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Top Ten NBA players.

Just wondering everyones thoughts on the Best 10 players in the NBA. Mine are probably:
Your thoughts?

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I reckon I'd have Garnett ahead of Artest. ;)

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Years ago

Wheres Allen Iverson or Camby on that list Ak-47

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Years ago

Sorry not Camby.....i meant Carmelo Anthony....lmao

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Years ago

yeah garnett is a good pick Isaac. I think id actually re do the list and switch garnett for pierce.
As for AI yes id have him in my top 15 but Camby! R u kidding me in the top ten no way.

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Kobes the best

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Years ago

yes that better fez. Its a gud idea but as i said with AI i prolly top 15=)

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Cambys the best centre in the NBA he should be in there

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Years ago

Duncan should be in the top 5. LeBron in top 3, and Dirk a little higher.

Garnett should be top 3 too.

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Years ago

Duncan should be in the top 5. LeBron in top 3, and Dirk a little higher.

Garnett should be top 3 too.

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If we're talking about who makes their team better, duncan should be number 1. but wait, he can't do a windmill. he can't be as good as arenas

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Years ago

Eastern. Arenas is a good player. He can hit the shot and is improving with his passing and ability to make others around him better. As for who makes others around them better. Surely its gotta be steve Nash.

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Years ago

AK-47, not a bad list. My 2 cents (and top 10 would be):

1. Nash
2. Duncan
3. Nowitzki
4. Kobe
5. Garnett
6. Wade
7. Lebron
8. Arenas
9. Artest
10. Ming/McGrady (take your pick)

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whats nash done, really though? He's gotten probably the most talented team in the NBA to the conference finals twice. Doesnt that make jason kidd better? he got his talented team to the finals twice. arenas isn't nearly a top 10 player, i wouldn't put him in my top 20

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Years ago

haha Eastern! You wouldn't put a player that is averaging 29.7ppg, 4.3 rpg, 6.4 apg in the top 20??

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maybe if he was scoring 29.8 i'd consider it

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Years ago

Isnt it interesting that the Top 10 in a lot of cases doesnt mention the top earners in the game right now :

Chris Webber $20 plus Mil over next 2yrs

Shaq - injured .. is it $60 mill left over 3 years ?

or these guys $15 mill plus Club:
Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis , Jalen Rose ... Michael Finley, Baron Davis ,Jermaine O'neal ..

I think the Knicks have a lot to answer for driving the price up on quality players.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

ELG how do you justify post #114804?

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Years ago

why is jason kidd in the top 10

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Years ago

Dirk would easily be top 3, probably along with kobe and garnett i would say. As for camby being the best centre in the league, how does that work!!?? No way i would put artest in my top 10 and i would not include billups either. Dwight howard would have to be up there, maybe not top 10 though.

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Years ago

Kobe lower, Nowitzki higher.

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Years ago

ELG if your theory on who makes the team better you would have to have Dirk as your number 1. Timmy D does alot but look at last year without duncan playing to his level San An still finished in the top 4(1st i think but not sure) San An has the ballance with Timmy D Manu and Parker three allstars plus can Areanas do a windmill?

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Because i forgot about yao, DB. Cambys the 2nd best centre in the league.


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Put Kidd in there somewhere too

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Years ago

heres my person pick

1 Dirk
2 Nash
they both lead there the top 2 teams and are also having great induvidual seasons as well.

3 Kobe
scoring machine and u gotta have him high from his form last season

4 Lebron
Still very young but a freak of nature. very powerful and really isnt a match for 1 on 1.

5 Wade
hes what like 24 and lead his team already to a championship. he was playoff mvp which means a lot considering playoffs is the real season.

6 Garnett
his post moments are all most ungaurdable and is a monster on the boards.

7 Areanas
agent 0 is having a break out year. his teams do ok and he is performing high! his numbers go up every year.

8 Iverson
love him or hate him he still gets the job done. at all most 30 points a game and a stack of assists you gotta have him here. with the right team he would be able to lead them to a championship

9 Mcgrady
no question bout his taslents he just needs to prove to be a winner because he hasnt ever done that. get deep inside the playoffs and you could probably consider him like Dirk

Artest simply because i think he is the best defender in the leage who can score when needs to and he plays with a lot of heart.

sorry to every play that missed out

ie Duncan, Ming, Pierce, Allen, Carter, stardimare

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twenty four  
Years ago

No way is Camby one of the best ten players in the NBA. I'd rate Yao and Stoudemire ahead of him, making Camby the 3rd best C in the league. When Shaq comes back, you could make a decent argument that he goes to number 3, leaving Camby 4th.

