Vito Corleone
Years ago

The 36ers team we should be watching....

Due to a no recruitment policy over the past 10 years (as well other mittigating factors) this is the team we should be watching......

Newley(for his first 3 years)
Import(point guard, i.e Hinson, Crowe)

That is a team which would compete and beat the top 3 teams.

You could even run without the 2nd import.

Doesn't that tear a fork in your nightie.....

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Years ago

Throw Kersten in there too I reckon. Hasn't embarrassed himself at all with NZ.

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Years ago

This is just stupid.

Semi state team/who ever you like plus imports, what the...

That means the Dragons or Tigers should be from -


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SA Great  
Years ago

Its not a stupid idea. Its about getting our players back here. The guys with families and friends here that grew up following the 6ers and are products of our local basketball system. Some of these guys would play here for less money (in some cases minimum) if Phil wasn't coaching.
I had to sit through a game the other week and watch mostly 4 bunnies (starters) from out of this state play for the 6ers with no pride in their program or state, almost sending the crowd to sleep.

I would like to see:



Dont start about salary cap. While its a professional sport a culture, the opportunity to play in your home state and a successful program recognised for developing players would, in my opinion, mitigate against player's salary demands.

The current 6ers unit is a disgrace. Instead of saying one thing to the above kid's faces and another thing behind their back and setting a program up that is great only if you're above 30 and don't want to train hard the 6er coaching staff should have been setting up a program that attracts these kids.

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SA Great  
Years ago

Oh and throw an import in there. A young guy out of a Div 1 college who wants the opportunity to live in Australia and play in a great young program with a good . The current coaching regime just WILL NOT GET THIS DONE!

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Years ago

SA Great - i think u would find that Ingles wouldnt be starting on bench.

Not getting him is worst stuff up in clubs history.

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rotate on this  
Years ago

U R Dreaming SA GREAT but i like it for the most part .
The main cocnern would be physical fragility with so many slight players we would get flat out pushed around . Howver it would be a super exciting team .

Ingles and Newley starting on the wings also Ingles could bring ball up to free up Maher .
Big O as instant offence from bench.
Pero out for Dodman .
Sutton out for an import F maybe a Rosell Ellis type who could be 6th man and still play 30-35 mins per game .


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Years ago

Dont mention the salary cap...interesting so you expect those guys to play here for say $50k when other teams are offering them 100k +....Yeh that wouldnt impact me at all, BULL!!!

The salary cap is a MAJOR factor in who any team can get, PERIOD

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Pulteney 53  
Years ago

Who says we're under the cap?

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Years ago

Ha, play for less with 6ers, any more than about 5 grand less and you can forget it. This is pro basketball not amatuer state basketball. If they were so desperate to play for 6ers they would not have left in 1st place.

Nice dream for you to have about getting SA players back but wont happen.

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Years ago

I was thinking out of their current squad they should try and build around Davidson, Maher, Ballinger and Mottram for the next 2 or 3 years. If guys like Sutton and Ng continue to improve i would look to keep them in the side aswell. I would also have a crack at all the guys like Newley, Sechenscher, Ingles, Holmes, Forman and even Hill and Kersten each off season, or atleast when they are free agents to see if we could get them back. If ballinger becomes naturalised that would be a huge help to the 36ers and could give us a opportunity to become fairly strong in the next couple of years
how bout a team like

PG Import
SG Maher
SF Import (Dave Thomas would be ideal)
PF Ballinger (Naturalised)
C Mottram
6 Davidson
7 Ng
8 Young SA SF, maybe a Josh Wood when he returns from college (or even a Ben Magden when he returns from college)
9 Young SA ABA/College PF or Cooper
10 Young SA ABA/College C or Dodman

I think that team could be built upon and if we got lucky and got one a guy like Newley, Schenscher or Holmes back in the next couple of seasons that would be even better.

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