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Sixers meeting today - new ownership?

So the meeting based on a press release that no one has seen was meant to occur today. Anyone have any news? Do we have a new owner?

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*crosses fingers, toes. and intestines.

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Years ago

Its 11am, knowing directors they are probably just rolling out of bed about now ready for their brunch. Its a bit early for the meeting and the red wine sipping just yet

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Tiger Watcher  
Years ago

Can't have a good business deal completed without a few wines and a good meal.

All on the expense account of course

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Years ago

Maybe the owner is in a different time-zone?

Might be a late afternoon meeting?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I think you'll find the owners are pretty decent businessmen and would have already worked a long day by 11 am.

I'ld be happy to buy them a bottle of red and have a long lunch with them on a Friday afternoon.

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Years ago

So directors are lazy people meo?

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Years ago

Gee some of you people will attack anyone for the sake of it.

I would have a drink and a chat with them and Jack Toft as well. I hope they get through it, the 2 I have met seem really good people.

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Years ago

I think SOS ownership group (what's left of them) have done a great job keeping this team going. It can't be easy. Having said that, they have made a mistake or two, one being Clarkes' contract not having a performance clause.

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Years ago

Owners are good blokes and businessmen from my dealings with them and from what else I have seen. They work tirelessly for the club and saved the club from extinction all because they love the club....anyone with negative comments about them should just keep them to themselves.

If there is to be new owners I wouldnt imagine they would take over until after the season...I could be wrong though...?

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Years ago

Does anyone know if this was a regular scheduled monthly meeting - or an extraordinary one called for a particular reason?

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Years ago

All I know is no one has said a single thing about it. Probably just dribble

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Years ago

Yeah I have only met 2. I is Daryl the chairman and the poor bastard looks like he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders but is always around. The other one I think is called Fox (??) don't know, but he is Also always about and seems happy to talk to anyone regardless of the sometimes pained looks after a loss. Both are always upstairs facing everyone after a game. Never see anyone else from club up there !!

I how they get the support to make it right, poor blokes deserve it especially since it seems there are only a couple left.

Yeah they probably have made mistakes which is easy to say now looking back but I don't reckon you get to be a successful businessmen without making a few of them along the way.

C'mon Sunday. Lets go Sixers.

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

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Years ago

We owe the owners BIG time for their tireless efforts to save the club we love.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Yet the 'most knowledgable' fans love to 'call out' the 'joke' of an administration for not have the 'guts' to make a change to the coaching staff.

Is this how 'thanks' is done in Adelaide?

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Years ago

would be lovely if they let us know what conclusion they have come to!

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KracKa BballiN'  
Years ago

^ If there is a conclusion...

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Years ago

Did they even have a meeting today ?

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Years ago

If I bought the 36ers and ran it into the ground does that make me a hero?

I'm not saying that is the case or criticising the owners. I'm just saying its simplistic to say that fans have no right to complain about management/owners because without them the team wouldn't exist.

IE Lakers fans should be thanking the Buss family for all the money they have spent over the years and should never ever complain. However the reality with professional sports is that is not the case. Fans and media will analyse personnel and coaching decisions. That is what makes sport enjoyable for many people. Having the ability to debate D'Antoni v. Jackson.

Getting back to the 36ers, the media were reporting that there were numerous parties looking at buying the 36ers. That might not be true but the fact this group "saved" the 36ers might be a tad exaggerated.

The writing was on the wall when one of the owners was proven to be a fraudster that there was a lack of due diligence.

Lastly, Mark Cuban said it right when he called a professional sporting team a "vanity asset". Again, I'm not saying it is justifiable but if you don't want scrutiny, complaints, media attention then don't buy a pro sports team. The owners are rightfully hiding now and laying low. However, I bet you they would be running to Boti and in the centre of the Court lapping up the attention and congratulations, the thanks and praise if we won the championship. You take the good with the bad.

The problem is that during the three year SOS period there has only been bad. To question the management and running of the club is valid and understandable.

