Years ago downtime

Traffic has built up over the last few months and peaked on Saturday after the 36ers lost to Townsville. From 10pm to 11pm, a topic was being viewed about once every 1.2 seconds. Over the weekend, the page views were coming about once every five seconds on average. has always been in a shared hosting environment; it's not a big-budget operation, obviously, just a little side project. I'd been planning on moving it and rebuilding the forum in the new year, not dealing with trouble in the last working week of the year.

From Sunday night, the replies table in the database corrupted, but I managed to repair it and manually add lost posts.

Around midday Monday, the hosting company, who I've used since 2003 and with many of my clients, prevented access without warning and didn't respond to support tickets for three or so hours. Then again for many hours after that.

When the site finally came back up, the database was corrupted beyond use meaning that we could not make a backup or commence a move. It was 12-13 hours after the original disappearance before we had a working site, albeit restored from a backup late Saturday, and missing 300-400 posts, including all of the excitement after the 36ers-Crocs result.

In the process of trying to find as many of the lost posts as possible.

Thanks for your patience.

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Years ago

good idea, ill try!

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Years ago

Update: Have got 375 missing replies from a replies back-up I made when repairing the first corruption, but many are from topics that were not salvaged.

Give me some time. Going to create ghost topics that they can sit under. You'll just have to do without the OP, unfortunately.

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Years ago

so have you moved to a new host Isaac....or could the same issue arise again?

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Years ago

Yes, new host. You should notice that it's a bit faster.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Who cares about those 375 replies?

I can summarise them for all :

1) Sack Marty.

2) Marty has to go.

3) We need gun imports like Willie Farley to turn this season around.

4) Marty is sh!t.

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Years ago

Well done Isaac.. Never a good thing to do ad worse when it is unplanned! :-)

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Years ago

Also, please don't start new threads until I can repair the old ones. Trying to bring back all the beloved Marty-sacking, Cadee-hating topics for those so inclined.

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Years ago

great work Isaac on getting things back to normal in such a short time-frame....and the quicker speed is quite noticeable

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Tairy Hesticles  
Years ago

Thanks for getting the site back up Isaac! What a pain in the arse.

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Years ago

So far have brought back a few posts that had been lost - especially LC's college updates. Still trying on some of the others.

Update: Salvaged topics are being added as though they were created at midnight Sunday. The author and info from the topic have been lost, but some replies will have been saved. Sorry I couldn't save everything. Don't worry - the 36ers and Crocs play each other again soon, so there'll be all new material!

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Very Old  
Years ago

for us - its a free site - so thanks for all your work and just a small suggestion - can you include a donate button for those of us who can spare a little coin for supporting the site "rent" ?


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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

How do we know it wasn't Marty and Mark that didn't pay off the previous host to 'cut the wire'?

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Years ago

Isaac, I didn't realize how much I loved the forum until it was down.

Damn, i was going crazy waiting for the forum to get back up..I am a basketball addict lol.

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Years ago

Keep up the great work Isaac, we appreciate the effort big time mate...

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Years ago

Thanks Isaac, I am also addicted to this forum, really appreciate the time, effort, money you put into it.

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Years ago

Much appreciated Isaac. I was wondering if the site was going to go into meltdown with so many "Sack Marty" threads starting at once lol

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Years ago

Thanks Isaac, sell the ferrari to pay for hosting if you need to.

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

Cheers for your efforts Isaac, and may Santa bring you everything you ask for.

Merry Xmas!

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Years ago

Wow! Thanks Isaac.

Keep up the good work!

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Years ago

Now OK to start new threads. Have saved most of what I could. Thanks for the support!

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Years ago

I never realised how much I go on hoops until it was down.

Great work, much appreciated.

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G Rudd  
Years ago

Thanks Isaac, great reading on this site and missed it today. There will be plenty more to write about when the Crocs beat the 36ers again New Years Eve, (hope so)the Crocs haven't lost many NYE games at the swamp. Basketball Santa should be kind to you for Christmasfor all your hard work. You do an amazing job. Have a Merry Xmas to everyone on this site, and a Happy New Year to you all. GO CROCS

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Years ago

Thanks mate, tremendous job and appreciated efforts!

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Years ago

Isaac, this killed me yesterday mate so I appreciate the job you have done running this site with no more than a set of jumper leads attached to the Ferrari's spare battery.
Great work getting it up going mate.

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Years ago

Still seeing some intermittent down time and application server restarts. Trying to isolate what's causing the problem.

Update: Think we've worked out the troublemaker - it was the queries that ran the post count and last seven days count. So, they're disabled for now.

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Years ago

Great work, Isaac. Much appreciated.

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Years ago

Issac mate this is the 2nd web page i open now when i arrive to work.
great work

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