Warrior Pride
Years ago

NBL Dream Team

Now that that the NBL Dream Team is up and going again just thought id get peoples opinion on who to sign and who not to ect.
Atm ive gone with:
Black - $92,600
Cortez - $125,600
Julian Khazzouh - $80,100
Sammy Mac (automatic choice really) - $193,300 but worth every dollar
Ingles Jingles - $110,700
Scoot Cook - $32,900
Matt Sutton - $32,900
Tim Behrendorff - $40,800
Gary Boodnikoff - $41,300
Brad Willamson - $33,500

Personally i believe that is a fairly good side and should score sloid points each week.

Would like to hear what other people have done with there team, if selected one yet and players you believe are a real bargain and should consider getting.
One being Axel Dench for $60,000 or so.

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Warrior Pride  
Years ago

Also not sure why Nathan Jawai from Cairns isnt in the players list to be selected, as i would have in startingh instead on Julian Khazzouh

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balling is life  
Years ago

i was looking all over for Jawai too...what's the go with him??

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Years ago

ng? is he a go or a no go?

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Warrior Pride  
Years ago

i know have swapped ng for sutton on my bench, believe this may possible be Darrens breakout year

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Warrior Pride  
Years ago

does anyone think Axel Dench is worth 64,100 or should he be more. Believe he is a real bargain.

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Years ago

anyone got a league for me?

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Warrior Pride  
Years ago

dont have one also am willing to make a league for whoever to join

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Years ago

yer alrite make one sounds gd.. can someone help me with a medium priced forward??

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Years ago

my team is

Shane Heal
CJ Bruton
Casey Frank
Martin Cattalini
Craig Bradshaw

Pero Cameron
Kurk Penny
Shannon Seebohn
Grizz something from singapore.......

i will roll

I think that pero cameron and craig bradshaw are good price forwards for the person above...

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Years ago

Unless they've changed the Dream Team scoring format, you need to go big - from memory, they penalise inaccuracy and really reward the stat-getters. Make sure you pick guards that get on the boards - so, G/F types. Go for the stat-magnets like Mackinnon, Redhage, Crawford, Ellis, etc. Avoid guys that are going to score and do little else. If you can get a Crawford or Saville as a G, for example, seriously consider that.

Then, it's not just about your roster. Mackinnon might be great, but he could start high and drop in price if he doesn't perform early. Get as many underpriced players as possible to make money early. That will make all the difference in the final weeks when you need to upgrade to big name players.

Another critical thing is the schedule. If you really want to take it seriously, whip out Excel and plot the teams' number of games from round to round. No point in having a star player if they play three games in three rounds while another reasonable guy is going to play double the games. Plot your trades ahead of time so you sell out of a player when they enter a dead patch and another guy is coming into a string of two-games-a-round.

Keep trades around for injury or if a new import becomes better than expected and you want to change your plans.

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dry back  
Years ago

whats the deal with imports, can you have more than two?

i was looking to get cheap players or good players in crap teams. hopefully if all goes well and good i would look to have as many of these players in my team at the end of the day. Rillie,Mackinnon,Saville,Ellis,Abney,Pepper,Redhage,Ballinger,Worthinton,Young,Kavossy. These will be the best players i would imagine and if i can grab some i should finish rather well.

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Years ago

Anyone looking for a league join:


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Years ago

158044 if anyone is interested..

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Years ago

Thanks for the league code. I'm in now

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Years ago

yeah -2 points for every shot missed... so the hammer is a great pick!! HAHAHAHA

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Years ago

Wouldn't take Rillie as he is injured. Bradshaw is good value he will play good minutes especially early when they aren't at full strength.

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Years ago

just sign most of the imports. They are so cheap if they dud out you can trade them off. Chances are though they will be better than most.

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Years ago

What do ya think about this team:


Looks pretty damn good to me

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Years ago

I spose my teams risky though, seeing as only 3 of my players played in the NBL last season and 5 are new to the NBL.

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Years ago

Why r not all the players up for picking. Do u think Muursepp is worth picking up. Any other good picks. Cheers

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Years ago

Ive added 3 teams to league 158044

Hope this is ok. We'd started a league but only had 3 guys in so far. Anyway good luck - couple of us are long time Southern Tigers peoples

Go easy on us ;0)

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Years ago

whats the deal with captaincy... possible to change mid season??

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Years ago

Should be able to change it each round. Generally make your captain the guy who has the most games that round, unless they aren't going to get a tonne of stats.

e.g., say Brad Davidson has 3 games, but Mackinnon has 2, you'd probably want to make Sam your captain.