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Years ago

I was wondering how long it would take you to troll this topic Marcus

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Years ago

most likely on Friday. means it might happen. Not will happen.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Of the eight owners , Lewis Fuss Fitzsimons Parker Finlay Hill Simmons Ng , only two are left , and they could do with some help , out there .

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Master Chief  
Years ago

Anon 141- Agree with that. Consortium deserve credit for keeping the club alive to this point. But your right in saying that any reasonable scrutiny or critiscm should be dismised because of that. There is definately a responsibility involved.

Questions raised about the operations, coaching, lack of media communications and interest, finances are all fair, given that responsibility of running a team.

I dont really know enough truth to commemt about the meeting entirely but would certainly be shocked if Clarke wasn't coaching sunday.

I.M.O, when you buy a team like the 36ers, you owe the fans, not the other way.

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Years ago

Who are the current owners now?

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Years ago

I.M.O, when you buy a team like the 36ers, you owe the fans, not the other way.

No way, these guys have lost a lot of money just so the fans can still have a team. As someone who has lost a few teams I say you should appreciate what youve got.

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Years ago

You dont Owe it to the fans, but i think you owe them respect and have to realise that they are the ones ultimately who decide whether your investment will be a beneficial one.

As fans we owe them gratitude they someone stepped into the breach and continued to keep our team alive. I might hate the coach etc but if its a choice between suffering through a crap year or having no team i know which one i want. Its just a tough balancing act.

The nine news i think it was ran with a story tonight that next year they would be going the community ownership route. Spread the load i guess. As long as we have a team i will be there, call it blind faith if you will but its been a big part of my life and i wont give it up for some bad admin decisions.

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Master Chief  
Years ago

Paul - your right, its tough.

I really feel for owners who are bleeding money. Must be tough. Have said it before but - who would buy a bball club. Ownership obviously has passion and heart for the team. Dont get me wrong, very grateful to have a team when other cities/regions do not.

Was just enforcing a previous post. I don't agree with some of the simplistic bagging you come across about the coach, admin, owners etc. Just think "the appreciate what you got " attitude shouldn 't be used when it comes to rational, and sometimes constructive critisicm of the club. Fans certainly have the right to voice their frustration.

. I take my hats of to the owners. Will keep buying tickets regardless ( we wanted a team ). But just think that the demise of other teams, owners finance etc are irrelevent when it comes to rational scrutiny and critiscm. Definately still a responsibility I.M.O.( btw, feel for bleeding owners and defunct clubs-dont wanna upset people.)

Owners owing fans comment is tough to describe. Didn't mean it a sense that ownership should offer free tickets to fans in light of performances or anything like that. Just mean't that they "owe" their best efforts to the club and fans as that is part of purchasing and running a club ( not saying that is not the case). Obviously things are tough.

Crowd support has been really dissapointing this season. Big believer in supporting team regardless.

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KracKa BballiN'  
Years ago

@joshuepending: I missed nine news what did they say?

Excuse my ignorance but how does community ownership work?

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Years ago

basically what i said, that there was a meeting tonight and its believed that next year they will be moving to a community based model. No more details, for all i know they could just be picking up on some chatter here and around. Did not seem to definite but was something i guess.

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Years ago

Master Chief, I agree they shouldnt be free from analysis of decisions, but that should always be made with the backdrop of them being responsible for the club existing at all.

Soon it might actually be the fans turn to keep the club alive via community ownership.

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Years ago

How funny is this thread. People actually think that by paying a membership of between what 250 and 400 dollars that guys that put in hundreds of thousands to millions owe that member.

Hope they don't read this. I am a member and in no way think these guys owe me. Bet some people on here aren't even members.

And if its true that there was 8 and there is now 2 then how is that fair to trash them for going through difficult times.

Why do some members think they know better when I reckon none of us understand what is really involved in running a pro sports team. I don't but I am sure as hell glad a couple of blokes have kept one for me to support.

Sometimes it's hard to organise my bloody social team.

Like decisions or not they do deserve support.

