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NBA predictions

Its almost the start of the NBA season, who do you think will take out the...
* Most improved
*Defensive player of the year
* NBA Champions

My Predictions:

MVP = Kevin Garnett
ROY = Al thornton
Most Improved = Rudy Gay
Defensive player of the year = Ben Wallace
NBA Champions = Phoenix Suns

everyone add your predictions except **balla**, i dont wanna see Allen Iverson selected for every category...

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Rodney Carney  
Years ago

do u have Phoenix over the Spurs? I like Denver but i think the spurs might repeat. I was watchin this thing on sports center and apparently a lot of circles do as well. Here's hoping we have the same refs from last seasons series.

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Years ago

yes im gonna go with the suns this season.
I reckon they would have had it last season if nash didnt break his nose during game 1 and if stoudamire didnt get suspended for running on the court. The addition of grant hill would hopefully give them an extra boost offensively aswell.

I think the reign of spurs has peaked and is now on its decline, but i would still have them as 2nd to win it behind the suns.

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Years ago

im Predicting phoenix vs detroit Final, last chance for the pistons to win the championship with this current group in my opinion. Billups, Sheed, all in their 30's, Billups will have 3 more years at the peaks of his game b4 i see him declining.

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Years ago

The Spurs havent peaked, thier only concern would be if the bowen decided to act his age but they addressed that by adding a younger clone of him in Udoka. The Celts have a shot if either allen or pierce can adequetly gaurd superstar 2/3 men.. Houston could surprise people if they can gaurd if scola can play D on fast PF's (boozer) and if they can find a PG who can defend.

MVP - Garnett
ROY - Durant
MI - Bynum
DP - bowen
Champs - Spurs

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Years ago

MVP - Lebron
ROY - Al Horford
MI - Rudy Gay or Danny Granger
DP - Emeka Okafor
Champs - Angry and disillusioned Suns

Remember last season when Bill Simmons said that Nash played like he'd been at a John Stockton summer camp, only to discover he trained with Stockton over summer (As did Deron Williams)?

Nash played with more hunger and tenacity than ever before- he was as hard as a white PG from Canada can possibly be. After last year's finals disappointment, multiply that hunger by about a million and wait and see how Nash plays this year- I don't think he'll accept losing as an option. Plus Grant Hill will be a great fit for their system. Here's hoping Marion stops his sulking and takes it out on the opposition!

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Whoops, that last post was by me.

Stupid login

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Whoops, that last post was by me.

Stupid login

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Years ago

Biased Predictions

MVP: Dwyane Wade
ROY: Acie Law IV
MI: Randy Foye
DP: Dwight Howard
WC Champs: Suns
EC Champs: Heat
Champs: Suns

Unbiased Predictions

MVP: Lebron James
ROY: Al Thorntan
MI: Randy Foye
DP: Tim Duncan
WC Champs: Suns
EC Champs: Boston
Champs: Suns

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

MVP: Lebron
ROY: Durant
MI: Al Jefferson
DP: Emeka Okafor
WC Champs: Suns
EC Champs: Chicago
Winner: Suns

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twenty four  
Years ago

Didn't we have one of these a little while ago? Oh well...

MVP - LeBron (As long as he plays hard all year)
ROY - Al Horford
MIP - Jameer Nelson/Bogut (I would have said Al Jefferson if he didn't have such big numbers last year - 16 & 11)
DP - Shawn Marion (I'm hoping, plus he deserves it)
Champs - Phoenix Suns (Nash to do what TSI said, Marion to prove that he is a franchise player, Amare to put up 20/10 and LB to keep improving. Throw in Bell, Diaw, Hill and Skinner to bang bodies, than you are looking at one great team)

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Years ago

MVP: Lebron (Not much help)
ROY: Durant (And again!)
MI: J.Nelson (I like the Howard/Nelson combo)
DP: Howard
WC Champs: Spurs
EC Champs: Celtics
Winner: Spurs

As much as it burns every bone in my body, the Spurs appear to be too strong for the rest of the league. Suns seem a bit broken, and could go either way. Im tipping Suns to make WC finals.

Celtics may sign another piece of the puzzle during the season, and momentum will help come playoff time. I would expect New Jersey or Detroit to challenge them in the EC final, depends how Sheed goes!

