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from the write up ??

'While at times the Sixers missed Jamar Wilson's calming influence at point guard, Adam Gibson’s controlled tempo well, pushing pace for good looks at the basket when presented the opportunity.'


Yep, they weren't standing around falling asleep waiting for someone to fiddle fart around with the ball. There was movement, there was risks, there was a team, and it paid off with the relentless picking themselves up again and again. Persistence paid off. 5 MEN DEFENDING PAID OFF.

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Molten Millie  
Years ago

Cairns scored the game's next two field goals and take back the lead when Wilbekin stole the Spalding from inexperienced Adelaide point guard Tom Daly as he brought it up the floor, leading to a two-handed jam for Alex Loughton.

YEP, he slipped and Wilbekin picked up the loose ball. Who wrote this ??

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Years ago

What that that means.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Obviously the scotch was not Glenfiddich

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Years ago

Whatever isn't working

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Years ago

I wrote it and I stand by it.

At times the game got crazy, 18 turnovers is testament to that. Both coaches said the same post-game. With the Sixers missing Jamar's calming influence, I can't just say they missed his tendency to stop the ball and shut down a play, it sounds bad. When Wilson goes one-on-one there are generally fewer turnovers than when the ball moves. It's how basketball works, simple. No one can argue that Adelaide didn't get out of control at times. Note that I then threw in a quote from each coach about how well Gibson ran the show. Really can't see what you're complaining about.

Millie: don't make it look like there was a grammatical error in that sentence; there wasn't. Also, does Daly feel the need to change direction and dribble around the back if Wilbekin wasn't hawking? Probs not. There's more than one way to steal possession my man

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Molten Millie  
Years ago

It didn't work for Cairns and it hasn't worked for the Sixers so what makes you think it is better and needed. It isn't. The boys can settle when needed. Last night they changed it up and it worked, no matter how messy it looked, it was effective and disruptive. That was the plan. That is their style. That is the difference between coaches, players and when certain players are missing it can be an advantage. Calming is not what they need. Keep writing but please do not let personal attachments influence you. Journalistic reporting and credibility comes with presenting the facts and not bringing in your thoughts and being emotive. The Sixers fans are passionate and knowledgable and know their team and I wouldn't call them on this particular point of discussion.

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Years ago

I'm not giving opinion on how the Sixers offence should look conceptually, I'm simply reporting on the one game -- a game where certain possessions got out of control, like when Gibson threw it out of bounds trying to hit Motum with an around-the-back bounce pass early in OT. You're interpreting a simple sentence, that explicitly said "at times", as so much more. There were forced shots, forced entry passes etc. That's what happened and I need to report that. I balanced it with a heap of praise for Gibbo and the fact that Cairns couldn't throw it in the ocean. Read the quotes that talk about how well Gibson and Motum played.

Trying to see it from your point of view, but I just think you want to read 1000 words about how good Adelaide was. I'm not writing for Adelaide fans and I'm not writing for Cairns fans.

It's a simple match report, analytics and whatnot come in news stories and columns. It's not my job to talk about a team's concepts big picture, it's my job to report on the game. Probably could have given you a par on how well Adelaide scrambled defensively. Overall, it was a pretty tight game so it can't be a Sixers love-fest

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Years ago

At times the 36ers looked soon very much better without Jamar Wison. Like the overwhelming majority of the game. So lets leave it at that, good on him for writing a review on NYE.

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Years ago

NBL match reports are turning into a joke- read the tsvl-sydneh report- at the bottom it says:

Townsville Crocodiles 93 (Norton 21, Conklin 21, Markovic 16)
Adelaide 36ers 92 (Madgen 23, Brandt 18, Cadee 11)
Crowd: 1835

I know Adelaide were in Qld yesterday but to play Cairns and then Townsville on the same night- that's a bit rough!! Hahhaha! Amateur hour!

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King Podge  
Years ago

for what it's worth I thought the game report was great - apart from the result..... :)

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Years ago

Only 1835 people at Townsville's game? Geez they'll die quickly

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Years ago

Was at the game and thought the report in question was comprehensive and accurate. In fact, one of the better reports I've read on any game.

The criticism of the comment about Wilson is over the top and, as the writer pointed out, the comment has been made out to be more than it was.

The criticism of the writer's description of Wilbekin's steal on Daly is ridiculous. The defensive pressure Wilbekin put on Daly caused the turnover.