Nor is Duncan the second best in the league. His numbers are good (20, 10 and 3) but they're not great.

Here's my picks:
1. Nash
2. Wade
3. James
4. Bryant
5. Nowitzki
6. Arenas
7. Anthony
8. Garnett
9. Ming
10. Boozer

Next 5- Duncan, Marion, MacGrady, Iverson, Pierce.

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Years ago

Nice top ten 24 like that u have Boozer up there.

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Years ago

my top 10

1. Gilbert Arenas
2. Kobe Bryant
3.Steve Nash
4. Lebron james
5. Dwyane Wade
6.Dirk Nowitzti
7.Allen iverson
8.Carmelo Anthony
9.tracy mcGrady
10.kevin garnett

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Years ago

where is the the love for the truth?

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Years ago

kidd has 7 triple doubles this season and he isnt in the top 10???

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mr clutch  
Years ago

1 Kobe - The best scorer in the league and this season has proved that he an make his teammates better

2 Duncan - fantastic winner/defender

3 Dirk

4 Kidd - almost averaging a triple double this season. A better defender than Nash, just as good playmaker.

5 KG

6 Wade

7 Nash

8 Arenas

9 Lebron - has all the talent but not quite there yet

10 Shaq - Still the best winner in the game. This season has proven that Miami can't win without him.

ELG, Since when have you been on the Kidd bandwagon? i can remember you posting a few weeks ago about how Nash was better than Kidd. Make up your mind!

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mr clutch  
Years ago

How is Artest a top ten player?

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Miami weren't on fire with Shaq on the court early in the season and it's doubtful someone averaging 14 and 7 at the low 40% mark will make them much more than a slightly better than .500 team when he comes back.

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Years ago

Everyone's top 10 is basically guards with the odd forward. 10 years ago this list would of been C's & PF's, my how the game has changed, and not for the better I might add.

My top Ten

1. Dirk
2. Garnett
3. Kobe
4. Yao - when he was playing
5. Duncan - a step slower but still Mr Fundamentals
6. Nash - doesn't play enough defence, also don't know if his style can win a championship
7. McGrady
8. LeBron - he has to be in the top ten, just needs to actually show some real killer instinct
9. Kidd - I rate him better than Nash but the Nets aren't doing as well
10. Melo

Wade IMO is not as good as he looked, Shaq requires a double team and that made it that bit easier for Wade.

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Years ago

bizzy, Wade not as good as he looks???? Have you seen the dude play regularly? He is phenomenal

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Years ago

Nope, he can't lead his team to wins without Shaq. Shaq demands double teams all the time, leaving the lane open for Wade to slice through. I admit he is good but not good enough to win another title.

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Years ago

Mr Clutch, IMO Artest has to be top 10 because of his hustle, heart and more importantly defence. He is the best defender in the league, and consistently shuts down the best players going around. Add that he'll get you 25, 6-8 rebounds and a handful of assists every night and he's got to be around the mark.

Too much focus on offence these days, you have to award defence. It's also the single reason why Kobe is better than Lebron and why Wade is that good too, these guys know how to play D.. Lebron still has to develop that part of his game

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Years ago

It is amazing the lists that people put up, so many one dimensional players!
Here is the top ten from the NBA's fantasy performance index. I think quite a few of you will be suprised!!!
1.Gilbert Arenas
2.Shawn Marion
3.Kevin Garnett
4.Steve Nash
5.Dwayne Wade
6.Dirk Nowitzki
7.Kobe Bryant
8.LeBron James
9.Jason Kidd
10.Caron Butler

Now i'm sure there would be plenty of arguement of that top ten!!!

Personally, my top ten would be something like this...
1. Steve Nash
2. Dirk
3. Garnett
4. Lebron
5. Arenas
6. Kobe
7. Kidd
8. Marion
9. Duncan
10. Wade

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Years ago

Shawn marion, Ben Wallace

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Years ago

Ben Wallace.....Lol!!! Your frickin jokin me aren't ya!!!

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mr clutch  
Years ago

Double Clutch - Sure Shaq's stats may not be all that good (i don't know where you got 40% fg from - he shoots at like 60% for his career) but i dont think you can measure how good he is by his stats. Look at his winning %, with all the double teams he draws i think you'll find most of Maimi's players will lift there game once he returns.

Lockstock, I totally agree to much emphasis is placed on offense these days and i agree that is the reason Kobe is better than Lebron and Wade, that's also why duncan is so high on my list. But as good a defender as artest is he still has never been on a winning team and his %'s and attitude are terrible.

