Years ago

Is Dunigan playing this weekend?

Is he playing this week or is Matty Knight back?

A big loss for a player like Dunigan to be lost to the league. Townsville spend a whole off-season scouting imports and got 2 duds at the start of the season, yet Perth spend 5 days looking and get this guy.

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Years ago

Perth have been getting big crowds, so might have more money to spend on the position. I suspect that initially the Crocs went budget, then upped their spending when they realised they might struggle.

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Years ago

Dunigan will be flying with the team to Cairns just in case Knight isnt ready.

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Years ago

This week will be Dunigan's last game.

Crocs have spent all their cash, won't even look at a temp replacement for Holmes.

NZ love Hudson.

Wollongong won't part with either import.

Sydney love Lazare.

Adelaide have no more points to use, or cash.

Cairns is Dunigan's only possibility, but even then I don't see them releasing Edwards..

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Cairns haven't got the cash either...spend up big on Trigger, Wilson, Loughton & Stiendl

Edwards is on the min $$ paying for a import to play in the NBL.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Seems there was an Australian option , he told us
.. .. amongst the other offers .........
but he didn't take it up .
Very happy with Perth though .

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The Situation  
Years ago

Bevo has now said he is 99% sure that Knight will play, so it seems we may have seen the last of Dunigan in Perth colours....for now.

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Triton 95  
Years ago

Listen to this trade, I think it would benifit both clubs. Hurdle to Wildcats - Dunigan to the Hawks.
What do others think of this.

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Years ago

Heard game time decision via Wildcats twitter account. Would be wise to give Knight another week off

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


The imbalance of talent in that trade is shocking.

Having said that the C@ts need a creator with a 50% Damo.

I fear for the rest of the league when a coach like Gordie gets a player like Dunigan.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Dunigan is very nice to stick with the Wildcats even though he strictly speaking played his agreed games.

I think it be better for Knight to be out one more week.

Although if I were a conspiracy theorist.

- Knight comes back early / tweaks calf again, out indefintely.
- Perth is 'forced' to keep Dunigan.
- Profit.

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Years ago

Word is Knight made a pretty strong statement at training the past two weeks. No doubts about who the best big is or even that it's close.

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Years ago

Ben Allen dominates practice too!

Ill judge it based on what I see them do in actual games.

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Years ago

It's best to not damage your credibility by comparing Matt Knight with Ben Allen. Knight's proven himself as one of the best big men in the NBL, and he showed at training there is a gap between him and Dungan, which I think most people knew anyway.

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Years ago

Dunign may be back next season? Lisch might be playing as an aussie!!!

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Wow that would be awesome for the Wildcats.

Questions I have would be :

1) How would they Dunigan fit under the salary cap (keeping in mind we are not the Sydney Kings or Brisbane Bullets)?

2) How would they Dunigan fit under the points cap?

3) How could Dunigan and Knight co-exist? Answer to question 2 may answer this question.

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Years ago

Quite a few out of contract at the end of the year, they might have a bit of coin/points to play with.

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Years ago

Edwards is shit.

Dunigan should sign with Cairns.

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Years ago

Why does it matter if Lisch naturalises? Without Dunigan they've only been using one import spot anyway. Unless they are very committed to the idea of always keeping an import spot spare to cover for injury?

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

I think Points matters most.

Does Lisch retain his 10 pt status?

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Years ago

Cats 2013


Cheap pG

Looks to be a great team if they can get around points cap. CJ re-rated to a 7 or 8 and they are looking good.

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Years ago

how often would the current mvp (2011-2012) that is having a good but not great season not be given a 10? Ratings are based off past 2 years and he would be right up the top of the leagues talent.

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Years ago

for starters, we can't keep dunigan because of our lack of points- even though we want to keep him, dunigan is rated a 10, and we only have 8 points free now that robbins has left is.. the salary cap also is a problem- but dunnigan did say that he loved Perth and that he would love to come back and play for the cats- so next season rob beveridge said that the wildcats would look at making a deal with him, so fingers crossed for us that we are able to get him.

lastly, lisch is not having just a 'good' year like Marcus suggested- he is doing as amazing as he did last year, only this year he is being double teamed every match and has a bigger workload cut out for him. his stats from last season aren't down considerable, only by 1 or 2. he is still having an incredible year, and arguably he is playing his best games, this season.

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