As the writer pointed out, Adelaide made a lot of errors (as did the Taipans) and the Taipans had a poor shooting night as well (some of that due to the defensive pressure applied by Adelaide). Adelaide deserved the win in the end.

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Years ago

You want bad?

I just got through watching Ten News. Not one single mention of last nights NBL games. There was the upcoming cricket test, the NYE Big Bash, A-League (which 10 don't even broadcast) plus a piece on the Asian Cup, and a report on Maria Sharapova arriving in Oz for the tennis. But the NBL which 10 actually DO broadcast? Nothing, zip, SFA.

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Years ago

Its NYE in the Ville and most sensible people wont be watching basketball in some shitty sub standard venue charging to much.

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Years ago

Cheers Podge and Twinkle, made my night

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Years ago

when gibbo runs the show, it looks better and smoother. when Wilson runs it, I swear I don't know what im watching. its all higgildy piggildy

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King Podge  
Years ago

To be fair the 36ers weren't that cohesive in offense, they got bailed out more than a few times by some low % shots that went in (e.g. that 3 by Teys that buried us), Schench playing his best game in a long time and Motum finally putting together a performance we all thought he should be putting on every game..

I also thing the criticism of Jamar is way overblown. they made 18 turnovers without him and still barely hit 80 after an OT. Taipan's looked tired, shot terribly and made some silly turnovers BUT still came a jump ball that wasn't called from winning it.

I enjoyed the arm wrestle, but it sure wasn't the prettiest game we've seen at the snake pit all season.

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Years ago

Man, Teys is cash with his feet set. Unfortunately Craig made the dubious decision to double down (off Crawford of all people) on Petrie (who had the totally capable Burston on his back), which led to the kick-out and ball swing to Teys wide open on the weak side. Perfectly crafted play for a high percentage look, all brought about by Craig's defensive error. I like how Fearne left him on at the end though, really need a guy like that crashing the glass in such a scrappy game.

Agree with Adelaide getting lucky on occasion. You could say they lacked Wilson's ability to penetrate too, but totally deserved the win. This season's problems have pretty much all been defensive, and it's just that when things go bad for Wilson offensively it looks terrible so that's what fans pick on. I'd say Wilson's offence indirectly impacts the team defensively because when he doesn't share, the whole team puts their head down and drops effort levels.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

gibson got 14 assists...unable to get so many with wilson and wilson does not get many assists

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King Podge  
Years ago

haha i dunno Wonders, i think he was 1-26 from 3 over the last 3 weeks so I'd rather double down on the higher % and sag off him. Love the guys game though, especially considering the hate he got (and Joey) last season when he started getting more court time.

He's consistently been one of the best performers on court when it comes to defensive effort.

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Years ago

Hahaha damn! Form slump, because he's always been a good stand-up shooter back to his dayz wit da Blaze. How many wide-open looks has he had in those 26 though?

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Years ago

And btw Craig was doubling off Crawford. That's the highest percentage of the lot. Guy can rack up threes in a hurry and was already hot

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Years ago

Seriously over you all finding ways of denying the issue that so many see. Forget stats, forget offence and watch the entire game with and without. Sometimes a critique can be too technical and not see the sky for the trees. We sixes fans know our players, have watched every game for years pre and post Joeys arrival. Although great at creating own shot, poor vision, terrible defence and inability to understand the sixers movement offensively let alone participate in it are all issues that are consistently there. More wins % without than with. Others are more consistent and improving on earlier issues and the connection is there looking more like last years team. With, not a resemblance at all... Just because we are critical because we love this team and really think and want them to achieve what they are capable of, does not mean we do not respect Wilson, just not in this team right now. He is a lovely talented guy but this can not be about one player week in week out. IT needs to be about the potential for all to fit in to the formula. This about the goals set and how to achieve that. IF Wilson becomes a Creek replacement and injected for a quick couple fine, but for me it is more about his lack of defence and every player including the benches and DP's are better than Wilson Defensively. T his season, the Sixers can not afford to have 1 man down defensively. DONE.

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Years ago

What dribble!

Sixers have played 4 games without Wilson.

1 they played excellent because of the psychology of it being Montreal's last game AND because they knew they would be getting a stud player in Motum. Gibson will NEVER have another game like that.

The other 3 games they have played extremely bad and were lucky to win two of them!

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Years ago

I love holidays, so much time to go fishing and they are biting so well.....

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