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NBL option: State-based teams?

if nbl go broke etc here is my proposal for the new league. a state based comp, think of the rivalries increased interest and so forth. New Zealand and singapore can stay as is.

So the teams are:
News South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia
New Zealand

Import rule stays with 2. Salary cap is 1 million plus marquee player.

Each team plays each other 3 times for a total of 21 rounds. 10 at home, 10 away, 1 neutral (regional area to promote league).

home state of a player gets priority over others. i can see this league becoming bigger than nrl and pura cup.

what everyone think??

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Years ago

vic would have good squad



gibson and knight

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Years ago

I would think two teams in VIC and NSW and QLD are viable for any potential new league (which will not happen anayway!!!).

2 x News South Wales
2 x Victoria
2 x Queensland
1 x South Australia
1 x Tasmania
1 x Western Australia
1 x New Zealand

Scrap Singapore or also add Northern Territory and team based in Darwin.

10 team competition would be ideal and ensure stronger teams.

I'd also like to see an age restriction - ie. each team can only have 2 players over the age of 30. We need to ensure up and coming talent can still enter the league to esnure Australia remains strong in international hoops.

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Years ago

yes u r right there LC. better proposal and darwin can support a team, Can be called NT Magic

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Years ago

Tassie....I assume we're talking just the's not state of origin or anything.

LC....You can't do an age restriction. Apart from the fact that it's discriminatory, what if the best player in the league at the time was 30? Would you tell Andrew Gaze, for example, at age 30 "Sorry Drewy, we know you're league MVP, leading scorer and icon in the game, but we need you to step aside and make way for Tommy Greer beacuse you're just too old"

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Years ago

Age restriction over 30 is just an idea...
If he is best player in the League he would be one of the 2 or so players in the "age limit cap".

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Years ago

Reducing to 10 home games and increasing the salary cap to 1 million + say 250k for your marquee player.

Im guessing that as a result ticket prices will have to double to cover the increase in costs. I think you will struggle to get a crowd at 60 bucks a ticket.

Until clubs are able to be run as a business and make a profit I think we will continue to struggle and constantly need rich benafactors to pour money in to prop up ailing teams

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Years ago

"Age restriction over 30 is just an idea...
If he is best player in the League he would be one of the 2 or so players in the "age limit cap". "

I understand, and I like the concept of what you're saying.

But again using my previous example, with a 2 person cap.....The championship winning tigers of 1997 would have had to retire 4 of their starting 5 after the season. Bradtke, Gaze, Copeland and Giddey all would have become non-eligible.

Anyways, I'm just being a little pedantic, but you get what I mean.

Maybe it's just the age that you got wrong....Maybe 35?

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Years ago

I dont think there is any need for a age restriction, as i think the best players will get offered the contracts no matter how old they are.
Sure you get the ocasional player who stays in the game a year or so too long, but are there any juniors necisarily better??? plus most teams would have atleast 2 or 3 guys in there 10 under 25 anyway, so i dont see it as a issue.
The top young players like a Ingles, Newley, Jawai will always get a game and then its up to the owners/coaches to decide who is better for there side a veteran or a young player or who the better player is at the time.

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Years ago

would be greats if we could kep the NBL similar to how it is now but have a sate of origin competition in the off-season. Why doesn't the NBL do such a thing. People would get really exited seing all their stars come home to represent their home state. Would be great for basketball. Just have every state play each other once and the top half go through to the finals. Would be awesome! Come on NBL!

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Years ago

Vics would kill us (and everyone else) if we had a state based comp!
- Mackinnon
- Anstey
- Barlow
- Kendall
- Smith
Just to name a few...
Actually, WA would kick our butts too!

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Years ago

qld would go well

our team would be

jawai (not for long as he will be in nba)
who else we got??

nsw would be smith, melmeth, black etc

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Years ago

so...we dont want to see the best, we will be happy paying to watch the supposed up and comers?

Lets face it how many people care about the college games here compared to the show...cos we want to se the best.

the abl etc is there for rest.

reduce the number of teams, thereby reducing the number of not quite up to it players. Play more games per season to cover shortfall.

I want to watch the best that are available, the elite, so if your good enough you should be playing.

salary caps...age restrictions... draft systems...bah humbug!

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The Journo  
Years ago

Potential SA Line-Up

PLUS 2 Imports

Not to bad I think.

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Years ago

Watching college ball is better than watching the NBA. There is far more teamwork and IMO a way better spectacle for basketball purists.

PS. Jason Smith is Victorian and not from NSW.

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Years ago

Considering most of those players in the aforementioned SA state team (175636) are playing in losuing teams, yes it is only "not too bad". Putting Schenscher in the linejup is a joke as he will be playing in Europe.
this team will never win under this propsoed concept.

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Years ago

Ingles will also end up in Europe...that is if he is still playing by then as he doesn't appear to interested in basketball, but more interested in getting smashed at the Loft in Melb after games...

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Years ago

when did Ingles get smashed? You mean drunk or beaten up? Did I miss something?

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Fish E Man  
Years ago

The only thing wrong with your state based proposal is the salary cap.

I think you may find it is still a contributing factor, along with stadium hire, as to why a lot of the teams are in trouble right now.

Have to agree, cut Singapore, but do it now!

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Years ago

rubbish idea and it will never happen, move on

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Years ago

great idea
but just cause ur from that state doesnt mean u hav to stay playing for them look at matthew elliot for SA in cricket and a whole bunch of super 14s players that switch alliances

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

A state of origin style of competition has too many potential problems ( the most significant being the poaching of juniors) . However, I do think that having a prescribed no. of local players, say 4 or 5 per team has merit, and would give the fan base players they can directly relate to.

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Years ago

Boondikoff & Newley for NT

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Years ago

Common knowledge in Vic that Ingles gets seriously drunk after just about every home game in Melb.
The Loft is a popular bar in Melb.

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