Stanley Street
Years ago

Best Woodville Players of All-time

Something different to think about apart from Sixers frustration.....
Who are the best and worst players in Woodville's History ?????

(Mod: Since it's not so much a professional league, maybe things could be kept positive?)

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Kelvin Henderson
Dave Smyth
Tyrone Lee
Ron Nunnelly

is that enough to get the party started?

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Years ago

Simon Watkins!!! GUN!!!

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Years ago

Darren Ng was alrite back in the woodville days maybe not the best of all time though.

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Cat 34  
Years ago

Zane Reeves?

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Years ago

Donnie Gipson
Kelvin Henderson
Tyrone Lee

I think Donnie Gipson played some NBL with West Adelaide alongside Al Green.

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Years ago


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old timer  
Years ago

Anthony Rogers
Ron Nunnerly
Darren Carrol
David Ingham
one and only
Jamie 'stickems' Maddigan were all cult figures

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Years ago

As a club man and all round good guy, you can't go past Scott Whitmore.

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Years ago

hahahaha... i got a mention... woooo

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Ricey = tool  
Years ago

only cos ur a tool ricey!

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Ryan Willis

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Mr. Big Shot  
Years ago

Scott Whitmore
Craig Gilbert
Cameron Wilson will be the best player to ever player at Woodville through Juniors and into Seniors, should have been in sixers squad at some stage in his career IMO.

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

the one and only Timmy B. Brenton hit 3s and intimated every poor sucka that entered the paint (not to mention the fear he cast over his U14 boys) he was actually voted our best at the woodville presentations a while back. what a legend

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Years ago


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Who entered the paint? I think you mean entered the stadium, undersized PF.

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

fair enough ELG

Brenton = intimidation

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Years ago

Brenton = sook.

The only people he intimidated were the refs.

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Years ago

The big white farmboy before Donnie Gipson?
Can't remember his name.

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Years ago

Wayne Ricardi (spelling) big white red head who could really play

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Years ago

anyone who comes on here to call someone a tool, without their name present, is a tool

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Years ago


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big gay  
Years ago

Eric Bradley

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Years ago

Andrew White. End of discussion.

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Years ago

Wayne Ricardi, that's him. Could play and very much in the mould of Ballinger but perhaps without the range.

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if andrew white had cracked that 6' barrier i would have to agree with you thedoctor

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Coopers Bar  
Years ago

Woodville had their best team voted a couple of years ago, maybe start there.

I think Darren Ng has won more MVPs than anyone else, the MVP board is at the Dome.

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Fat Bottomed Girl  
Years ago

David Smyth, former captain.

Donnie Gibson was a crowd fav.

Paul Vandenburg was pretty good.

Ah, the good old days of standing in the bar above court one at athol park on a Sunday watching a game and having a beer (after they finally got glass back boards)

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Years ago

Scotty Witmore, always brough some extra spice.

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uncle Mal  
Years ago

What about the girls?

Barratt - all class
Watts - Gun

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Years ago

Tamara Vass

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Years ago

micheal touhy... best airball layup i have ever seen

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Years ago

Eric Bradley, who the F%$k is he?

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Years ago

what about Willie Joseph, one of the best imports to play in the ABA. He must be high in the rankings!

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Years ago

Go Jason Duncan!!

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Years ago

Chris Pails

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Years ago

Yeah good call on Willie Joseph.. maybe past his best when he hit Woodville but still an amazing basketball brain with the best court vision for a big man most will ever see. I remember seeing him put up 50+ point and 25+ rebound games on more than 1 occassion.

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Years ago

I am the biggest woodville fan but I stil don't know who this Eric Bradley character is? can anyone tell me? I have also done a search on the net for a reggie but there is no results for any woodville players with the name reggie?


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Years ago

If you are the biggest Woodville fan, you would know Reggie..Played for the Cannons.

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Years ago

Eric Bradley - massive centre who played in 2005 (I think).

Reggie = Paul Vandenbergh

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I just can't beleive that no one has mentioned Zane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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scott whitmore  
Years ago

Kelvin Henderson end of discussion

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Years ago

who?? is exactly right who??? has no idea
reggie one of the finest basketballers in recent memory not just at woodville but in the league
EB was a powerhouse but willie joseph and kelvin henderson are the top of the warriors all time list

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Years ago

tim brenton. you would fear him on the court on the training court and on his teams training court!

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Years ago

I would take Craig Gilbert and Scott Whitmore over Reggie Vandinberg

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old timer  
Years ago

how old is this thread ?

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