Years ago

Tonny Jensen?

Was reading the Andrew Gaze biography and he mentioned Olympian Tonny Jensen. What the hell happened to him?

Speaking of which, can we name some other Boomers who didn't exactly achieve greatness?

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Chris Blakemore, pains me to say it but Nashy vapourised after being a Boomer

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Years ago

Derek Moore
Phil Hinder
Phil Smyth (the coach)

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Years ago

Greg Hubbard... Jeeze we were hard up for players for the `94 WCs in Canada... But we did surprisingly well - Chalk it up to the fact that we had Gaze, Bradtke, and a (real) point guard in Phil Smyth...

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Years ago

Did Mike McKay ever play for Australia?

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Years ago

Yes, was in the National Team for several years and went to the 1992 Olympics.

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Years ago

Yeah i am sure he did... But he was one of the best pure shooters in the NBL for some time... Correct me if i am wrong here...

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rotate on this  
Years ago

yeah , and like brett maher had to sit behind bigger names and lesser players .
Mckay always performed above his level when representing his country .

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Years ago

Matt Zauner, Simin Goodwin, Trahair (never lived up to the hype - and couldn`t keep his conditioning up), Drimic (see Trahair)...

Hate to say it - but David Andersen may be heading for this list as well... If he keeps getting injured prior to WC`s and Olympics - or is otherwise unavailible...

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rotate on this  
Years ago

As for Tonny jensen i believe he aptly had ongoing trouble with crohns disease .
Was a fighter and put in some good performances all the while imitating the hummer for toolness .

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Years ago

McKay has a tattoo of the olympic rings doesn't he?

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Years ago

Yeah - didn`t rate his talent at all (his work ethic - on court was another matter)... He was the John Starks of the NBL... Scrappy never-say-die player - who could be inexplicably streaky...

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Years ago

and god, that hairstyle was just plain awful!

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Years ago

And he never wore socks... Pheweeee... Or so it seemed...

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Years ago

He had a savage reverse mullet

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Lloyd Braun  
Years ago

Johnny Sack,

How can you even consider putting David Andersen in the same bracket as Matt Zauner??

The guy won a EuroLeague Championship with CSKA! Got drafted (didnt play) but still. No doubt he's missed some Olympic Campains due to injury but has played in the best league in Europe for the past 6-7 years, while Zauner played what? half a year in the NBL Before being cast in Shrek the musical!!

Andersen has had a better career than most!

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Years ago

Oh no!!! The guy is a stud player - But as a Boomer he is shaping up as a dissapointment... Of course Andersen could walk on to probably half of the teams in the NBA... His bad luck was being drafted in the 2nd round since Atl own his rights in perpetutity all things remaining the same - i am sure later in his career he will go over to the NBA salary be damned (he is rich as it is!!!)... And will make a decent impact... But as a BOOMER the clock is ticking - look at it this way... this guy is probably the best player we have produced EVER at the 4 spot (its between him and Bradtke) and he has hardly represented the country (and once more the clock is ticking on his body...)... that`s my angle...

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Years ago

Geez Johnny, walk in to half the teams in the NBA? I'm pretty sure he is coming off the bench for CSKA last time I checked..

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Years ago

Busted his leg in two places early last year - prior to that he was maybe the best 4 man in the Euroleague... Whether he can come back is another matter... I don`t think what i typed was overly effusive... i didn`t say starter (nessacsarily) he would be at least as good if not better than most reserve PFs in the NBA... Not forgetting that CSKA is the mother of all Euroleague Clubs - and can get pretty much whoever they want... The fact that they chose Andersen speaks volumes...

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Years ago

I also think that Andersen could make onto quite a few NBA squads. In Euroleague CSKA play Andersen out of position at powerforward. As Johnny mentioned, he's also coming back from a horrendous leg break.

In 04/05 he was selected to the 1st Team All-Euro. The only reason he doesn't goto the NBA is due to the Hawks being cheap.

Have a read of this article:

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Years ago

Cheers TR, that was an interesting is the irony, getting that injury on Australia Day!

