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Years ago

Rondo out for season, where to now for Celtics


Does Danny blow it up now? With Rondo out this season is done, and probably realistically next season as well (takes 18-24 months to recover properly). Does he trade Pierce?

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Years ago

Gasol to C's, Gay to LA & Pierce to Grizz I've heard.

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Years ago

"Gasol to C's, Gay to LA & Pierce to Grizz I've heard."

That was pre-Rondo injury.

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Years ago

Pierce at Memphis would be interesting. Would be a tough team with Pierce as the veteran closer.

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Years ago

Interesting one with Memphis, can they cover all the different things Gay does on the court?

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Years ago

Perhaps the Celtics can call-up Johnny Flynn from the Melbourne Tigers?

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Years ago

Shattered. That C's - Mem - La deal was shot down a little while ago. KG has a no trade i think, and i dont want to see Paul go but they cant win it now and its harsh but you might as well blow it all up and get picks or tank. Sad day, no one even cares they beat the Heat.

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celtic green  
Years ago

Yeah I would rather blow it up and start again at this stage. I know next season is supposed to be bad a bad draft but we might as well let Sullinger and Bradley get a lot of minutes and try to improve. Then again I don't want Pierce to play for someone else either, would like him to finish his career with us. This sucks

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Nike Al  
Years ago

Maybe the celtics could trade for Patty

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Years ago

Paul - the Grizzlies had a fantastic playoff run two seasons ago when Gay was out injured. He is replaceable.

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Years ago

Too early to rule the Celtics out, seriously, beating Miami tonight, and they have won without Rondo in the past. Pierce will not go anywhere- he will be a one club player.

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Years ago

Who's gonna play PG now? Terry? Lee? Nah celtics became a lot less dangerous now and might even miss the playoffs

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As the biggest Celtics fan in the world it would be tough to see Pierce and Garnett go but at the moment it seems that they have to at least start rebuilding now.

The Pierce trade scenario is interesting, personally I would sign back Kris Joseph (who they drafted and released) start Jeff Green and trade Pierce to somewhere like the Hornets for something like a Pierce and Bass for Ryan Anderson, Robin Lopez and picks.

As for KG if I were to trade him, it would obviously be to somewhere where he could win (No trade clause) and a team he likes (a.k.a not the Knicks, Heat or Lakers) like the Clippers as they have Chauncey Billups, one of his old friends and a teams that is filled with title potential. They would trade Courtney Lee and KG for Bledsoe and Jordan.

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Years ago

I'm a Celtics fan and I actually think the team can SURVIVE without him but not go any further than a close 1st round series or and early 2nd departure and that's being fairly optimistic. The bulls did alright without rose in the long run and the C's have got Peirce and Garnett to rely on despite there age so they could be alright. But by the same token maybe it is time for Ainge to blow the whole thing up and look for picks and young talent. Just remember people the Celtics are never that bad for to long.

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Years ago

They can make the playoffs that not the issue, the issue is even before this it was looking grim for a legit run. If that's your situation the sensible thing is rebuild as Paul and kg and not staying around for nothing at the end of the year. It's just difficult, in their hearts C's fans don't want to see Paul go, in their heads they know it's the right decision.

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Years ago

It's a tough break for us C's fans. While there is little to no chance of a deep playoff run now, I really don't want to see Pierce or KG playing somewhere else to end their careers.

If they agree to it and Ainge can genuinely get something to help the team rebuild then okay, but I'm not really sure there's a big market for guys over 35 with big contracts and declining abilities.

Knowing the competitive spirit those two have, I think they will be keen to play out this season to see how successful they can be against the odds.

I think the best scenario would be if they can go out with an honourable 2nd round exit and retire in the offseason.

Then Ainge can build around Bradley, Sullinger, Green and Melo next season, with Rondo to return late in the piece. Get those young guys plenty of playing time, hopefully get a decent amount of ping pong balls for the 2014 draft and see if they can land a decent FA.

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celtic green  
Years ago

Does anyone know how the 2014 draft is looking? I have heard scouts saying that they think it will be another deep draft. God, looking forward to something 18 months from now, this blows

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Years ago

I haven't really looked at the 2014 draft. Had no reason to until today!

It's pretty disappointing to think that Pierce and KG's era in Boston might have just ended with Rajon's torn ACL, but I do still like a lot of our players.

Some positive things going forward:
- Jeff Green played great defence on Lebron - and how about that dunk today too!
- Lee continues to play really well on both ends.
- Sullinger has been a steal for us. Didn't have a big impact today, but he's brilliant to watch the way he carves out space to grab rebounds and he plays very smart for a rookie.
- Bradley is limited by his rib injury for now, but the kid has a lot of skill and just doesn't get phased by anything. I see him continuing to improve on both ends.
- Sure Jet isn't shooting as well as we'd like, but I have been surprised by his level of defensive hustle and ability to get deflections. He's definitely not slacking off!
- Melo continues to dominate the D-League and is now more likely to get some development mins with the Celtics this season.

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celtic green  
Years ago

Cheers Beantown; I know there has been some positives this season (Green's re-emergance, Sullinger) but was hoping maybe they had a bit left in the tank. With Rondo gone I guess that dream is too. It was a great era and I am thankful for it. Let's let the young guys earn some spurs now I suppose.

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Years ago

Ainge has now come out and said he wants to let the current guys play and see how they respond to the loss of Rondo. He might still make a trade, but it sounds like he'll only do that if a 'can't refuse' offer is made or if the team continues to struggle.

That makes sense to me. I think particularly KG, Pierce and Terry absolutely love it when their backs are against the wall and if they have anything left, you are going to see it now.

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Years ago

@The_Champ33 They better not call up Flynn.
I've got tickets to the Melb vs Adelaide game on Feb 10!!!!

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