Mimas 78
Two years ago

Dante Exum Jumpshot

I see that Dante Exum has struggled with his shooting lately and it seems he is struggling with confidence in his shot.

In the off season and whilst injured he mentioned the jazz shooting coaches made some minor changes or tweaks to his shooting technique.

Watching Dante play this season i noticed that he starts his shot by putting the ball out to his right side of body then continues to bring it up on that same line through the shot.

I just watched some highlights of his rookie season and he started the ball more in the center of his body (more conventional), then brought it up.

His new technique is perfectly fine and can work just as good as any other technique with practice but personally and from my experience his original technique is better. Its more natural and effective from different body positions and movements eg. off the dribble.

I actually really liked his shot before (even with the low shooting percentages).

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