Robert Horry career highlights

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mr crutch  
Years ago

he's accomplished more in one flop than you have in your whole life. The only thing you've ever accomplished is being the son of Max.

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oh fuck you, shit

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Thats one sensitive gorilla! hahaha

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its just a laugh between friends

p.s ive done more in my life than your hack squad has done, mr crutch.

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Years ago

That was pathetic! He should of got suspended for that crap

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didnt he have a go at Steve Nash for 'flopping' into the scorers table too? This is a 7 time champion folks!

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Years ago

Robert Horry is a good player we all know it. But no one likes him.

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

"you want me to get involved, now im involved"

doesnt take away from the fact that wherever he goes championships follow. not saying hes the reason Houstan/LA/Spurs won ships, but he makes teams better.

and how does that differ from steve nash who recklessly throws his body into the paint, flops then gets bailed out with a foul. exact same thing.

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Nash didnt get too many calls when bowen had his hand permanently on his hip. why arent you talking about tim duncan who just has to look at a ref and gets a foul (or, look at david stern and gets a umpire suspended!)

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

well nash and hes cheap flopping tactics forced one of the greatest clutch time performers of our generation out of a crucial game. fortunately his cheating ways backfired and resulted in his own team mates demise. nash should have been suspended

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Years ago

pffffffft - nash maybe exaggerated AFTER he hit the floor...but no way did he flop the way ur all on about...either u hate nash or ur watching different footage to me...he was running..and out of no where and by surprise some guy twice his size leaned into him and ACTUALLY bumped him...and then ur calling this flop by horry the same thing!??! horry simply dropped to the ground with absolutely NO CONTACT...u cant compare these two or say nash flopped

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Years ago

and..ONE OF THE GREATEST CLUTCH PERFORMERS OF ALL TIME?! u gotta be kidding me...a-not one of the greatest clutch players of ALL TIME...b- i think its a bit more like HORRY cost the SUNS 1 of thier superstars and another one of thier key players...u cant be serious..?

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

btw i said best clutch perfomers of our generation. not all time. the post.

horry 7 rings nash 0

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Years ago

yes...but u still said all that other ridiculous stuff...i cant believe how ur trying to make steve nash look like the bad guy in all of this...and i didnt just comment on the clutch MY post

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

steve nash should be ashamed, he has cost his team one too many times. maybe he should give soccer a try. i think hes due for a change, hed feel more at home out on the soccer pitch.

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Monkey Business  
Years ago

Nash, Bryant, James, all selfish, egotistical ball hogs. Horry, ultimate team player prepared to make sacrifices for the team.

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Years ago

'Undersized PF' and 'Monkey Business'.............................................ARE U SERIOUS??!!!..first off - nash a ballhog?! huh..?...he lead the lead in assists and is a two time mvp for the way he gets everyone involved...cost his team? WTF?! he carried them all year...he didnt flop on that play..and how is the bad guy in this situation...coz he flew his arms back with he hit the deck it doesnt mean he wasnt hit u say horrys flop and nash's flop were the same..WTF?!!! have another look at the tape!

and the lakers only win when kobe shoots it more..and he does it very VERY well..lebrons game is getting everyone involved...u two have absolutely NO IDEA! this is ridiculous..and team player? what?! horry?! hes a role player..he doesnt sacrafise anything to fit within the team structure...horry the ultimate team player! ahahah! sure he might have good leadership and be great vocally..but compared to the way nash and kobe lead their teams (and lebron..hes only 22 but hes getting there) is SOOO ridiculous..

due for a change??! i think coming off another season worthy of an mvp after two previous mvps...on an amazing team..playing the best basketball of his life means he'll stick with basketball for a little while longer...

those few post just there have to be the stupidest ive ever read...or close to it...

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

Steve Nash is a ball hog. Oh my lord, get off this basketball site immediately. Your knowledge reading is giving negative values clown! dont come back

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afroman jnr  
Years ago

jules i have to agree wid u there. he is no way a ball hog, how can u say that about some one who averages like 12.5 assists per game in the last three years

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Pasadena 94  
Years ago

Dr Bullshit, Jules's posts are by far the highlight of this forum, his knowledge on the NBA is incrediable and it is always a laugh seeing him destroy the "basketball gods" of this forum. Thankyou for brightning up my day jules and may you continue to do so. You are 100% right mate

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The Iceman  
Years ago

I hate Steve Nash he was born in South Africa and they beat the Wallabies enough said

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sure i could have the same knowledge as jules if i sat in front of a comp all day with no life and probably rubbing one out at the same time. jules knows as much as tells him

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Years ago

elg, you wish you had the same knowledge as me...i sit in front of the computer all day??? check how many replies you've made over the last couple of months mate...162..compared to my 102, so who sits in front of their comp all day? and the amazing wisdom i provided was steve nash is not a ball hog because he leads the league in assists every year? shit, what a groundbreaking piece of basketball info....your a dropkick, funny post though..that bit about rubbing one out, seinfelds coming knocking mate....really funny...
cheers pasadena

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Years ago

Is Seinfeld coming back on??
Go ELG, you the new K man or what??

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Years ago

LOL. Gold Jules, right again! I completely agree with what you said about Nash and Horry, as well as Bron and Kobe. As for ELG, maybe should stick to being a (and i quote) 'a 6'7 ox, full of muscle' - get over yourself!

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