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NBL Expansion Teams

Deadline for potential expansion clubs to submit their bid is apparently end of November but there hasn't been much said in the media. Last I heard there were 2 possibly 3 teams in contention. Brisbane , Tasmania and possibly Melbourne or Canberra.

Does anyone else have any info ?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

There's no doubt the NBL needs to aim for more teams, but I think the first priority would be to get some stability in management levels.

Almost need a "cleanskin" from outside (maybe some lower NBA guy) to come here and get the competition stable which includes a naming rights sponsor and a vision moving forward.

The NSL transformed itself into the A-League and with that built some strong relationships with the Asian market. It got rid of the racially aligned element and is now reaping the success. Even the netball got their act together with the Trans-Tasman Cup.

Let's get more teams, let's get the right teams and let's get the NBL growing and moving forward

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Harry Hackrein  
Years ago

Brisbane's already in.

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Years ago


I thought you said there would be no NBL next season?

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Years ago

Where's all the talent going to come from?

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Years ago

If two teams come in, and they are granted three imports to ease their arrival, you need 14 players. 10th man at least for each could be any old random or ABL player, so make it 12.

It's likely that some players already in the league could jump ship and, if the points cap is managed well, spread the talent so new teams aren't struggling straight away.

And with two new, full salary caps available, it's possible that very capable players return from overseas to take the new money on offer. This season we've had Kickert, Barlow and Motum added. Guys like Jawai, Johnson, Ogilvy, Khazzouh, Newley, etc might not stay OS forever.

And then there are guys like Gruber, Dillon, Tait, Lewis, Trueman, etc that are not currently in the league. And college returnees like Greenwood, Hadziomerovic, Aldridge, Drmic, McMath, etc.

Key will be the starters or main rotation players. And having a talent drop-off from your starters to the bench is not bad for the league if each team is in the same situation.

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Years ago

Agree with Isaac, there's plenty of talent to be spread around. Look at guys like Tom Jervis, he almost missed the NBL boat. All he needed was an opportunity and hopefully there will be a lot more opportunities for some new talents to be discovered. Personally I would like to see a lot of bench guys at the moment getting more minutes. Wagstaff, Hire, Walker, Teys, Creek, Gruber, Te Rangi, Patton, Ellis could all potentially get the opportunity to be more than just role players for their respective teams.

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Harry Hackrein  
Years ago

I said there is a chance there will be no NBL next season. TV rights are a long way off and the Crocs and the Hawks are on the verge of folding.
2 teams possibly leave and replaced by 2. Hardly an expansion.
No other announcement now expected until January so it seems. So who knows.

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Years ago

@Harry, the exponent of doom & gloom!

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Years ago

Where do u get your information that the Hawks are folding? I don't think so so keep your doom and gloom remarks to yourself.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

How are Wollongong on the verge of folding?

They have a new owner and its only one season in?

What basis do you have to make that statement?

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Harry Hackrein  
Years ago

Carcass, You know that the Hawks have placed the black curtains up don't you? The crowd is dropping like flies and with a high of 3,277 on 10th October the crowd has dropped off just over 1000 in 2 months.
Even you should be able to understand that. Alleged owner interference makes it a tough gig for Gordie and that seems to be everyone's opinion about they way they haven't been playing over their worst consecutive losing recorded recently created.

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Years ago

I think expansion is very risky right now. It's a double edged sword because the league obviously needs it but at the same time there are several clubs who aren't in great shape, and there are no prospective new ownership groups who have their shit together. So do you rush in a new group who isn't ideal just to have the league looking better for shopping the TV rights? Does the risk outweigh the benefit?

The league needs to make sure none of the existing teams fold as a priority. Townsville really needs some help from league HQ and the other teams in terms of business advice and reviewing their unsustainable ticket pricing & business models. There is no reason why they and Wollongong can't be successful: the markets are big enough and there is little competition from other major sporting codes in those places (both only have a single NRL team).

Those one-major-footy-code towns (Perth, Cairns [no footy team], 'Gong, Tville, Adelaide) have fewer hurdles in the way of business success, so we need to make sure all of them are in tip top shape because it's low hanging fruit. As it stands Perth are looking great, Cairns are looking decent; while Adelaide should be doing much better (albeit their wider economy is really struggling), Wollongong are struggling and Townsville are REALLY struggling.

I don't really trust the people running this league to improve those situations while facilitating expansion. Multi-tasking isn't really their thing.

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Harry Hackrein  
Years ago

Remember too Mick that the Brisbane team will at this stage be owned by the NBL. Anyone hear conflict of interest again?
Some have suggested that was why Neill left. He was supposed to find owners for Brisbane and couldn't. Now the NBL is stuck with the premature decision to allow them in early with no business plan other than their own.

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Years ago

Neill was a dud who couldn't deliver and now he bails. Typical and totally expected.

Jack Toft - NSL was ethnically aligned not racially... LOL

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Years ago

So the guy who set up Super Rugby in NZ and International 7s is a dud?

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Years ago

I really want to see some expansion, does anyone know what requirements the NBL placed on new teams?

Also, think it's possible we could see a NBA takeover like in MLB taking a stake in Australian Baseball to increase pathways and player numbers (for their own benefit obviously).

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Years ago

Nba has so much cash. I hope they take a 75 percent stake in the Nbl like in the aussie baseball league. Send some potentials down here to fine tune there game.
Hope the same thing happens for wnbl also, Would be good to see more players like cappie come down under. I think the Nbl and wnbl clubs should be affiliated like with the a league and w league.

The a league and w league are attracting a lot of internationals. Wonder why? Good management?

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