years.

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Years ago

I think the Lakers have had a pretty good run over the years. Great to see the Grizzlies of the NBA world get up and shake some trees.....!

Pao would be missed by any team he is playing for, just goes to show that it takes a small amount to tip a side in such a tight competition.

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Years ago

D'antoni can't coach, period. There are other factors but that's a big one.

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Years ago

Disappointed you didn't take my bait in the dream team thread on ozhoops Ingles when you posted about Flynn going to the Lakers. Of course I was taking the piss but thought I might get a reaction. While not fully in the Kobe hate mode, I get where you're coming from. Having great scoring ability and all the talent in the world wont get it done without the right complimentary cast and the brains and/or humility to use your talent or sacrifice some stats to get the results the team needs.

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Years ago

Ingles: instead of rhetoric, how about facts for a change?

Facts like the FACT that the Lakers are 20 points better per 48 minutes with Kobe on court (17 points better at the offensive end and three points better on the defensive end).

more from ESPN's truehoop:

"Kobe has career highs this season in field-goal percentage, 3-point percentage, true shooting percentage, offensive rating and win shares per 48 minutes -- that covers virtually every vital offensive statistic.

What about at the defensive end? Kobe is still an elite man-to-man defender, holding opponents to 32 percent shooting this season. Of the 155 players to defend at least 150 plays this season, Kobe is holding opponents to the 12th-fewest points per play. Carmelo ranks 75th on that same list.

The problem with the Lakers may not be Kobe, but rather their over-reliance on him.

The more the Lakers have relied on Bryant this season, the less successful they've been. The Lakers are 2-11 when Kobe's usage percentage is at least 30 and 7-2 when his usage percentage is below 30. Before Mike D'Antoni was on the sidelines, Kobe's usage percentage was 29.5. Since D'Antoni took over, it's 34.6, which ranks second in the NBA to Carmelo during that span.

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Years ago

Nash at point distributing.

Pau in the post.

D'Antoni will put it all together.

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Years ago

Dwight is overrated.

And He is the problem IMO.

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Years ago

Yes Kobe has been good offensively this season. The eye test says his defense has been pretty poor. Does it count how many times his man beats him and gets fouled/an assist to an open teammate as their man rotated to help defend kobes man?

3 years prior to picking up Gasol. Missed playoffs (05), first round loss to PHX (06 and 07). After Gasol misses 6 games this season? 1-5.

I hope Kobe fanbois realise that Kobe ain't winning Shit without a healthy Gasol carrying him

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

I am not a Lakers fact a Celtics one.

But I'd like to see this team live up to its full potential.

Kobe, Pau, Dwama and Nash.

I think there could be some great basketball played with this team.

Better had it been under Phil Jackson, but nevermind.

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Years ago

^ yep. Boom.

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Bryant had 31,10 and 6 FFS with a block and a steal.

I've said it before on this forum. The Lakers have no one to create for others in the point guards position. I can't be assed checking but I'd like to know where LA rate in assists this season. Basketball is an easy game when someone drives and causes the defence to collapse resulting in a ice hockey assist ( the guy who receives the pass then gets an assist ) look at the Knicks, Melo is often open because of multiple switches trying to stop an open shot. The 36ers have this same exact problem. Schencher would kill it if a guard did all the hard work and he just cherry picked open 6 footers or jams.

The Lakers DO NOT HAVE A POINT GUARD capable of running an offence off the fly ( duhon is shit scared and won't make plays on instinct ) so there is broken plays 50% of the time and Kobe is forced to shoot or Dwight makes a post move with the old jab step and spins to the basket.

Who on LA can create their own shot?

Only Kobe and Jamison.

Who has played the best for their ROLE this season? Kobe and Jamison

The Knicks today shot 53% for 2's while LA shot 41%. With Nash that creats open shot and LA's % goes up to 55% LA has lost 15 games this year, how many by under 8 points? do you think Nash is worth 8+ points? I'm still waiting till Nash gets back I'm not convinced the Lakers are done, people will laugh and say " Nash can't play D " but you have to realise the benefits of a having smart point guard on your team. Gasols numbers will really show the difference when Nash and Blake are healthy, as will Howard's.

Look at the best teams from the last decade and the importance of a gun point guard who demand respect for their jump shot causing players to run out to contest a shot, then driving and making the D collapse and dump off for the easy assist.
Parker, Westbrook, Rose, Chris Paul, James( yeah 3 or 4 man ) but face it he's a point guard.

Then there's guards who have sub standard shooting but still penetrate and dish like
Rondo and Kidd.

Once again Ingles just give up, we know you hate Kobe but you really don't have a clue about the "game" of basketball, just think you do cause you scored 50 on NBA jam down at the beach house with your buddies. The only box you get is your little box scores. Do you even watch live basketball? Been to an NBA game? Watch the 36ers live?

I will happily eat my words come April but if Nash and Gasol come back soon and LA are healthy and in sync come the playoffs not too many teams will like to face them.

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