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Junior Basketball Fees

KG & Cornsey talking about fees for junior sport, thought this would be a good opurtunity to discuus the fees at each club. Let me start it with Sturt - U12-U18 Junior fee Summer $260.00 plus BSA Registration $20.00 = $280.00

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Years ago

Is that just for one season?

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Harrison Bergeron  
Years ago

my kids play footy - fees $50 for the season. Interesting though that the council pays all watering and maintenance costs for the oval because it is a 'community facility' ...... why is it then fenced off on weekends and we pay at the gate? Do any basketball clubs get their maintenance costs (ie court hire etc) paid?

I also couldn't believe that KG and Cornsey were surprised at the cost of junior sport. What are comparable costs for tennis, cricket, swimming, cycling ???? I would suspect that most sport apart from footy and netball are quite expensive but I will be interested to see.

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Years ago

yes for summer season 11 games.

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Years ago

Do any basketball clubs get their maintenance costs (ie court hire etc) paid?

Nope. And that's where a vast majority of the fees go for all clubs. You can see it in the financial reports that clubs present at their AGMs.

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Years ago

On top of the season fees you've got to consider uniform costs and any extra training or carnival costs as well. Plus the player and all spectators pay entry fee as well. If you add it all up, one child in district basketball for a year probably costs anywhere between $600 and $1000!

#155750 - I played netball at ETSA park for a number of years through juniors and that certainly wasn't cheap either! For winter season, I think it was $170 a season, plus you paid to enter the stadium each week.

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Years ago

My son played footy a few years ago it was $110.00 then with one training. Lacrosse the same amount with one training. Swimmming worked out to $15.00 a lesson or a couple of hundred a month to swim as part of the Club which included up to 4 trainings a week plus Club membership/registration on top of which at the club they were at was about $250.00 per year. Soccer (for one season) I think is around $400.00 or so at the more well known clubs.

District training you are getting approximately 3 hours training a week, so in my opinion it is not overpriced but around the mark compared with the other sports and getting 2 trainings (which adds to the fees in court hire costs)I am sure if they only had one training per week though that fees would drop because court hire costs would drop. What you may not realise is that your district club pays for court hire at every court including Pasadena.

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Years ago

I agree with the above poster that the over and above costs over the fees for carnivals/uniforms can be quite expensive, but all the other sports incur costs of a similar nature -they all have uniforms, and if your child is at any where near the top of their chosen sport there will be carnivals interstate country etc. Swim meets, everytime you enter a pool there are charges for swimmer and spectator and entry fees to compete. It is not unique to basketball only.

I did think however that the original poster was talking about fees only by asking what was paid at other Clubs in the way of fees.

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its me  
Years ago

what are we really paying for...
what happens to the teams who dont have a training at all with their team... do they pay full fees...
what goes on there and why should they have to pay full fees for no trainings

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Years ago


Every team trains as far as I know, certainly at my club.
If you choose not to utilise this, then thats your fault, not the clubs.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I paid $243 for my son to play U16 district basketball this summer. They train 2 nights a week and fitness Sunday morning.
I think once a week would be enough,as he plays and trains school basketball as well.
That's a commitment six times a week,which we may struggle with (work and things).

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Years ago

All minor sports like soccer and basketball are expensive because they cater for a smaller market share. Perhaps if basketball attracted greater numbers thru whatever means, costs would decrease.
Numbers translate to cost reduction but its harder to attract kids to play in a competition so lopsided as district ball and had a more equal distribution of talent policy is badly overdue.

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Years ago

For the record
Sturt fee is 286 plus 22 for registration = 308
If you pay on time you take off 50
You pay 258

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Years ago

Registration is for BSA and BA charges not for Sturt basketball club. Also take of the GST as that goes to the government, then tells us what it is.

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Years ago

Parents wouldn't care where the money's going, just what's coming out of their wallet and what they get for it, IMO.

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Years ago

Ok so I played football when I was U16 and Basketball

We are talking 9 years ago.

Football = $22 Per Season
Included Registration to the club and Guernsey
Not included Footy Boots and Shorts (Extra $100)

Basketball = $170 Per Season
Included Registration to the Club
Not included basketball, basketball singlet and shorts, shoes (Extra $250)

I know this was 9 years ago but the cost are still relative.

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Frigit Cat  
Years ago

(#155811) in that case cut out the school B/ball. You are paying for your district trainings.

If you have over committed, then something has to give way.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I wonder whether one night a week training with reduced fees is an option for u16s.
Helps the wallet and the time.

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Great Idea  
Years ago

The problem is that the money made from the competitions does not go back to ther clubs. BSA makes about $100 per game after paying umpires and the door person. With about 250 games per week including seniors they are makig about $25k per week. Over 30 weeks that makes about $750K per year.

And if you add in the social basketball they would be making more than this again.

Why can't some of this money come back to clubs so that they can reduce fee's?

It's not like we have 10 people employed to run just the district comeptition.

Basketball will not become larger until BSA starts using this money to decrease costs and help out the clubs who don't have any employed staff, but are generating all the money to BSA.

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Years ago

Some clubs are running with 50-60 teams, some going down to div 4/5 with parents taking up the slack coaching teams. This is when both the costs and the district concept itself run into problems. Many would be better playing social ball and getting the same type of coaching at a vastly reduced cost.
Getting back to my earlier point, district basketball needs to get its format right before any changes for the better will work.
Open slather where all the kids want to go to the top club or two will ultimately kill the competition. Drop outs in girls, in particular, is rising and even the state U20s could only get a bakers dozen to trials.
We need to get more kids playing for the clubs in the areas they live in and those clubs need to improve the competitivness. Costs will only go up if the present trends continue.
The above idea of one training a week that netball employs may reduce club overheads but its doubtful it would be passed on.
Soccer may be, on the surface, expensive but you do get your complete uniform in that cost and a ball in most clubs whereas in basketball what you get for your money is less obvious.
Soccer also pay their coaches in juniors, basketball doesn't. Bottom line if you are a boy with talent go to Aussie rules and if youre a girl, netball wins hands down on costs and central location etc with a single weekly training and saturday games.
However if youre a basketball fanatic then pray mum and dad can afford the increasing fees , door charges, tournaments away etc plus multiple training schedules and occassionally thank them. for their support.
Basketball really needs to restructure and finding ways to reduce costs and strengthen the comp would be good places to start but its not in the interests of some clubs to pursue those changes.

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Great Idea  
Years ago

But if BSA were to give the clubs back some of the money it takes at the gate, club would be able to reduce the fee's. They would be able to administer better, and clubs would be able to employ people.

And if they were to put this money into a development officer at each club, rather than the current waste of money baby sitting program they have, it would improve 2 fold.

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Years ago

155861, how much do you reckon thos big tin sheds that the games are played in cost. Whoever puts this money in, be it councils, investors, schools, BSA are going to need the cash to service their capital debt.

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Years ago

I have 2 daughters that play district basketball for diffrent clubs, one lot of fee's for summer were $160.00 plus $20 registration, the other one is $298.00 this is for 11 games, my son plays football which is $100 for the whole season and they are always putting the money back into the juniors of the club,if your kids play district and do S A S I, the cost for one year can be up to $4,000.00 including state trips etc...BASA is ripping us of., none of the money ever seems to go back to the juniors, then they insult you by making you pay to watch your kids play, a Friday night cost around $24 just in game fee's and spectating.... come on BASA wake up.... were talking about kids sport...

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