Does anybody think Bogut could challenge for a DPOY title during his career? I think he could be a chance due to his strong postioning in taking charges. If he develops his D-Rebounds and Blocks he would be a chance. Thoughts fellow Hoopsters??

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Years ago

I'm a Suns boy, but I think their inside Defence will sturggle to win it all.

Can't go past the Spurs to win it.

MVP: Dirk to repeat
ROY: Durant
MI: Rudy Gay
DP: Howard
WC Champs: Suns
EC Champs: Celtics
Champs: Spurs

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Years ago

MVP: Deng
ROY: Scola
MI: LaMarus Aldridge
DP: Bowen
WC Champs: Mavs
EC Champs: Pistons
Champs: Spurs

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Years ago

I didn't think the Spurs were that good - lose to the Mavs in the West and still win the title?

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Years ago


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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

MVP - Lebron/Kobe
ROY - Durant
MI - Andre Iguodala (prob shudve got it last season)
DP - Gerald Wallace
WC - Spurs
EC - Miami
WC - Spurs

Also DJ if ur tipping spurs to win everything, shudnt u have them to win the WC too? :P

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Years ago

mvp - garnett
roy - durant
mi - delfino/c bell
dp - g wallace
wc - spurs
ec - bulls
champs - spurs

i dont think any of the guesses for MIP player award will win it...its not given to a projected star..everyone knows iggy will dominate in philli...everyone knows jefferson will have one of the best statistical years...same with aldridge and rudy, they'll just be meeting their potential and playing to expectations

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Years ago

I think the suns were unlucky last year, losing amare for that important game cost them huge. I can't see them beating a fully fit spurs without kurt thomas to defend duncan. He keeps a body on duncan and allows amare to swoop from the weakside with his leaping ability and hassle shots, HUGE mistake letting him go to sonics. they got no-one to defend the big fundamental.
I like detroit in the east, but what about playing lebron at the 4? put him in a high post and watch defences panic! The guy has the same physical stats as Karl Malone fcs! Loose ill-gay-skus and good(for nut)en, and play with vajero at 5, lebron 4, pav/huge/gibson. run and gun baby!
And no-one wants to talk about the mavs?
They will win this year, bank it now while your all forgetting them...

MVP - Lebron
ROY - Al Horford
MI - lamacus Aldridge
DP - Eddie Curry. (just kidding- Tim Duncan)
WC - Mavs
EC - Pistons
WC - Mavs

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Suns won't win. They sold their only hope of reaching the title (kurt thomas)

* MVP - Lebron
* ROY -Durant
* Most improved - Bynum
* Defensive player of the year - Marion
* NBA Champions - Spurs

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And how will the Mavs win. overrated defense. And they've been exploited to the max now, every team knows how to beat them. Take away their MVP (dampier) and they're beatable.

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

That's funny, ELG, I had you down as having Wilt as the MVP this year. ;)

Found a couple of interesting pieces on the eve of the NBA season for forumers who need a break from throwing darts at their customised Phil dartboard:

1) A thought-provoking Chuck Klosterman column on about why the NBA is flawed;

2) A column by Steve Rushin ( from a couple of years ago on believing in basketball.

(It's no secret that I rate Rushin - who married women's hoops star Rebecca Lobo - ever higher than

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Years ago

MVP : Garnett
ROY : Durant
DPOY : Artest
MIP : Aldridge
NBA Champs : Spurs over Celtics

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phil lover  
Years ago

mavs all the way. The dissapointment of last yr will spur them on this yr i belive may be wrong but i think that will spur them.
Nash for mvp

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M Dizzle  
Years ago

The dissapointment of 2 years ago spurring them on last year never happened, I just don't think they can beat the best in June

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Years ago

Mavericks will not make it, all that rubbish about losing in the first round will spur them on, well wtf happened last year than?? Its the same with the pistons, when they lost to Spurs in 05 the next year they had a franchise best regular season record than went out to miami in the ecf.

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Years ago

MVP : Bryant
ROY : Durant tied with Law
DPOY : Camby
MIP : Penny Hardaway ( Nah, Bogut)
WC : Suns
EC : Bulls
Champs : Bulls

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phil lover  
Years ago

say wat u want thats just my prediction

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