Lets hope Atlanta either pay up, or release his rights to someone else!

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regular poster  
Years ago

Don't know what Tonny Jensen's doing now but only a year or 2 after being a star of the league he was doing stats for channel 10 or whoever was broadcasting the games at the time, they had his name in the credits at the end of the show and everything! Talk about a fall from grace.

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Wife knows Tonny from younger days in NSW. Crohns disease can be cruel and nasty. Be careful not to judge the book without looking inside its cover (or however the saying should go).

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Years ago

I went to school with Tonny for years and had a little crush on him too ! (just quietly) He has done himself proud. I remember when we used to walk to high school he used to dribble the ball all the way and often say to me "I will play for Australia one day". So imagine how proud i was to see him play against the dream team at the olympics...Tonny has always been dedicated to achieving his goal ...and he did. Not something we can all say , is it ?

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Years ago

Being a big man on a top four euro club pretty munch means you are better that a lot of nba benchplayers. Saw him play against 76ers and was way better than say Shavleck Randolph.

7. Oktober 2006, Moskau: ZSKA Moskau 94-75 Los Angeles Clippers

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Years ago

I grew up playing basketball with Tonny all the the way to the NBL. Having known him for so long I think it is safe to say if he did not become unwell he would still be a starter in the NBL today. He was one of the most gutsiest and competative players I have ever come across. Even players that hated him(and there were quite a few), would tell you He's got serious game. And as for Matt Zauner, dont even try to compare him with todays premier bigmen. He doesnt even rate a mention. At his very best he was nothing more than an average role player.

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Years ago

Tonny has been married for quite a few years and has 2 sons. He now works in sales.

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Years ago


I went to school with him but lost contact after he was playing in Newcastle. Do you know where he's living these days?

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Years ago

Does anyone know where he is now?

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Vesta 32  
Years ago

he's living in Newcastle and working for a big medical company. Doing really well and i heard he was the international sales rep of the year last year. Not bad for a worldwide company employing over 1000 sales guys!

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Years ago

To Vesta 32
My name is Pam and I am the partner of Soren Jensen who is Tonny Jensen's father.
We have lost touch with him and seeing you seem to know him so well, could you please pass my email address to him and tell him his father would like to talk to him.
His father would really appreciate this.

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mark c  
Years ago

hey pam

i knew tonny from t/ville days with the guys up there

hope you find him he was a good guy and did well repping for oz

good luck with your search

tell him mark cumberbatch - batch says hi

thanks M

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Years ago

Vesta 32 ,

I too would love to get in touch with Tonny. If you could pass on this message for me too that would be great. He knows me we were good friends.

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Years ago

Mark C....i have been trying to find where YOU are for years!! email me at [email protected]

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Years ago

Tonny became really ill and had to retire after a fellow boomer (who I won't name here) urinated in his water bottle just before the world championships. Should of sued him but Tonny isn't that type of guy.

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Jude B  
Years ago

I Knew Tonny in the Townsville times both Personal and professional, we were all the the AIS together under different banners and he was the guttest player that was around that time. And also a very sweet guy could party pretty hard I might say but then back up on the court or to training with out a blink of an eye lid... I hope and wish him and his family all the best..

1993 AIS (Australia Under 23 NLB team)
I was there for Australia Touch football NFL
1992-1993 Townsville Suns at the time
The Criterion night Club where I worked supported them

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Years ago

Should have retired after Pero dunked on him!!

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Years ago

Definitely should have sued Shane Heal for that

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Years ago

Heal is a pig. At least karma came through with his bankruptcy and down the track when his lack of coaching is exposed after the Kings gig he will face a harsh reality with no cushy NBL job or airy fairy franchises.

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Last month

Tonny coaches youth football in Newcastle now, and his son Toby is a top player for his age.

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Last month

Love these time capsule topics.

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Last month

Shane Heal says hi.

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Seb Aiono  
Two weeks ago

I got cut from a Queensland squad once in under 16s back in 2000 and the coach used the example of Tonny Jensen not playing any state basketball and going on to playing for the Boomers as a commiseration speech

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Two weeks ago

Great player.

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