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Master Chief  
Years ago

Agreed paul. Owners deserve praise.

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Years ago

Make no mistake Paul that they may have saved them but it may be the reason for their demise.

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Master Chief  
Years ago

"owing the fans " comment has been mis interpreted.

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Years ago

Is there really only 2 of the 8 left. That is ridiculous. And if so why do we not blame the 6 that left instead of those left trying to keep us afloat.
That sounds tough to point fingers If that is true.
People on here threaten to not go and support and it has come down to that.

Lets get real maybe these 2 deserve support not hate ?

I feel bad now for questioning some things. How much else do we not know.

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Years ago

Great idea, put your money in as a share holder give the club a cash incentive for one season. Have the same season you had this year. Will you put your money in next season? No.
it's about tapping into the community and the government grats that are available at the time. community modelling and the grants that used to be available are as many and as lucrative as in recent years. A cash injection will simply if it gets off the grond initially. Ask the Cairns people about ther 2 failed attempts to float shares etc. Never worked.
The commun ity model should have been done years ago. The SoS people clearly missed the boat. Another poor business decison on their part. Probably the worst decison that have in fact not made.

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Years ago

No they are not the reason for their demise, there are so many factors involved in that as shown by the fact the club was all but dead when they bought it.

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Years ago

They took a club over in July when doors had been shut for a month.

Season starts in first week of October.

Anon 212 how do you propose they are supposed to go straight to community model in that time frame. Surely if cairns did stuff it up you would take time to learn best practise.

Plus if there was 8 then surely it was a lot easier ?

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Years ago

Community model is the best way to go. But lets not forget, thats what we really had originally.
Mal Hemmerling came to rescue and then SOS. No doubt without these guys there would be no team.
At least their willingness to take a very costly chance has given many critics something to bitch about. Be thankful you have a team and hope like hell
there is a successful business model and someone with the balls and $ to impliment it.

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Years ago

surely its time for some accountants from UniSA and Adelaide uni to share the load for the sixes.

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Years ago

NOT expecting much to come of the Adelaide 36ers' board meeting tomorrow.

Certainly would go into shock if it resulted in any sort of immediate decision on the parlous coaching future of Marty Clarke.

Let's face it, the Sixers won't let Marty go on a Friday when they have a Sunday game. That would make about as much sense as dumping import CJ Massingale without ever giving him a chance!

(Oh. Wait. I just remembered!)

Is this even a specially-convened meeting? I doubt it. And you know no-one in the 36ers organisation will step up and be available to the media. The club's press release, quoting chairman and majority owner Daryl Simmons, said: "The 36ers board will be meeting this week to discuss the current team performance, along with other relevant board matters."

For all we know, that could be issues such as the purchase of Adelaide Arena, for example.

"The club will communicate key decisions to its partners, members, fans and the media as soon as practically possible, but will not be rushed in its process," the release further quoted Simmons.

"The board is completely focused on the long-term success and sustainability of this club and will use this principle as the basis for any decision."

If, and I say IF, the board discusses anything about Clarke, it may only be to formally determine his contract will not be renewed when the club has finally served its three-year sentence.

Much of what I have seen is little more than (justified) media speculation and prediction. But not a lot of supporting fact. We will all know within 24 hours though, right?

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Years ago

ANY outcomes from an Adelaide 36ers board discussion about the current performance of the team may not be known until early next week.

A meeting between club chairman and major shareholder Daryl Simmons, directors Paul Finlay and Dean Parker and chief executive Leeanne Grantham which began at 5pm yesterday is expected to resume over the next few days because of prior engagements of some of the parties last night.

The board is expected to discuss the tenure of coach Marty Clarke, the sale of Adelaide Arena and an offer to buy the team from inaugural championship winning coach Ken Cole.

The Sixers are in seventh position on the NBL ladder with a 5-11 record ahead of tomorrow's home clash with Sydney.

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Years ago

So what was the outcome we were told we'd hear about this week?

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Years ago

Why the hell wait until Friday at 5pm to meet to discuss? There are 3 of them, one of which is the full time CEO.

