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Would you sign Holmes next season?

Would you sign Holmes next season offer him big money to get him back maybe even the captaincy.I wouldnt although a handy NBL player i think he is limited.Iwould recruit Ingles in another year along with Schenscher,Ballinger,Davidson,Maher bring in a USA 3 man that means Holmes is off the bench dont think he would like that .Ingles in the following year for Maher and build around him and Schenscher.Any thoughts

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Mel Gibson  
Years ago

Lay off the coffee and slow down a bit???

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Years ago

My mates will hang shit on me for this because i was a huge supporter of Holmes while he was here....But.I dont think signing him would be a good idea, His rebounding and defence would be a great benefit.But his inconsistancy on offence with his flat shooting style would hurt the sixers too much. Unless he played off the bench as stated above which he would not want.

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Years ago

I would sign jacob. he is young still improving, ex rebounder has played under different systems and has matured and adjusted to play role in a team. Arguably can play 2-4 and i used to be not so impressed with his over-confident approach while delivering inconsistently on offence but believe his best years are just around the corner. I think his heart is in SA and i would start him and pay reasonable money to see him back here-but stumbling block could be the dragons/cowan program that includes b/ball and employment. Is Jacob available or what sort of deal would be needed to make him available?

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Years ago

flatshot... ex rebounder? He doesn't rebound anymore?

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Years ago

Wouldnt sign him his game has definately dropped off since leaving the 36ers.His point rating in the N.B.L has dropped he is no longer on the Australian team and his stats are worse than when he was a 36ers so summing it up a good role player if he could accept a fair offer and not let his ego get in the way maybe .Although i think Smyth would have him back as he did get the best out of him and he does like the south aussie players.Still Cowan has plenty of cash and i doubt Jacob will leave for less thats why he left in the first place cant blame him for that.A handy player but there are lots better.

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Years ago

Anon, "ex rebounder" = excellent rebounder in case you're not joking around.

I'd take him back - one of the better rebounders around, has a more reliable shot now, good stamina and showed in his last year in Adelaide that he can distribute also.

joker - is that you Jammer?

He's gone from being third or fourth option on offense in Adelaide to probably fifth out of starters (behind Heal, Groves, Ingles and Hendrix!) so it's no surprise that his scoring is down a tiny bit.

I think he's only been shunted out of the Boomers team a bit given that marquee players have been available and there is a lot of competition at his position. I believe that Goorjian spoke highly of him at Boomers training camps as an example of a player who was working hard on their game even in the off-season.

How has his game "definately (sic) dropped off" when he had a career high on the boards just last weekend?!

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Years ago


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rotate on this  
Years ago

Absolutely - he is the logical choice to be our captain for next 5 years .

He is an excellent rebounder and a vastly underrated defensive player who can guard the 3,4 and 5 spots .
That gives the team great versatility with line ups , matchups and so on .

Jacob is a natural leader with a level head who has the respect of all that meet him .

He would never be our most brilliant player but he would have the ability to bring a team together and that is what we need .

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Years ago

Anyone who wouldn't take him in the 6ers team is a fool.

Jacob is SOLID.... He plays a different role for us than he did at the 6ers previously, but that doesn't make him worse.

Great Rebounder, Great Defender, Great Low Post presence (not as a scorer, but watch the court savvy, screens and blocking out).....HARD worker. You don't get 20 rebounds when you're his size unless you chase and work tirelessly.

He's not the scorer that he was in his role with the Dragons, but playing as a SF would see him able to do so without any problems, IMHO. But he's versatile as well.

That said.....You can't have him. I want him to stay where he is.

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Years ago

Agreed DICKO. Underrated shooter as well. Has become a legit 3-point threat. A bit streaky, but a threat.

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Years ago

Has proven at ABL level that he can do what it takes to win. Of the SA talent in the league, given that Newley is abroad and Ingles is staying put, he's the next best bet.

I'd go as far to say (and could risk regretting this, but anyway!) that I'd take Holmes before Schenscher right now.

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Years ago

I'd take Holmes back for sure. We have been weak in that SF position since he left.
I cant see him coming back anytime soon tho.

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Years ago

Absolutely.....Schenscher is unproven at this level. He could easily be a complete stiff. With jacob, you know what you're getting and it's pretty good.

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hoop fiend  
Years ago

I would take Schencher before Holmes. It would of course depend on what position Jacob wants to play and what sort of role but basically Jacob is a tweener, too small to battle with top line power forwards like Ballinger, and not really quick enough to run with top line small forwards. Would he be happy coming off the bench ? I dunno.

But the main reason,
Jacob says he has bought a house in Melbourne and has no intention of coming back to Adelaide, while Luke clearly wants to play for the 36ers. End of story.

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Years ago

I thought Jacob had a house or two in Adelaide as well, or did he sell those?

I reckon he can compete with the main PFs and isn't that much of a tweener. 11.5 RPG is good for 2nd overall in rebounding behind only Anstey.

I'd take him as a known quantity until I knew how Schenscher was likely to go. Nothing stopping a club going for both - Dragons wanted the two of them at one stage remember.

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hoop fiend  
Years ago

Yes Isaac, all good points.
I would just rather have Ballinger at PF, and I am guessing that that is Jacob's preferred position.
In truth i would love to see Jacob at a 36er sixth man, because with his multi positional skills, he would be perfect for that. But would he want that?