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Years ago

No one's arguing against Shaq's past ability, but against what he's done this season.

He's played four games for two wins over the Nets. The two losses were a 42 point thrashing at the hands of the Bulls and a 22-point drubbing by the Rockets. Both of those thrashings were at home!

This season, he's shooting at 45% from the field and 44% from the stripe (both career lows). Add in 3.5 turnovers per game and it hardly indicates that he's still a big game player.

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mr clutch  
Years ago

It's a bit hard to judge a player on 4 games of basketball, and you have to remember that he's renound for pacing himself a bit early on in the season.

Last season he averaged 20 9 2 blocks on 60%fg whilst only playing 30 minutes a game - five less than the previous season. Not too bad IMO. We'll see how he does when he comes back to full strength, more importantly see how Miami does.

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Years ago

mr clutch, can't disagree with you on the attitude of Artest.. however if his Pacers stayed together and didn't go jumping into stands punching people out a year or two ago they arguably were very close to the favourites to win the title, with Artest being one of the top 3 candidates spoken of for MVP that year. I think it's a question that could easily go either way..

Surprised also to see Elton Brand not getting any mention yet.. would anyone have him close to top 10?

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Years ago

Might be due to the Clippers being a little flat this year?

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Years ago

Ithink you're right, considering that Boozer is up there, but if Utah were sucking you'd have to say he wouldn't be considered. Fair enough really.

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Years ago

maybe not a top ten but Joe Johnson.... any thoughts on him? His team is crap but he hasnt got a bad shot on him.

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twenty four  
Years ago

Bizzy, don't you think that it's a bit hypocritical to not have Wade in your ten because you don't think he can win a title without Shaq, yet have Kobe at 3?

We've all seen how Kobe went with Shaq (title favourite every year) compared to how he played for that first or so without him. Even now, the Lakers have the Spurs, Mavs, Suns and Jazz in front of them out West.

I know that Kobe is (at this stage) a better player than Wade, but Kobe clearly can't it done all by himself either.

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He is this year. his team's second in the west without Odom.

p.s anyone can be a star at atlanta. its where you go to get a big contract.

and shaqs days of being double teamed are over. maybe against the weaker clubs, but against the better clubs like dallas, lakers, houston they have big men can adequately guard him one on one. i mean lets face it, mourning was more effective in the finals last year than shaq. wade did all the damage on his own (even if he is wildly over protected by the refs). and they (miami) dont have the shooting power to overcome a team who will struggle to guard him one on one (phoenix, san an) their rotations are too good. unless wade can pull off another miracle performance for the rest of the season, i cant see them making the finals.

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Years ago

Eastern Lowland Gorilla,
I think Miami's shooters can get it done

This Month:

Kapono 2.6 3ptm/g
Posey 1.8 3ptm/g
Walker 1.2 3ptm/g
Williams 2.2 3ptm/g

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I'd let walker throw up his 8 attempts p/g or whatever he launches if hes going to hit 2. the only reliable shooter in that team is posey.

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Years ago

gotta give Kapono his props aswell ELG.


but thats just me, woteva!
kg ai nash yao

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Graeme LeBroy  
Years ago

Not in any particular order as there are too many factors as to why one is better than the other. But Timmy D is the only exception, his rank fits!


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Years ago

Whats with everyone loving Artest??
If we are talking the best 10 in the entire league, artest would not even be close. Pierce, James, Anthony, Mcgrady would be better and they all play the same position!

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Years ago

Tracy MCGrady is the best player in the league.

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Years ago

what about Tracy McGRADY

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Years ago

Artest no u kidden

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Years ago

Yau no way ur crazy get lost

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Steven Sullivan  
Years ago


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hands down  
Years ago

hands down best player in the league : STEVE NASH

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Years ago

Amare has to be there, maybe still under done behind garnett and duncan, but this guy is the real deal and in my top 10!

Also Iguodala is the man?? Also in my top 10!

Wade, Melo, Amare, arenas, nash, Iguodala, dirk, LeBron, Kobe, McGrady

Im looking at the future here as well, not at guys that were in the prime 5 years ago, but still getting it done!!

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Years ago

man yahll have allot of opinions but this is my list(best ability):


Now whats worng with that list??

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Years ago

but bosh in dere

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Years ago

wheres is bosh

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Nobody Special  
Years ago

Here are my top ten in reverse order.

