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Rumour: Hodge to Tigers, DT to Retire

Hodge to the tigers, Dave Thomas to retire due to bad knees

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Years ago

Hodge has JUST gone back to the States to look at NDBL and/or NBA options.

He would have to be a fair way from commiting to any NBL team, Surely.

If this became a fact too quickly, one would certainly have to wonder how much $$$$ the Tigers would be throwing at him.

I say too early.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

If Anstey goes NBA and stays they would have about 400k to play with, considering he does not want to go euro and no d league team will pay that much it is a fair option

Even if he took DT's pay he woud still be doing better than d league, only way he would not do it is if he gets a NBA gig which may be hard as he would be considered damaged goods.

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I hate to say it for Sixers fans but i believe that the Tigers are in Heavy talks with Hodge.

But for the money Hodge is after or asking the Sixers could get 2 imports with better jump shots than Hodge, so i wouldnt stress too much.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

Hodge has the same agent as Homicide and a few of the other new gun imports this season.

Of course the Tigers would be in heavy talks with this particular agent, he has done such a good job for the league recently compared to some other dud agents that every club should be chatting to this particular agent right now.

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Years ago

I would guess that DT would've been on $300k+ with Melbourne, and Anstey even more than that.

I know he was great to watch and contributed a lot to the team, but as KIP said, you could get two decent imports for what he'd be asking (and what Melbourne would pay). Would be good to have him back, but (with Ballinger, and perhaps Holmes) we could easily still assemble a contender without him.

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Years ago

yeah, I agree that all is not lost! Ballinger was the key signing of the two! It does, however p!ss me off that Melbourne cant go out and find their own imports and instead just steal the good ones from other teams by offering ridiculous amounts of money!! I would hate to see Hodge playing for anyone else, especially Melbourne - perhaps someone should send Hodge some vision of 'Underbelly' with a note attached saying: you sure you want to live and brng your family to Melbourne?

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Years ago

i know for a fact that hodge really really enjoyed his time in adelaide i think if he's going to play in aus it will be with adelaide.

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Years ago

Anstey = NBA..Great Friday funny to end the week!

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Years ago

I'll be pissed off if Hodge was lured to Melbourne. I like the Underbelly quote above. Hodge should return to Adelaide.

I don't mind Homicide or Cortez if we want to chase imports.

Superb news about Balls.

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Years ago

the dude was brought up in the states and has been shot at. I doubt underbelly would scare him too much

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Years ago

Regardless of whether we get Hodge or not, its always annoying that Adelaide has to compete against the money other clubs can offer. Not much talk about salary cap lately, has it been scrapped? You would think so.

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Years ago

"the dude was brought up in the states and has been shot at"

Considering Adelaide is the murder capital of Australia, and that Ive lived in America and felt just as safe there as here, how about you just keep your stupid comments to yourself?

I'd say New York city is ALOT safer the Adelaide infact

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Years ago

"Considering Adelaide is the murder capital of Australia"

Skud, if you truly believe that crap you are an idiot who needs to get their news from somewhere other than The Advertiser.

"I'd say New York city is ALOT safer the Adelaide infact"

That's so wrong it's just funny!

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Years ago

salary cap doesn't really matter anymore. All the top players get payed under the table, its the points system that matters and keeps the league "somewhat" more even

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Years ago

Phil did not leak the Scotty announcement, The Media worked it out easy as the Sixers sent out a Press Release on Saturday stating that there was a Press Conference this Friday, so they phoned up Phil to see why it was delayed to later in the week and he knew nothing about it so they phoned Scott and he said it was because Mal was due back on Friday so "WE have to announce it then" this gave it away so they congratulated him and he went on to say he could not comment until it had been officially announced.

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Years ago

just spoke to Hodge, and he said that only the 36ers have made contact with his agent.

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Years ago

You spoke to Hodge?

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Years ago

Of course you did...........

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Years ago

Hmmmm.... I remember reading in around November 2007 that New York authorities were happy as it looked like they would record under 500 murders for the year. The lowest number on record since the NYPD started recorded statistics from 1963.

I couldn't find the SAPOL figure for 2007, so I'll use the 2005/2006 number of 21. NY had 928 for the same period.

To make it fair you really have to use the 'per 100,000 pop' number. For 2006, NY record 4.8 murders per 100,000 whilst from memory Adelaide is running at around 0.4ish murders per 100,000.

The murder capital in the US is New Orleans.. by a long shot...

If anything Melbourne is the murder capital of Australia. Adelaide just has more sickos (Bodies in the Barrels and Truro to name a few) that tend it take it a little further than an ordinary murderer.

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Years ago

Bah ha, by a long shot.........

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Years ago

Good call TR.

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twenty four  
Years ago

Anstey = NBA..Great Friday funny to end the week!

Actually, that rumour may have some weight. There was a thread about it a few days ago, saying that after the finals he'd be headed over there to see out the season.

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Years ago

I thought the salary cap was about 750k and the MAX you could pay someone was about 200k. So where is this DT getting 300k+ and Anstey getting even more coming from? Actually the cap could be up to a million these days I'd imagine but still I have never heard those sort of figures before but Issac would be more in the know but it has just surprised me

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Years ago

...because teams couldn't care less about the cap and the nbl don't really police it.

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Years ago

I think there is a sort of "unofficial cap" that's $1m+. I'd guess this season that three players at Melbourne would be over that $200k max.

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