Schench has played in The Show, and distinguished himself at collegiate level, that makes him a known quantity to me, and i reckon he would be more than useful. Lets get both, Ingles at small forward, Adam can keep small forward, Jacob off the bench, Newley at shooting guard, and Steve Nash at point as second import. That's my fantasy 36er side anyways and the league could do with another Canadian.

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hoop fiend  
Years ago

above meant to say,
'Adam can keep power forward'...

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bring it  
Years ago

It is time for Maher to retire at the end of this season, or play off the bench for much less money!!!!

Bring back Holmes for big money:

1. Davidson
2. Newley
3. Holmes
4. Balls
5. Luke S

6. Maher
7. Motts
8. Ng (cheap)
9. Dodman (cheap)
10. Cooper (cheap)

It is a championships starting 5 with out Brett.

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Years ago

Issac no its not jammer but one of his mates there is a group of mates just hanging out and talking hoops not sure why it really matters who i am but hope that helps you out.By the way yes he did have a career rebounding game never said he wasnt a good rebounder but his stats over a season dont show him going forward.Also i am a really hard worker but im not on the Austrlian team cos im not playing well enough hard work is important but you need to be playing great to be on the aussie team.Also his point ranking has dropped another clue his worth is done.Dont get me wrong would have him on the team but in a role not as a main player thats what he is with the Dragons if he is the fifth option to shoot it.

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Years ago

With Jacob working for Mark Cowan in both the Dragons and his 'Day Job', I really cant see that Jacob is any chance to return to the Sixers in the next 5 years myself.

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Years ago

Joker, point rating means little. Big name Bullets dropped a point while not being any worse as a player. I've explained how his not being in the Boomers side doesn't necessarily suggest he is in decline. And going by his stats shows that you don't understand how his contribution to teams changes depending on the composition of those teams.

That said, realistically he won't want nor shouldn't come off the bench and seems to be happy where he is.

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Years ago

No chance in hell. There is no way it could or would happen.

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Years ago

what rotate said... great post.

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Years ago

I would have Holmes back, but not at 'any price'.

Holmes is a good solid foundation type guy that any team would have. But he is currently 'co-captain' with the drags, and with Heal likely moving into coaching only next year, sole captain next. That is big bucks stuff one would assume, and I for one would not want to see the Sixers match the offer.

Holmes is no superstar of this league. He is not a Maher, or a Davis, calibre player or potential captain. I would not want to see him attracting a 'top-3' type salary in the Sixers lineup.

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Years ago

Who's your potential captain on this squad XY????

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Years ago

If Maher doesn't go another season, would you try Davidson? Don't know his style personally, but he leads by example on court and that's a start.

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Blue Collar  
Years ago

Yes I most certainly would have Jacob back in the 36ers lineup. A more versatile player is hard to find in the league and at such a young age he is ripe for many more years of quality NBL.

I dont know about this "flat shot" talk. Yeah its flat, but he shoots at a decent clip - see the stats.

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Years ago

I think Holmes is the perfect style of player to be a captain in the NBL. He is a very solid player but not in the superstar class of a Maher or say Newley. We have been very lucky with Maher in that he has shown incredible loyalty and stayed with the Sixers over higher $ offers elsewhere, this is more an exception rather than he norm for a player of his calibre. Having Holmes as skipper would IMO give stability to a squad as the chances of him running off to Eurpoe or the NBA are minimal (not saying he couldnt find a gig in another league)
Having a stable captain and core of good playres I feel is the best way to build chemistry and a happy group which can then be complemented by gun imports or free agents without disrupting the group too much with wholesale changes. If Holmes became available or showed an interst in returning back to Adelaide the sixers would be foolish not to make a serious pitch to regain his services - If not, point him Northwards and Im sure we would have a spot for him long term at the Blaze!

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Years ago

Maybe Isaac. Davidson is already the 'emotional' leader of this squad, and I think he'd be great with the C on his chest, but ideally I'd like someone that could fulfil the role of 3+ seasons.

Davidson is 33, plus really hasn't had the time in Adelaide.

Happy for Maher to retain the role until he decides it's a day, but I just don't see anyone come behind him sticking their hand up saying they want the job or the court time. At least Jake has some ties with Adelaide, played here recently, is young and a solid all round player.

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Years ago

last post was mine..... stupid work computers...

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Years ago

"But he is currently 'co-captain' with the drags, and with Heal likely moving into coaching only next year, sole captain next. "

Heal is not a Captain.....Holmes is co-captain with (how %^&*ing laughable is this) Matt Shanahanahanahanahanahanahan.

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Years ago

Yes, but I would rather go after Schenscher first.

'Schenscher is unproven at this level. He could easily be a complete stiff'... Complete load of BS.

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Years ago

TC how is that a complete load of BS?

Sure he has the potential to be a great player in teh NBL - but until he performs in teh league he will be an unproven quantity. Noneis saying he vant lay - just saying be cautious before jumping in and puting all our faith in Schesh.
Just cause a player has been in the NBA doesnt mean they are a gun at NBL level...Rick Brunson proved that!

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Years ago

Brunson was good, just selfish when he had a team of shooters..

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Blue Collar  
Years ago

Jo Jo English anyone? LOL

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