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Half Way Mark of NBA Season

Well, we're halfway through the NBA season now and I thought I might steal DC's idea and do a what's hot what's not from the first 41 games:

What's Hot
- AI finally being traded - we all knew it should happen but Billy finally did it
- Kobe passing the ball and trusting his team mates
- Zach Randolph actually playing ball and scoring and rebounding
- Kwame looking like a little less of a bust under PJ
- Bill Simmons
- The Pistons acquiring C-Webb
- Gilbert just being Gilbert
- Miami completely stinking it up
- Yao Ming - was a monster till he went down
- J-Kidd racking up Triple Doubles like he's Wilt - well maybe not, but still tearing it up
- The New Old Ball
- Zo and his 1 kidney, still a block-a-holic
- The Lakers winning without Lamar and Kwame

What's Not
- That Nash could win MVP again, if he does I will never watch NBA again. Will the man ever play defence?
- The Eastern Conference
- The Knicks and their Bankroll
- Isiah
- Doc
- Memphis Grizzlies
- Philadelphia
- The Miami Heat without Shaq, actually just in general with the overweight Toine and Posey
- Terry Stotts - please run just one play through Bogut, please

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Years ago

For the Hot List - as Hoop Addict emailed me earlier, the Suns putting up 130 points today without anyone scoring more than 25 points or playing more than 31 minutes.

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Years ago

And they gave up 102 against a KG-less T-Wolves.

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Years ago

For the hot list:

ESPN and Fox Sports 3-4 games per week live.

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Years ago

I know Nash doesnt play much D - but i wouldnt say it is terrible if he wins a 3rd MVP.

If he can make his team-mates better and win a fair amount of games with the style of game the team runs .. then i say good luck to him .

The Suns are so fun to watch when they are on - he is a HUGE part of that.

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Years ago

Don't need to play defense if you can consistently outscore the opposition - outscoring your opponent is the name of the game remember. We'll see how they go when it counts.

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Years ago

We will see when it counts, I just can't see them getting a championship when a team like Dallas can control the tempo so well come finals time.

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Spurs #21  
Years ago

San Antonio just in cruise mode until after All Star Break.

on schedule as normal.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Isaac with a mentatlity like that you could coach the sixers.

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Years ago

Well, I coached Mahersy to his 0/12 on the weekend - that's my style of shooting!

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Years ago

You are an idiot Bizzy

You say you that Bill Simmons is "hot" - well read the article he wrote last week about the Suns and why Nash is the MVP this year more than the other 2 years.

The Suns are currently saving the shocking state of basketball - they are lead by Nash - who Scott Skiles the other day called "the best player in the world right now". You don't have to play D to be the MVP - without him would the Suns have won 31 out of their last 33 games ???

Is there a more fun team to watch that has been around in the last 20 years. No - and that is coz of Nash.

So pipe down he is the MVP this year - maybe not the last 2 but definitley this year.

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Years ago

Thanks anon, Bill Simmons is hot because he is one of, if not the the funniest sports writer going.

I guess it is just personal preference, I hate the way the Suns play, but I love watching a Pistons v Spurs game. If that makes me an idiot then cool.

When it comes to the crunch, teams that don't play defence don't win titles. Miami last season played tough D, Zo in the middle blocking everything in sight etc.

I also don't think it is all down to Nash, he just happens to be in a team that runs an offence that suits him, if he is so good, what happened in Dallas? I would much rather have J-Kidd running the point for my team than Nash.

But again it's all down to personal preference.

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Who Me!  
Years ago

On the Suns still, but what are they likely to do to the Bucks later this week. It seems Bucks will still be without Redd, Williams & Villanueva (forget Simmons he hasn't played all year). I read on one of the nba forums that the Bucks people are figuring on a score of at least 150 for the Suns, as the Bucks can't stop anyone even when healthy!

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Years ago

anon 29 u idiot!

i'm on bizzy's side i'd much rather have Kidd running the point on my team, Nash is over-rated and his lack of defence has shown more than ever come playoff time, oh... EVERY YEAR!!! If Kidd was in Nash's spot at the Suns with Amare and Matrix hed be averaging near 13 assists and the Suns could be a chance in the playoffs.

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Years ago

mmmm 13 assists just like Nash. Funny that.

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mr clutch  
Years ago

Anon 29
So your saying that because Nash and the Suns are fun to watch that makes Nash the MVP? Good argument.

Nash averaged eight assists in his final year at Dallas - He bumped it up by 3 assists when he got traded to Phoenix. So I don't think It's that hard to believe that Kidd would bump up his average a bit if he went to Phoenix.

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You put nash in your whos not list saying he plays no D, yet you put randolph in your hot list because he is 'actually playing ball' yet randolph is known as one of the most selfish, lazy, poor defenders in the league. great list

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Why does everyone laud a Bruce bowen type player, defensive specialist who can't play offense to save his life, yet attack a steve nash type player, who is one of the top 3 offensive weapons in the game, and who is not a great defender.

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Years ago

Nash is a better player than Kidd. You put Nash on the Nets team they have this year and he would get them winning. Last year they made it the West Conf Finals without their main scoring option. They had Diaw, Marion, Bell, Barbosa and Tim Thomas. That isn't a good team - they were good coz of Nash.

I guarantee they win the championship this year - they will roll thru the playoffs.

Read the Bill Simmons article on the Suns ( Page 2) - you will agree.

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Years ago

ELG, Bowen is one ofthe most reliable 3 point shooters in the L, and has expanded his offensive game to include the pull up off the dribble.

No one suggesting Bowen is even close to the player Nash is, just that he is a great role player.

I think Nash is top 5 players in the L, but there are others that bring more on the defensive end than he does. Still, not too upset if he wins the MVP. Hoping for Dirk or Gilbert

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Years ago

Totally with you ELG and anon 116104. Nash could win MVP wouldnt mind seeing gilbert win.

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i wouldn't guarantee a title, sure phoenix are doing well, but they're beating an alarming amount of teams without their stars. the real test will be against dallas... barring injuries i dont think any other team can beat them

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Years ago

I think the Spurs are always a chance. Should have beaten Dallas last year, but Manu had a brain freeze and fouled Dirk.

I think they are better this year with Elson, a healthy Manu and Duncan.

Dallas have most certainly improved and so have Phoenix. I think the Lakers will make some noise if everyone is healthy as well.

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Years ago

Agreed. San Antonio always pace themselves during the regular season. Come playoff time their guns will be getting 40 mins a game and will be tough to stop. Also I think people are forgeting that the Lakers are one of the best teams in the league WITHOUT Lamar Odom. They are legitimate contenders.

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billups 1  
Years ago

I think Phoenix are on their way to the finals this year there playing so good at the moment I love watching them play its just RUN GUN have some FUn! as they say. I ould like to predict who will make it from the East but im not sure on current form, ill have to say that the conference final will be between DETROIT and ????? im not sure could be WIZARDS or Chicago im not too sure but Pistons look good on paper especially now with C webb giving them another low post option to cpmplent their great guards, if they can stay healthy and share the minutes they should make their third finals series in the past four.

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