10.Yao Ming
9.Chris Bosh
8.Shawn Marion
7.Dwyane Wade
6.Kevin Garnett
5.Gilbert Arenas
4.Steve Nash
3.Dirk Nowitzki
2.Kobe Bryant
1.Lebron James

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Years ago

I see alot of you have Nash as #1. Give me John stockton over nash any day john could do everything Nash can but he plays defense to. Maybe try the reverse and justify why Kobe should not be #1. He is the best all around player and most fundimentally solid. The only one ever compared to his Airness by the Airness himself. Don't follow the media Hype go with your true NBA knowledge. Remember Nash and the others need other players to help there game Kobe can do it by himself if need be.

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Well. you ppl. are all forgetting about Paul Pierce.. Also, we all saw what Carlos Bozzer can do in the offseason.. and he deserves my respect.

Steve Nash
Dwayne Wade
Kobe Bryant
Paul Pierce
Lebron James
Carlos Boozer
Tim Duncan
Kevin Garnett
Jason Kidd
Chris Bosh

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Years ago

i can't believe no one has put tim duncan as number one. All you posters can brag n boast about nash or kobe being the best but tim duncan is 10 steps ahead of everyone and if you want to argue look at his stats and achievements. No one...NO ONE comes near him.
And you cant say well nash is more creative or kobe is a better scorer, while that is true it still doesn't come near as tim duncan's numbers offensively and defensively. And rule out last season because timmy had plantar fascitis or whatever it is. He is the best player the NBA has seen in the pas decade.
Ohh and don't forget, the spurs are gonna win the championship this year and he is their archilles heal and the reason why. Spurs over detroit in 6.

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Years ago

I m a basketball professional. Look my top 10 list:
1-Vince Carter
2-Steve nash
3-Lebron James
4-Shaquille oneal
5-Dwane Wade
6-Tracy McGrady
7-kevin Garnett
8-Allen Iverson
9-Gilbert arenas
10-Belal Rahmani

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Years ago

Wow, is that THE Belal Rahmani posting on our little forum? What an honour.

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Year of the Brave  
Years ago


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king LBJ  
Years ago

1 Lebron James
2 Dwayne Wade
3 Kobe Bryant
4 Steve Nash
5 Dirk Nowitzki
6 Tracy Mcgrady
7 Gilbert Arenas
8 Carmelo Anthony
9 Allen Iverson
10 Chris Paul

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Years ago

Most of the players on most lists are fantastic individual players.
But then again, basketball is a team game.
The player that makes the most out of his team should be the ones on the Top ten lists.Player that dont spend too much time with the ball to make a difference.

In no particular order:


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Years ago

yo soy billy pienso que esta es la mas seria seleccion de los top ten sin apasionamiento. y sea que esten de acuerdo o no ustedes me van a dar la razon ahi les va para todos ustedes gracias.

1-Steve Nash(inteligencia y abilidad).
2-kevin Garnett(el mas completo de todos los tiempos).
3-tim duncan(el mas seguro).
4-Kobe Bryant(la makina de hacer puntos).
5-Lebron James( pronto sera el rey,pero todabia).
6-Dirk Nowitzki(ha hecho todo solo le fata un anillo).
7-Allen Iverson(el pequeño gigante).
8-Dwayne Wade(falta mucho por ver de la maravilla).
9-Tracy Mcgrady( mi favorito pero las lesiones...).
10-jason kidd( pequeño que hace a los demas grandes).

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Virtual Showtime  
Years ago

No way you can have Iverson, McGrady, Arenas, Anthony (bad decision to pair him with Iverson)in any top 10 group. They are not winners. At that level, there are many great players, some scoring a lot more than others, some rebouding more, steals etc. At the end of the day, great players will help their team win.

Iverson = hogg
McGrady = soft+never advanced pas 1st round
Arenas = I too could average 28 shots per game if I shot 40 shots per game.
Anthony = was getting much better before they traded for Iverson. They needed to trade Martin for a sg or pg.

This is the problem with kids these days, they look up to proven losers who look good, but don help their team win...well anything.

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Years ago

sureeee its called LEBRON 1 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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dog 80  
Years ago

my top10 would have to be

1.steve nash
2.leandro barbosa
3.allen iverson
4.tracy McGrady
5.lebron james
6.mike bibby
7.kobe bryant
8.shaquille o'neil
9.jason kidd
10.chris paul

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Years ago

1. Lebron
2. Nash
3. kobe
4. Duncan
5. Howard
6. Garnett
7. Nowitzki
8. Mcgrady
9. Stoudemire
10. CP3

11. Wade [coz he's injured]

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