Years ago

Jess Foley to be Norwood Womens ABL player-coach

Glad to see Norwood moving forward. Positive appointment.

Interesting that BJ didn't get the appointment. No support from the current team???

The Norwood Basketball Club Management Committee is pleased to announce that Jess Foley has been appointed the ABA Women's Playing Coach, with Vicki Valk as her Assistant Coach!

Jess will assume full responsibility for the Senior Women’s program in its entirety, including our U23 Youth League.

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Years ago

good selection, generally not keen on player/coaches however with Valk as assistant this should work well

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Door Size  
Years ago

Anon and Neutral = Norwood spin

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Years ago

Door = What hit you on the way out
Size = Large

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Years ago

Good on Norwood for making sure their ABL program is in good shape, because their junior program is a disaster.

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Years ago

380 - about a broken record...i hate to be the one to tell you....BUT no one actually cares what you think

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Years ago

Some quality coaches in the women's ABL now! Both the 36ers assistant coaches and an ex WNBL head coach amongst the coaching staffs. Good for the game.

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Years ago

Another great appointment.

Norwood have attracted a lot of new juniors too and seem to be finally getting things on track. A big cleanout over the past 12 mths has helped the club alot can now build some strength. It will take time.

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Years ago

410, how are things in la la land?

I will go out on a limb and say that Norwood will qualify either zero or one (18B) team for Classics.

Their coaching stocks are laughable and a lot of the big cleanout was actually quality people leaving of their own free will - the very people you should have been fighting to keep- players, coaches and administrators.

Good luck with the building strength bit, but you sure got one bit right, it will take some time.

Anyway good luck to Jess. A fantastic appointment.

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Years ago

If nothing else Norwood has at least implemented a trials system where players are actually competing for a spot , I'm looking for the all the quality coaches that have left and not seeing it , I'm thinking norwood the big improvers in juniors over next few seasons.
12 B,16 G and 18 B to classics this season !!

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Years ago

"Barry" I admire your blind loyalty to your club but let's be realistic.

Rewind back some years and Norwood had a coaching staff that was second to none- Johnson, Weeks, Kellaway, Dodson, and later guys like Sapwell, Berry and Bertetic (sp?). All long gone.

Looking at your list now and comparing it to most other clubs I don't think any of your current lot would get a head coaching job at most clubs.

Good on you for being loyal though champ, and good luck.

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Years ago

Confused which sniper to believe - is it sniper 701 (lots of quality coaches have recently left Norwood) or is it sniper 730 (Norwood has had no quality coaches for years)?

Well, the important thing is that you both feel important after anonymously belittling the abilities of 50+ volunteers, so well done on that score.

The only trouble for you little snipers is that everyone knows who you wankers are, and no one cares what you think. Run along and play now...

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Years ago

Falcon, I doubt very much that you know who I am (730), but with what you just posted (more so the way you worded it) it's not difficult to work out who you are.

People like you just prove why so many people in district basketball have such a dislike for Norwood. Personally you've always been my least favourite club and you are reminding me of why.

Have a nice day.

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Years ago

730 / 744 "you've always been my least favourite club"

How will we ever cope?

Say what you like, that will not change the fact that you anonymously patronised and sledged 50+ volunteers. You must be thrilled to bits, and so proud.

Nice day being had, thanks.

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Bet on It  
Years ago

Both y'all should put your money where your mouth is $100 if Norwood don't qualify 1-2 teams nationals and have 4 teams in Winter GFs sound fair?

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Germy Rim  
Years ago

Gotta love the trolls, including the large type. (Are they then still trolls?)

Great appointment of both Vicki and Jess, congrats to the girls and the people involved in securing them.

That is what this thread is about, congratulating when and where it is due.

I just pity those who have to get on an altruistic threads and turn it into a belly ache about themselves.

If you are from another club, fair enough, bag Norwood, that's all part of the competitive club spirit, but to those NUMPTYS from within who time after time get on here and rubbish the good work people do, enough.

Its time to let the adults speak, so off to bed you should go.

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