Very Old
Years ago

DJ "anaerobic" capacity ?

i'm intrigued with DJ's apparentlack of effort at times and his tugging at shorts.

I did coach a bloke who was almost exactly DJ build, albeit only 6'7".

He did kayaking and jogging, and had extreemly wide shoulders and chest, and could actually do a quite quick 25m and easily outrun every player in a 5Km or 10Km run.

But when he went "skins" you could see that his chestbone was essentially indented so much that it looked like it was only 100mm away from his back bone. His pecs looked deeper than his actual chest cavity behind them.

He could run all day , but anareobically he just could not do more than 4-5 minutes full out , whithout needing a 2 min recovery. But after that 2 min he was good to go with just as much energy and speed as before.

He had had a reputation similar to DJ re effort, but once we started giving him 4-5 x 1-2 minutes breaks over the 40min game , he became quite the effort leade on rebounds both offensive and defensive and a very mobile defender, for entire the 25-30 he got played.

just a thought.

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Years ago

Love it, great theory. I've seen DJ working up close and I can assure you however that this is not the case. It is truly just a mentality issue with this kid.

Behind closed doors he will tell you "I'm a scorer, that's what I do". Problem is that is all he does.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

Although he has lapses, I don't think 'lack of effort' is an appropriate description for someone 4th in scoring and 2nd in rebounds.

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Years ago

The effort is there, it's just in things that he wants to do, not necessarily things which are for the greater good of the team.

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Years ago

The problem with DJ is not under his shirt, it's in his pants, to put it euphemistically...

He's like a Ben Allen with talent.

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Years ago

@Very Old What would you define as 4-5 minutes of anaerobic exercise?

@Fartus Candy Lack of effort has nothing to do with their ranking in points and rebounds and everything to do with what they could achieve if they put the effort in.

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Years ago

Dj is so insanely over rated its sad really. He takes way too many mid range jumpers which he settles for and his shot selection in general is appauling. He gets away with it because the coaches are bitches and they see him as the one they moulded into a superstar. Doesnt pass and has never offered any sort of vocal support for his team mates. Hack city, but the kid is getting paid, will be the last legacy of the Clarke Radford era.

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Years ago

Very Old.....could you possibly be referring to the incorrect energy system? To my understanding there are 2 anaerobic systems being Phosphate & Lactate. Phosphate is used for instense bursts of activity lasting between 10-15 seconds and Lactate is for intense activities lastig up to 2 mins. I think you probably mean his "aerobic" energy system right?

Back on topic.....DJ is our most talented player and our only consistent scorer. I have no problems with him taking the majority of the shots even if they are not what the team needs at the time. Fact of the matter is, no one else is putting up shots that even look like going in and to be honest they arent really cutting or moving off the ball for him to pass to. How many times do we see no Sixers rebounding when a player goes up for a shot.....they're all just standing aeound crossing their fingers that the shot goes in. If youre going to question DJ's effort then I think you have to question all of the players efforts.

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Very Old  
Years ago

Hi Tornado

nope , not confused, just probably did not explain it clearly enough.

when you are playing , say, in a full 8 minute on-court stretch,in an explosive game like basketball, you would be expected to draw upon both anaerobic systems for similar or identical sets of muscule explosions multiplue times during that 8 minutes.

For well conditioned athletes, with ample heart/lung capacity, both anaerobic systems can RECOVER while still undertaking near-maximal anerobic activity.

Some athletes can apparently lack the capacity to "feed" the recovery process of the anerobic energy systems ( once depleted) WHILE still undertaking near-maximal anerobic activity.

That is the situation that my player found themselves in, and no ammount of fosused energy system training was able to avoid that happening ( this was while I was doing my first round of the level 3 strentgh and conditioning coaching acceditation, so it was all checked out at the AIS). - and which I was suggesting could be happing with DJ.

thanks for the question tho ! :)

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Years ago

Tornado - You do have to question his work rate at anything that isn't shooting the rock.

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Years ago

Thanks for the explanation Very Old. I was aware that a persons fitness level would extend the endurance of ones energy systems but didnt think the anaerobic system could extend that much given it recruits fast twitch muscle fibres.....but you are obviously more accredited than I.

Having said that, Basketball is a stop start sport using explosive movements so it is not a consistent all out effort and therefore recovery is adopted in jogging back for defence for example.

I think I may have just been confusing myself?! :-)

So what energy system would I be using in a 6 min bike test....presuming I am very fit?

Anon #403663, I was referencing more of DJ's offense and I do agree with you regarding his defensive efforts. He needs to toughen up and hit the gym in my opinion. He showed yesterday in a spurt that he is capable of playing good D so there is no excuses for him in that regard.....mind you I dont think the team defense is all that great either so that doesnt help him or anyone.

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