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Pre-game thread: 36ers v Kings Sunday 13th

Can the sixers get a win?

Will we play out the full 4 quarters?

Will the coaching staff frustrate us again?

For the sake of the club, players, supporters, admin, sponsors and even Murray....I seriously hope so.

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Years ago

Tipping Adelaide to claim a win, gibbo is starting to take control of the team and will pull one out.

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Years ago

Another game, another narrow loss. This one will be even closer though.

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Years ago

As much as want the Sixers to win I refuse to back them.

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Years ago

We will be up by 5 - 10 points at halftime and by the end of the game we will have lost by 5 - 10 points...

Interested to see how SC goes this weekend, 3rd game for us, hopefully a play or two can be run specifically for him, or is that asking for too much :(

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Will a chair be thrown?

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Years ago

What is 36ers record on losses in a row? Adelaid think right now have no choice but to win!! Have 2! A loss isnt an option!

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Tairy Hesticles  
Years ago

Another easy win for the Kings.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Have faith guys....I am confident Marty (and team) will find a way.

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Years ago

Kings by 7.

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Years ago

Less keen for this one than any home game i can remember. I hate this feeling.

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Years ago

Not even going..sometimes working Sundays is a bonus

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Years ago

Sydney are $2.20 which are decent odds

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Years ago

hoping another great Marty performance will ensure i win enough to pay for next years tickets

only saving grace this year is i have won enough to cover all the season tickets this season,

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Years ago

I'm not sure but Sydney, Adelaide games are usually pretty entertaining. Looking forward to it.

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Years ago

Can't back the Sixers unfortunately. Ex-SA crew to bury us by 7 I'd say. Either way - meh.

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Years ago

im as interested as when i go to my nanna's to watch movies of when i wasnt even born. what memories? pfft.

im sure the bar will be the excitement for the night unless something miraculous happens tomorrow and 'whats-his-name' goes.

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Years ago

Yeah, Ive officially given up on tipping Adelaide, so theyll probably win this one!

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Years ago

Kings are at $2.20? That's worth a punt.

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Tairy Hesticles  
Years ago

Put your house on it Loco.

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Years ago

Prediction: Kings win by 8 and after the game Marty refuses to acknowledge the 9 game losing streak and insists it is still a part of his 33 year plan.

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Tairy Hesticles  
Years ago


I know Madgen is ex SA, who else is?

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Years ago

Bruce and Garlepp.

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Years ago

Not SA born but ex-Sixers.

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Years ago

who cares we should all jump on board a team that has some sort of respect in the league not someone that people laugh at. we have become a joke and teams start licking there lips now when they come to town. easy win for sydney. might have 1500 people at game, no one cares anymore. people have lost interest in what seems to be a lost cause for a talented group and useless coaching staff.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Sydney have been the surprise package of Season 2013. Adelaide have been like a Politician. Looked promising and had the power to deliver, but choked on the execution of the promise.

But, when the polls are down, every good Pollie seems to pull a rabbit out of the hat to keep them in the race.

This will be a very interesting game. Board meeting today (Friday) meaning uncertainty in the camp for some may be resolved, or then again, may be like a festering scab.

The events of today will influence the game on Sunday.

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Years ago

Nice analogy Jack, only problem is even if the pollie does get re-elected, they still can't be trusted.

I think there is every chance the Sixers will win against the Kings. It doesn't make sense but that's why they will probably win. Still not sure if we are going to the game, I've got teeth to pull and dog shit to pick up at home, both of which I'd rather do than see another display of what we have come to accept as the norm. Still, we live in hope. One thing is for sure, if we do go we will be barracking and supporting how ever we can. The only booing should be directed at the blond haired antagonistic coach (although with a reasonable record). There you go, that's a positive about our coaching staff, Marty and mark don't wast time looking in the mirror.... Imagine Radford with blonde tips.

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Years ago

Same coaching same fuckin results...

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Have faith anon'093...

A lesson is learnt with each loss.

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Years ago

anyone else laugh at the headlind of the preview on NBL.com?

"Luke Schenscher is hoping Adelaide's winning approach will produce ... a win"

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Also from Luke..

"We really buy into what the coaches are doing"


Precisely the same message that I have been trying to convey the past 8 games.

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Years ago

MC, give it a rest !

We understand that you love Marty and his blow up doll
of an assistant coach !
You have complete faith in the coaches and what they are doing.
But don't try and convince the ones that know Marty is/ has
done nothing but bring terrible results due to terrible coaching.
You are the only person on this forum that still thinks he is a great coach
No idea what you base it on....

If the 6ers had $. He would of been fired. He will not
be there next season !!

Don't believe everything you hear the players say !!

FACT : some players hate Marty !

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Years ago

I beleive the Sixers record losing streak was 8 .

