Years ago

NH- Cousins suspended

Rumour has it that Ben has been suspended fro 12 months, effective 0ctober 2007...should be back intime for the draft 2008

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Years ago

It has been confirmed. No suprise there..

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Years ago

Weak.. get him out of afl forever..

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Years ago

Agreed, terrible for AFL, young fans, and his own rehabilitation chances if he gets back in to the league!

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Years ago

Its a reward, not a punishment. I am sure he and everyone else had expected a harsher penalty. A total lifelong ban was not out of the question.

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Years ago

How is a 12 month ban from a job where you were earning 800k + endorsements a reward?

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Years ago

Its a reward considering the talk was that his career in football was over. A 12 month ban is just time you would normally expect him to recover from his addiction and be ready to play again anyway. From his behavior of late, I doubt he will be ready in 12 months regardless of whether he is allowed to play or not. How successful do you think he was in his latest trip to the US for rehab?

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Years ago

0.1 outta 10..??

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Giraffe 11  
Years ago

EC - don't believe everything you read. The media's job is to 1. - sell papers & 2. inform the reader (and not the other way around).
Remember their original story was that he was dead ....

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twenty four  
Years ago

So, giraffe11, you're saying that Ben didn't get taken to hostipal after an overdose? Or that he followed his schedule as planned? And I never actually heard anything about him being dead, just missing.

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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

he should go to tasmania cos they'll forgive him, apparently they like their cousins over there

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Years ago

twentyfour - so are you saying that Cousins DID get taken to hospital after an overdose and didnt follow his schedule? (appologies if you DO actually have first hand information or DO know Ben Cousins but Im guessing you dont) For all we know he may have followed HIS schedule 100%

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Years ago

I haven't heard of any claims of Cousins suing the media for misrepresentation apart from the police charges that were later dropped when they found drugs in his car just before leaving for the US. You might like to enlighten us on where you heard he was dead for I haven't heard that either.

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Years ago

EC - was reported by a radio talkback host that Cousins was "perhaps dead, or in the process of slowly dying."

Putting aside the fact that we are all slowly dying, it may have been jumping to a slight conclusion.

Regarding the penalty - it has to be based on the rules of the game. I'm not privvy to the AFl Rules, and the penalties available to the AFL for breaches of those rules. To say a "lifelong ban was not out of the question". - what is that based on? Was that within the available penalties?

Also, Cousins would have appealed that immediately and it would have been overturned, either on the basis that the penalty was too severe, or on the basis that the penalty amountes to a restraint of trade.

FWIW - I think the penalty was about right. Get healthy, meet certain conditions and you can apply to play. It wasn't a witch hunt, but sent a strong message.

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Years ago

MS - you don't really believe that he didn't OD in the US do you? You should hear what the media know but aren't printing - including the involvement with Mainwaring. Cousins needs a lot of help to shake his troubles.

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Years ago

No Isaac not at all. I just find it bizarre how everyone seems to be an expert about what he got up to in the US and how it went against his schedule. For all we know it may have been bang on schedule - as his schedule may have said "Day 1: fly to States hook up with hot chick, Day 2: get wasted and party party party, Days 3,4,5,6: see day 2"

Knowing a couple of people who have been affectd by the drugs in question I have seen first hand how it is never a cut and dried case, Sure the surface argument is - just dont take drugs. Thats fine but IMO there is always underlying issues and its not till these are dealt with that rehab can work effectively. So without rambling on too much Im basically saying that noone on here (me included) actually has any idea whats going on with Cousins other than what has been raised in the media so lets all just temper our comments a little and hope that this immensely talented sportsman can repair his life and move forward

(and Im off my soapbox now)

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Years ago

The AFL could add some clarity by releasing its policy and the guidelines relevent to to ruling.

My question is .... and not specifically in relation to Cousins...where does cocaine use sit as a performance enhancing drug?

Athletes who have been found guillty of PED use or use of masking agents have generally received penalties greater than one year.

Citizens who are in possession of illegal substances face civil courts. Therefore if the AFL has knoweledge of illegal substance abuse are they or should they turn over that information to police?

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Years ago

Alos interesting that the ban relates to AFL only, Rumour has it that Benny will be back in Perth and playing for East Fremantle next year.

Some of the questions that are continually raised in my head are...

Was the player using drugs during the season?

Was his use "known" by officials at the club or the league?

Does the players drug use tarnish the results of the club, in particular does it call into question the premiership?

Can anyone tell me for sure that ice or eccys or cocaine would enhance playing performance?

Just a couple of questions

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