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tonight at div 3 down south i was shocked. my car wasn't stolen when i finished my game. but apart from that, the poor referee i had had obviously come out of retirement to umpire my game, hobbling up and down the court, he eventually had to control the game by calling 3 technical fouls, telling coaches to sit down, and making all round terrible decisions down the stretch (3 players fouled out in the last 2 mins and we only had 6 players). should this poor man be forced to umpire

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jimmy de bas  
Years ago

Yes, 3 players fouled out because they were undisciplined earlier in the game, and all had 4 fouls going into the 4th quarter. I'll agree that the umpires were pretty bad, but that was still no excuse for the Woodville player/coach (is that Eastern Lowland Gorilla?) to go off like he did after the game... bit harsh getting reported for that though... surely he will get off?

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the ref in question was handing out techs willy nilly it was hard to get into the flow of things.

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

agreed the refing was bad all game both ways but in the last 5 minutes of the game the refs made some critical errors which changed the game. woodville got the raw deal when the game was on the line.

btw only 2 players started the quarter with 4 and i dont think fouls where because of undisiplined play.

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Denny Crane  
Years ago

nothing wrong with fat old people calling bad calls. I think that there should be more fat people running around.
Bring back that Michael Brikinhead-Bridge and Trevor Baker-Of-Bread... they're the type of refs i like. the dont run that fast, but damn... they're like me in the court room-The women love them!!
If i had another daughter i'd make her sleep with a fatty....
But this shouldnt be about how good the Birkenhead Bridge or Bakery Man was, its about this bloke who woodville dont like. I say no more games at Morphett Ville or wherever the bloody hell the games were at. Its too far away. Have to get in my company jet, have a meal, and then land, just to get there.
I say lets make it fun, and play under car lights in the carpark of the dome.... might as well make use of the land for uncle Edwardo.

If you dont like it at that southern dump, i'll be waiting next week in the carpark for you
Lets get reported....Denny Crane

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Years ago

Hey Gaymond. Get your facts straight.
2 techs handed out. 1 by each umpire and 1 to each bench after several warnings regarding comments from the bench. My guess is that you lost.
Sour grapes from an ordinary basketballer.

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Years ago

ok what is fact and what isnt. According to Sporting Pulse, Woodville played West Adelaide AT HILLCREST. So which end of town was the game played. And as far as 'games in the carpark of the Dome' we may as well, the courts inside are used for just about everything else but basketball. The Dome should be used for District basketball every night of the week, in preference to suburban stadiums (thats my opinion anyway) :)

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Years ago

ok ok, my mistake, wrong week, thats next week, sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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jimmy de bas  
Years ago

Yes it was undisciplined play. ELG tackled someone and No. 8 tried to hip and shoulder a Tiger onto Court 4.

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Cat in the Hat  
Years ago

Deal with it, move on, whinging on here isn't going to help. We all think we cop the raw end of referee decisions sometimes, especially when we lose. By the way , nice work with the new ELG aliases - got any more?

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Dr Alfred Swan  
Years ago

Exactly, whinging isnt going to help.

Just remember, it is probably the first time in ages the old bloke was given a day pass from the nursing home.

Maybe he got a bit confused...
In nursing homes, they are serving up T's all the time. (Some take coffee)

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i've got plenty more

p.s 3 techs handed out.

p.p.s if youre going to claim that victory devo its pretty sad considering we had 6 players which means 2 of our usual starters were out and we played at your place. 2 of our players were sick. must be nice to get the calls every week.

oh im not whinging. it almost brings me to tears to witness the sorry state of s.a basketball when a man of that age is required to umpire.

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pickles housemate  
Years ago

So where was the game played, and by who?

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Years ago

michael who to come back and ref at morphett vale

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Years ago

Yes Rambo come back we miss you. Water bitch is out of a job.

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Denny Crane  
Years ago

get denny crane out to umpire... im great on my feet, and when im off them as well... just ask shirley.

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Years ago

Something for you to ponder.
Would they need to get old umpires out to adjudicate games if the young umpires were not making themselves unavailable because of constant abuse and standover tactics from players and coaches.
Maybe you can consider your actions on Monday night.
Continually spraying the refs when on the sideline. Constantly rubishing decisions when on court.
Coming up to the umpires at the end of the game and giving them a spray of abuse supported by a barrage of foul language.
Even when warned a number of times you did not relent.
Great leadership from the captain/coach of this team.

So in future you may need to look a little closer to home when handing out criticisms on a public forum.

Be a part of the solution not the problem.

p.s. 2 techs - 1 on the Tiger's bench in the fourth quarter from the referee (current ABA) and 1 on you after you had fouled out in the fourth quarter(from the old guy)(therefor a bench tech).
1 unsporting foul (not a T)on you in the second quarter (from the umpire with the walking frame).
So much for handing out T's willy nilly. I guess it doesn't make good reading unless you make it sound worse than it is.

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Years ago

No umpires, no game. Pick up a whistle you mob of babys and do something about it!

Tissue anyone?

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