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I Like how you say "WAS" not "IS"

The longest losing streak is 8 (last season) and this recent run has equalled the "highlight". A loss on Sunday will confirm this as being the longest losing streak

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Camel 31  
Years ago

He's breaking all the records out there .
The ogre to many fans , seems to be pulling away
even more , from fans .

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Years ago

I'm going, but only because my Dad is shouting the Drinks & I've developed a morbid curiosity as to when this train wreck will end...

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


I am a member of the public.

I have no inside knowledge of the 6'ers.

I have to rely on what is in the public domain.

If Players are declaring their support for their coaching mentors, in the news, on social media, on TV interviews, I'm going to accept it as the truth.

They could just as easily say nothing, but there must be something in it if they clamour to make statements such as these, how do you want the public to react?

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Years ago

So you believe everything you read in gossip

Of corse they are going to stick up for the coach
when he is under so much scrutiny.
When have you ever in any sport seen the players
Come out and bag the coach and their system? Never !
Because it doesn't happin. How many times have you seen
management or players come out and say "we are behind the
coach %100". Then the next week they are sacked. Happins
every year in pro sport. If say Petrie came out and said " we hate
Marty and the plays he runs. His subs make no sense".
Marty would never put Petrie on court again. No player
in any sport will come out in public baggin his/her club,coach or management.

I'm telling you as a fact. Some players do not like Marty !
And yes, I would know.

I have not read you say 1 bad thing about Marty. But, 3 years of terrible
results. Tell us what the positives are and how the club has improved over
the last 3 years?

You keep saying give Marty a chance. When do his chances run out ?
Every coach Is measured on W/L. His W/L colum is far below
acceptable !

Sometimes change is a good thing.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Gibbo on the after game interview != Gossip Mag.

NBL.com pre-game != Gossip Mag.

Even Creek came out in support and he was getting SFA minutes, what did he have to lose?

Could it be Marty is beneficial to his development?

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Years ago

Think you missed the point.... And just proved mine.

You believe everything the players say. That's fine if
you choose to believe everything that is said.

You honestly think Mitch would say In public anything
But praise for the head coach....?

You can believe what you want MC. Obviously
everyone is wrong about Marty Clarkes coaching.
No-one is saying he is a bad person. Just a bad coach. The win/loss
colum proves this. End of the day, he has to be held accountable
for the good and the bad that happins on court. His contract
will not be renewed. So not long until we can all say " we told you so".

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Years ago

So Marcus, if the club were to not consider now as a necessary time for a coaching change, or for arguments sake, the seasons end, when actually would a coaching change be warranted?

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


I am not in the habit of believing everything they say.

No I do not expect players to come out and call out Marty for a not-so-good coach.

Just like most people if we have bad managers, do we :

a) Announce that your boss is Da Shiz?

Why would you do that VOLUNTARILY? You look like a fool in front of your team and lose credibility in the league.

b) Announce your boss is sh!t?

You wouldn't do that.

c) Say Nothing.

Wouldn't this be the most prudent action?

Now the above would not apply if our Head Coach is forcing them to make these statements...is this the case?

For the tenth thime, I have never suggested Marty is faultless in this situation, I have even stated he is accountable.

However to lay it ALL on Marty is pure folly.

That has been my position.

So when I point out where other aspects of the team is deficient, I do not mean to wash Marty's hands.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


I have always supported re-assessing the coaching situation at season's end...

Especially now that sacking the coach will have no impact on the rest of the season 'standings' wise.

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Years ago

"Especially now that sacking the coach will have no impact on the rest of the season 'standings' wise."

MC how on earth can u come to this assumption?

Many times the team gets rejuvinated by a new voice for example.. shane heal stepping in for Moose last season and following into this season.

If marty isnt going to be around next year the only reason he is staying because they cannot afford to sack him!

I dont agree with people calling him to be sacked either but the board needs to make the best decision that doesnt hurt the sixers in the long run. On the other hand i can see the argument made for the change to take as fans are sick of games being lost because of poor coaching and team attitude/planning and perhaps a new coach may change this.

but for u MC to predict and say that a new coach wont change the season "standing" wise is unrealistic as you cannot predict the future and its always the Unknown with the new coach and what effect that may have on the team!

Anyways after all that im predicting the kings to beat the sixers. Madgen and Bruce will kill us once again.

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Years ago


1st point: We will not make finals. Marty will not
be coach next season. You say sacking him now is no use.
If the only thing to be gained now is to bring the fans back
that don't turn up because of the playing style the coach has
implemented. They surely that us a plus for the club ?

2nd point: You agree that players do not publicly bag
the club or coach. So when I say that I know for a fact that some do not like
Marty. That is behind closed doors that I have the privilege of
such knowledge.

