Years ago

Best International NBA player

My top ten would be

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Years ago

Make that top 5 sorry

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Years ago

Nowitzki is the best international player under steve nash.

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mr clutch  
Years ago

Gasol and Yao are better than anyone on that list bar Nash

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mr clutch  
Years ago

and there's no way that AK is second on that list based on this season

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Years ago


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Years ago

Dirk over nash, and AK-47 is trash.

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Years ago

Technically Duncan's international

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Makes me think that the NBA could adopt our all star formula of USA v World

would be something to see.

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mr clutch  
Years ago


PG Nash
SG Ginobili
SF Dirk
PF Duncan
C Yao


Thats a pretty good squad if you ask me. They would have a very versatile frontcourt.

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Years ago

AK-47, that list is dog doo.....

1) Dirk
2) Yao
3) Nash
4) Gasol
5) Parker

Didn't include Duncan as he's represented the US in internation competition. Technically he is cause he's a Virgin Islands lad. If I did he's number 3, Nash moves to 4.

Diaw.... that's gotta be a joke....

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Years ago

Sorry guiys forgot about Dirk. Pop him up the top and move every1 else down 1 spot. As for Yao IMO he is just tall and gets rebounds and points because of it.

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Manute Bol  
Years ago

Luol Deng should be on that list!

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Years ago

Luol Deng top 5 i dont think so

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Years ago

manu ginobili is a legend

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Manute Bol  
Years ago

Believe it AK47, this is the future man!

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Years ago

and technically bogut is croatian

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How is Bogut Croatian?

His parents may be from Croatia, and he may identify with his Croatian heritage, but if he's born in Australia, is listed as being Australian, and represents Australia at the world champs and Olympics then surely that's about as Aussie as it gets...

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Years ago

Deng would have to be in the top 10 for sure, he's having a great season.

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Years ago

Yeah Billo top ten but top 5 seriously maybe in the future he could be but at the present.... there is no way.

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Years ago

AK-47, have you seen Yao play? He is much more than tall. Deserves to be in the top 5 international players, and top 10 players overall IMO

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Years ago

Spanish Inqusition,

If you and your partner had a baby in a different country, would your baby be classified as Australian or would the baby take the foreign nationality be he/she were born outside of Australia?

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Years ago


Duncan at 3 if he were to be included ????

If we are counting Duncan as international he has to be at number 1 (see San Antonio championships vs Dallas and Phoenix championships)

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Years ago

Anon, Bogut is an Aussie with Croation heritage - like every other non-indigenous Australian citizen.

He is proud of his heitage and identifies strongly with it, but is definitely an Aussie.

References to Duncan being an international player stem from his being born in the Virgin Islands (is it really full of virgins?) to non-American parents, who then emigrated to America.

Same as Ewing from Jamaica and Hakeem from ????

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Years ago

or sam cassell from Mars

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Years ago

Dirk for sure

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Years ago

Is that Mark Nash you are referring to?

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Years ago

Dirk is an absolute champion! Not sure if he would break into the Sixers outfit though, they are very strong.

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Years ago

Bogut is Croatian and that b!tch Ginobili is far from legendary.

Dirk top easy.

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Years ago

xztatik Bogut is Australian with Croatian parents. Ginobili far from legendary? Didnt you see him play in the world champs.... his passing scoring and all round game mesmorised the opposition and the fans. So exactly where are you coming from when you say that he is far from good?

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Years ago

Nah Andrew Bogut best player lol

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twenty four  
Years ago

1- Nash
2- Dirk
3- Yao
4- Parker
5- Gasol

If Duncan gets added, he's goes to 3 ahead of Yao.

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Years ago

1 - Dirk
2 - Yao
3 - Duncan
4 - Parker
5 - Gasol

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Years ago

1.yao 2.nash 3dirk

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Years ago

Kristic is better than deng

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Rotate on this  
Years ago

#116202 -

Krstic is talented but not in the same league as Deng . Also if you are such a big fan you should probably learn how to spell his name.

Also it is pretty hard to compare players of different positions and roles within their NBA teams and National teams .

If you were to look at the most successful then Manu Ginobili would be unquestionaby # 1 .

Have a look at what he has achieved on wikipedia , mindblowing , a champion of all.

He has 2 NBA , numerous European and Euroleague titles and countless all-star and MVP awards .

Just quietly he also was the MVP of the 2004 olympic games in which Argentina carried home the gold .

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Years ago

Anon 111, late reply but if you are born in a different country while your parents where say on holiday. Then you would be classed as a citizen of that country. Your parents home country would be added as you having dual citizenship due to the fact your parents are from their. I know a cple of people that are citizens in 3 different countries because of this. Folks are form diff countries and they were born in another one again.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

If we're talking about the best international nba players, why are most of them from the past 5 years?

I'd be including Ewing and Hakeem in the mix along with Duncan, Gasol, Nowitski and Ginobili. I'd include Toni Kukoc in there too.

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Years ago

Arvydas Sabonis - Portland
Toni Kukoc - Bulls
Marciallunas - Golden State
Drazen Petrovic - New Jersey
Rony Seikaly - Heat

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Basketball Fan  
Years ago

No doubt its DIRK NOWITZKI he does what can no other international NBA can. As he dig, and step out for his country to join in the olympics, although KAMAN is absolutely join the force but still NOWITZKI dominated the punch. Watch the FIBA basketball to see the evidence.

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