A joke on and off the Court.

They are just stalling.

No communication or transparency.

Just tell us that Clarke will finish the year.

If they know doing so will reduce sales by a further 1,000 tickets then pull the trigger.

I'm betting their is some division between the group and a bit of "I told you so" going on where the CEO wanted Clarke gone but the others didn't and now egos are coming into play with the others refusing to admit that CEO was right and season has been burnt.

The critical time was when Clarke wanted CJ gone. If they had got rid of Clarke then instead of CJ and gave the new coach the decision on the import then things would be different.

Also, how does a community model work?

Dare I say it after the last three years they won't find many willing to put up $300 let alone $5,000 under the guise of 'ownership".

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Years ago

Actually no one from club said we would hear this week just the paper. And how much of that is fact. ?????

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Years ago

Got no problem with the time of the meeting, they don't need to have it orotund the conscience of online posters.. Also look how late some of the AFL meetings are, they run into the night. Nothing straight away was going to happen anyway.

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Years ago

Why do they need to announce Clarke will remain as coach when he is already the coach?????????????

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Years ago

If three people wait until 5pm the week after an 8 game losing streak when crowds are dwindling and in uproar it shows the priority the 36ers have for these 3 people.

Either that or the meeting is stick standard and the media reports are nothing more than a beat up.

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Years ago

Surely your not that dumb. Media writes a report and admits no one was available for comment and then what wrote a story anyway. Where else would they get it from other than their own head.

An of course hoops or Facebook would be the first point of contact.

C'mon lets get serious !!

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Years ago

Clearly some people's only decision for the day is to wether to get on here and talk rubbish or not.

Regardless of it being a new coach, new ownership, or this new community model people speak of does any of or financial issues do you actually believe they are a 2 minute decision.

You can hate for the lame sake of hating or because you apparently know better but to me they all seem pretty major decisions.

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Years ago

"The owners deserve praise"...

Do you praise McDonald's after you finish the burger and next day have food poisoning? No.. Why praise people for poisoning the club 3 years straight?

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Years ago

These people saved the club but are clearly out of their depth.

They aren't great administrators/directors - they stepped up when they needed to but aren't "hands on" enough and given they are losing money, it's no wonder they want to get out.

This is the NBL - you're not going to have any long term sustained success unless the ownership/board/staff are stable. Sure, you might win a championship one year, but that's it.

Perth and NZ have both been stable for a while now. They are reaping the benefits of being unified. Adelaide/Melbourne are both basket cases. Sydney have just got it together with Heal and their ownership.

Adelaide will be in for another rebuild once this season is done. Clarke/Radford won't be around but it will be hard yards for at least another season.

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Years ago

What are you on about "hating for hating sake". Such a quote usually applies to Kobe bashing, etc. IE complaining or bagging without it being warranted.

The 36ers are a shambles and are being run into the ground. I'm not just talking about the three worst seasons in club history in terms of wins but recording crowds we haven't seen since Apollo Stadium days (when the stadium only fit 3,500).

As far as I am aware the team has no naming right sponsor. The corporate boxes are empty. There is basically no relationship between the 36ers and the sport at the grass roots level.

We have already had two CEOs and are looking for number 3 in only 2.5 years.

We have basically had a new squad every season with the same results.

We have a coach who has caused more fans to rip up their membership than attract new fans. He has remained the one constant. You have to wonder whether his benching/treatment of Ng and Hill contributed to the consortium of owners shrinking?

The marketing of the 36ers is non-existent.

Communication via the media is non-existent. The fans are left to speculate because of the lack of transparency. Apart from the die hards no one else knows there is a game tomorrow.

The game night entertainment has progressively gotten worse. Last game they had a paper plane throwing competition at half time.

The above is just a small sample of the issues.

I am of the opinion that if they got rid of Clarke long ago that the team would be a more financially viable entity. I certainly believe that crowds would be better.

They have made the "major decision" to persevere with him. Crowds have gotten worse and worse.

Such a decision warrants criticism. Just my opinion.