Please tell us what you think Marty's deficiencies
as coach are? You say you have said that he is not without fault.
What are those faults?

I honestly don't think anyone would mind if we lost. But when
we lose 8 in a row and do not try 1 thing different. That is the problem.
We are still losing for the same reasons we lost in the last 2 seasons.
No-one doubts the team is not giving %100. It's why and the way we are
losing that is the problem !!

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Years ago

@marcus if you think nothing can be gained by sacking Marty now i disagree. We could use it as a trial period if they do a better job than Marty we could retain them next season if not we can look for someone else and maybe dodge another bullet. As vespa said will probably bring more fans out again and will give the team a fresh look at how to win a game because what they are doing now is not working and sometimes looking at things from a different perspective gives you more insight into what you are doing wrong.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

While I won't expect you'll name your contacts Vespa (which I assume are players on the Sixers roster) what reasons have been expressed to you for you to conclude the coach is not liked by Sixer's players?

Your statement also suggests to me that a division in the playing ranks exists due to differing attitudes to the coach. A fair conclusion?

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Years ago

Spot on Big Ads.

I'm not saying there is a split. Like with any pro team
. You have 10 different people. 10 different personalities.
Some don't enjoy his coaching. Great guy Apprently.
Even myself, I'm not saying he is a bad coach. Just his system
Is not right for the 6ers. Might be perfect for another team. If we
were losing, but improving as a team
overall and not doing the same thing over and over again. But we are not. Some might argue we are going
backwards. I understand that Marty believes in the system
he is running and defends it until the cows come home.
But surely, after almost 3 losing seasons, he must realize
a change is needed....

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


I agree we will not make the playoffs, bringing in someone new will not save the season.

Sacking Marty now WILL have financial implications. Those implications may echo to next season's budget, especially if the chatter is true that budget is tight right now.

Conversely sacking Marty COULD have some positive impact on the crowd numbers. This is a gamble. Even at 50/50 chance the follow on impact (to next season) of this gamble not paying off is too high a risk (I feel).

Yes you have direct contacts to the Sixers locker room.

I do not.

Therefore I can ONLY go by the interviews they give. Now if you are suggesting that the players are publicly lying, OK, lets discuss that.

Sorry if it offends, but until proven otherwise I am going to accept the words from the players' mouths than your kind self. No disrespect intended.

Marty's deficiencies have been well documented and I have to concur with some of them.

- I did not agree with his statement last year that 'its not about wins / losses'.

- I think Creek deserves more minutes.

- He hasn't been able to get DJ to step up defensively.

The flip side to that is people have taken some PERCEIVED deficiencies too far.

- Revolving door. Not all can be attributed to Marty. Simpson - NBA. Ng - Surgeon. Balls - Serious injury cloud with big contract attached.

- Perceived inability to spot talent. Eg. Bruce, Madge. Those 2 were hardly setting the world on fire in their first 2 seasons. Yet Marty should have known that Madge would be a 'high teens' scorer in 2013?

- CJ. That was a gamble. Do you keep an ineffective import and try for something potentially (likely) better? Marty said yes, Creek went down (Marty got abused for not seeing that coming), Christopherson comes in with 0'fer games.
(More abuse for Marty).

Yes Marty is responsible but there are several other factors that often come into play.

Sacking him is the easy way out.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


Firstly there was...

"No-one is saying he is a bad person. Just a bad coach. "

Then this...

"Even myself, I'm not saying he is a bad coach."

Which is it?

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Years ago

All good points.

Yes they are publicly lying. Lying is a strong word. At the same time not
every player has come out publicly. No player in the history of
sport will ever have a go at the coach. Unless, you are a out and out super star
in a big league.

Regarding Cj. Lets be honest. He was hardly given a chance.
He was a budget import. So the reasons he was let go made no sense.
I don't think he under performed. Don't think he was given
the chance to make a call either way.

Your argument about not having Simpson and Ng does not stand up.
Looked what we gained. Would rather this years squad than last years. Ng, if his 3pt
shot was not dropping. He was useless ! Very bad defender. Cannot create. Would rather Cj than Ng. Simpson was a good player. Having Luke,DJ and Petrie should cover that.

And really? That's all you could come up with for Marty's problems?

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Years ago

His coaching record is terrible. He is a bad coach for the 36ers! Maybe not
for another team!

good try MC !

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Years ago

At last Marcus. Something I agree with. Sacking Marcus is the easy way out.

Why do you want to take the harder road to success.

Most of those issues that you wrote were not Marty's fault are directly the result of Marty's actions.

He chose not to sign Madgen and Bruce.

I understand that Christopherson was signed after Creek got injured. I remember people posting that a 'positive' with Creek's injury was that we would have more cap room to spend on the import.

Signing Christopherson was Clarke's decision.

