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Ad: Streaks for iPhone helps you form good habits

In addition to Hoops and my day-to-day business, I also work on a few other things that some Hoops readers may or may not be aware of. One from the last year or so is Streaks, an iPhone app which is all about helping people make daily progress on things they want to achieve or bad habits they want to break.

I designed it, and my friend Quentin did all the hard work building it. We launched it in mid-2015, and last week we were in San Francisco winning an Apple Design Award in front of thousands of people and loads more on the live streams - a pretty massive career achievement. On stage at WWDC, Apple called the Apple Watch integration the best of any app. *jaw drop* The notifications and icon recommendations are pretty clever.

It's been an awesome week.

Anyway, I typically use the app to read more, work on my side projects, practice languages and things like that. Others have used it to motivate themselves to run up 100-day streaks doing push-ups or quit smoking or practice an instrument, finish writing a book, etc.

It's not a free app, but I've regularly spent more on a beer that has led me to accomplish a lot less!

Since the award win, we've been interviewed by The Australian, Fairfax, News Corp, 891 Adelaide, USA Today and featured on loads of Apple and app blogs.

If you've got an iPhone, take a look and see what you think. You can find Streaks on the App Store or visit the Streaks web page. On the Streaks site, there's a registration for those interested in an Android version.


If you don't want to get anything done and would rather while away your days playing a game, you can also check out our iPhone/iPad word game Hexiled. ;)

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