I reject the submission that such an opinion is just "hating for the sake of hating".

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Years ago

Yeah I agreee with whoever posted above me, the club really is a shambles and is being run ino the ground.

So many aspects of the club are handled so poorly from the coach, to advertising, to vacant positions, game entertainment.

I place a lot of the blame on clarke and the garden gnome whose poor form has had a 'trickle down' effect into other areas of the club. Although the senior 36ers management has to wear a lot of the blame too.

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Years ago

#362 so the coaches are to blame for lack of marketing, sponsorship, game night activity, lack of presence in the community?

Gimme a break, front office in charge of that, questions should be asked of them.

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Years ago

And you are all such experts without knowing anything. Does it affect you supporting the team if they are not in the community.
Does it affect you I they don't have enough sponsors.

That is an example on not liking the Clarke situation and just having a go at everything they do. I can't control those admin things and neither can you but just because you don't get an answer when you expect it you go for everything. Some fans are so loyal and some (who probably aren't even actual members) just pick the crap outbid everything. I didn't realise I was in the company of so many elite businessmen on this site.

I enjoy being a member and yes a sometimes frustrated one but I don't profess to be an expert in areas I can't control. If some of you are so smart why not apply for jobs , oh no you won't do that because others on here will trash you !!

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Master Chief  
Years ago

Ricey - Praise for saving the club. I agree that shouldn't dismiss them from any critisicm as i have stated 15 times.

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Years ago

It's pretty simple really

On court success = increased crowds

Increased crowds = increased exposure to general public via media/word of mouth etc

Increased exposure = increased sponsor interest

and that all adds up to increased revenue which in turn makes it easier to run the club and more to spend in all areas

While I think it's unfair to simply blame the coach/team for the clubs shortcomings at present, being successful on court is paramount to having a solid base to work from.

Even more so in Adelaide where the brand is so strong, hell your still getting decent crowds every week! Improve on court and things will improve everywhere

Its a great club in a solid market....if the Blaze were averaging 3500k at a game they still be here....Don't let the Sixers fall down the same hole!

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Years ago

Is it that simple. Someone said 8 owners down to 2 has a massive impact on those that stayed.

Assuming everyone on here is correct and who would doubt us, they apparently have an offer from Cole, are looking at a community model, need a new CEO and have serious coach issues and financial difficulties.

Fair bit to deal with and who can blame them for taking their time to get it right. Not sure community and advertising is a big issue right now.

Hope for their sake and ours a win comes through tomorrow.

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Years ago

All the issues are relevant. They are just examples of what appears to be at best a lack of good management or at worst incompetent management. IE I'm sure Daalas fans are upset they didn't keep Tyson Chandler, Barea, etc but they understandably are giving Cuban the benefit of the doubt.

If the club were ticking all the boxes off the floor then maybe fans would be more forgiving of their decision to keep the coach.

However, the club appears to be well and truly a basket case. The club don't even update scores on Facebook. Our marketing consists of uploading the worst photographs from shoot around imaginable. It is embarrassing.

To think otherwise is just being an ostrich and putting your head in the sand.

Don't have to be Bill Gates to see that a business is run poorly in the same way that you don't have to be a Michelin Star Chef to realise that a meal tastes like shit.

At the moment the 36ers are serving up shit.

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Years ago

Anyone up to fronting the 2 of the remaining SOS group & post their finding here?

BTW, I'm guessing that there may be only 2 actively involved in the front office, but there could still silent partners that choose not to be hands on (as from the start).


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Years ago

There are still three of the original SOS group left, Simmons, Parker and Finlay. All regular board meetings are held in the evenings, if a meeting was held Friday during the day then it was an extra ordinary meeting.

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Years ago

I'm going on record to state that I am extremely thankful for the efforts of Daryl Simmons to do what he can to ensure the NBL maintains its presence in this state.

I once more have very good reason to feel optimistic about the future of the Sixers and keen to be involved in any transition to community ownership if necessary.

I'm happy to wait a little longer.

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