The fact Christopherson had zero shots is Clarke's fault.

A question I ask is that if Clarke is not going to coach us next season and it is clear that Christopherson won't be here next season then shouldn't we cut Christopherson and give his minutes to the young SA players who fill the bench to see how they do with opportunity?

IE what was gained playing Bartlett big minutes last year at the expense of Creek and Daly?

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


That is a pretty big call to say that the players are lying to the public.

However, I cannot disprove your call, so we'll have to wait until the 'wash-out'.

For me, on the balance of probabilities, the players are behind the coach and 'feel' they have to come out to defend them because of the excessive negativity from the 'knowledgable' fan base.

Look...for CJ that was a gamble either way.

There were games he got minutes and he excelled (pwnage of Perth). Then there were also games where he got minutes and provided little.

For me there isn't enough 'sample space' to make a determination whether it was right to cut CJ, therefore, I am left to trust our Head coach's instincts and expertise on the matter (He knows better than I do and its his job).

RE : Ng and Simpson...I am not having a go @ Marty for their departure. I am conceding their departure was for reasons OTHER than Marty. But people like to quote the revolving door as a blight on Marty.

I agree....Petrie coming in has adequately covered Simpson's departure. This was a master stroke on Marty's behalf.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


"Why do you want to take the harder road to success."

Who said 'success'?

I said the season will not be saved by another coach (ie there will be no 'success').

Sacking Marty is the easy way out with no guarantee of success (in 2013), but it does guarantee it iwill cost the club.

The club is probably way behind on revenue as it is, they probably factored in higher gate receipts given their spend on Gibbo, Cadee and Petrie.

He chose not to sign Madge and Bruce because they simply were not that good back then. Check the forum and you will see peple weren't that cut up when Bruce left.

But why stop there?

Why not blame Marty for not picking up Lisch, Jackson or Dunigan? Surely he should have spotted the potential?

Yes Marty chose Christopherson.

Bevo chose Andre 'The Beast' Brown, lets sack Bevo.

Christopherson's zero shots could be Marty's doing, or it also also have something to do with the opposition Defence?

See what I mean when I say its not ALL on Marty?

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Years ago

Marcus, you just explained how Marty was directly responsible for all of the above.

Never said signing Madgen was a no brainer. Just saying the decision rested with Clarke. I'm not even upset about Madgen. I truly believe that if Madgen had played under Clarke that he would have gone the way of Herbert. It is Heal who has given Madgen the green light and the confidence to become a top player in the same manner Cat thrived under Smyth. Madgen should never leave Heal.

You say the only thing sacking Clarke guarantees is costing the club money.

Why? If they had sacked him instead of CJ and they signed a coach who could take this talented team to the finals then dare I say it we would have made more money. Sell an extra 500 tickets a game and get a home final ought to have covered the additional cost and then some.

First you advocated keeping Clarke as he was the man to take us to the finals. Now you say keep him because we can't make the finals.

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Years ago

Sooooo... how about that match up between the Sixers and the Kings on Sunday, ey?

Madgen got through with only a fine, hopefully that fires him up to make it tough for Adelaide...

I'm having one of my funny feelings that for one reason or another, we're gonna be the drought breaker :(

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Years ago

Thanks for bringing it back on course wookiee!! Hard to find a thread not derailed by a certain person.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

So Bucket, dog turds and teeth or just the weekly disappointment? Let me know if its the latter.

Reply #398426 | Report this post

Years ago

Bigads. Turds and teeth got the nod unfortunately.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The Kings have done very well and played a lot of close games. They have won 8 from 12 games +/- 7. The Sixers have won only 3 from 10 +/- 7 and have lost their last 5 home games.

There is no reason why Adelaide shouldn't win, but Aaron Bruce seems to get another 10% out of his engine in Adelaide and Madgen is like that girlfriend you dumped because she has an annoying laugh who ends up with a perfect life, marrying a rich doctor, driving that nice car, holidaying to all those exotic places. Yep, Madge will just remind Sixers fans what a perfect life he has.

Let's go Sixers!

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Years ago

I don't see why there's so much hate for Marty on here, some fans expect a championship every year I guess.

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Green 14  
Years ago

No Jeff. Just some improvement and competitiveness.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago



The 'Titletown' tag gets into some people's heads.

They expect the world with a Center who is marshmallow soft, a PF who loves to shoot and hates D and a point guard who can't bring the ball up the court without being trapped by Greg Hire.

Reply #398448 | Report this post

Years ago

MC These are the marshmellows the coach wanted signed to multi year deals. Marshmellow maybe closer to what you are thinking with. Coach responsible for who's on his team and how they play,thats the world of pro sport, full stop.

Reply #398489 | Report this post

Marcus Camby  
Years ago

It's spelt Marshmallow.

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