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Years ago

yeah, tossin up whether dusty or maher for capt, but dusty has more games first round so.. obvious choice

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Years ago

I think my dream team is killa.... has some great younger players + imports for money.. still have 20k spare

Guards: Saville 142k, Barlow 109k, Turner 49k, Young 49k
Forwards: Muurseep 82k, Jawai 66k, Ingles 111k, Williamson 33k
Centres: Rickert 82k & Bradshaw 66k...

Starting 5 to alter depending on how many games each team has that week. I was going to add PEnney but he is injured so ill add him in after 2 or 3 rounds....

any thoughts or comments on my team??

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Years ago

Might want to reevaluate Turner - one game in Round 1 and then none in the second, I think? Same with Rickert. Plus I don't know that Turner will get a lot of stats.

Saville is a good choice at guard for the reasons I mentioned further up.

What do Peter Crawford and Shawn Redhage cost? Matt Knight for the Pigs?

Williamson is on a stacked team and doesn't get a load of stats. Matt Knight will get boards and score at a good percentage.

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Years ago

hmm yea some good advice... I mainly put turner in coz everyone thought he would be gun but I didnt know too much about him myself... Did have Phillips in but didnt think he would do too great although may re put him in... very VERY close to putting in Julian Khazzouh but just left him out....
do u think stephen black is good price for 98k I think?.... had him in my team before turner rickert and jawai were added
Williamson is only 33k and I do think he shuld get some decent time for someone priced 33k.... especially in the games where brisbane are cruising... aka against singapore last season when he knocked down like 8 3's...

whats ur team like Isaac?

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Years ago

Williamson won't get stats often enough. I would dump him if you can get someone better. I especially wouldn't use a forward spot on him.

Turner won't be as good as his last stint in the league. Both NZ imports are meant to be more role players than stars I think. Get Phillips instead - I think the Cats will rely on him more and he's had a decent pre-season.

Khazzouh will get time given that Rampton is out for a few games. Black - don't know - mostly scores and those guys aren't great for this league.

If you want to do well, map out the season so you know when teams have a string of a lot of games or dead patches, and buy/trade accordingly. Start with some cheapies that will rise in value (under-priced imports) - Young and Bradshaw are really your only players with a strong chance of rising in value.

I am not running a team this year as it takes up too much of my time - you will see why below. Have done well in the past - 5th in the country one year and top 20 another time I think?

BTW, here's my XLS from midway through a previous season so you can see what I mean about mapping out the season: sportal.xls (reload if it gives you an error) - if you want to win, you have to take it seriously (ignore those giving you shit - they're the people who are down the bottom! ;)). Red patches are when to drop players from that team, white are neutral, green are times to buy into that team, faint yellow strip is a count of games for that team over that period (so you can compare teams). There are some notes in there planning future trades. Compare the Pirates from that point until Round 11 with the Kings - 11 games to 6. No point in holding a Kings forward if you can get Hinder (was with the Pirates then) for five extra games.

It's easier in the NBA because there are sites providing all this info allowing you to compare players likely future returns pretty easily.

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Years ago

ahk good help... Im removing turner for phillips....

Can't wait for start of season tomorow night... gonna be great!!

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Years ago

Gonna be great this season for dream team... have a massive league with my bro and friends from school.
I convinced them to make a team... although they know like nothing about nbl :P

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Years ago

Im making an excel document now on when each team plays each game so i can trade smartly and know what to do in advance....:) takes a while tho!!

BTW, who do you guys think will win the title??

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Years ago

I wasn't going to reveal it but heres my team...

Guards - Dmac Maher Crowe Castle

Centres - Khazzouh Jawai

Forwards - Dusty Hawkins Loughton Peters

hmm lots of imports and new faces to the Nbl should be interesting, nut if they sky rocket.. woo hoo

ps.. mundy if you read this.. grrrrr!!

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Years ago

I think the nbl dream team should reward players points for drawing offensive fouls, drawing illegal screens and also for drawing a foul on an offensive rebounder.....
Just now im watching Bullets vs blaze in season opener and Hawkins has drawn a charge, and an offensive screen in just a quarter and a half.... I think they should reward these players with atleast 5 dream team points....
Anyone agree??

BTW, HAwkins is dominating in the first half with a block, steal 8/8 shooting and 18 points I think.... Lucky he is on both me and my bro's dream team

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