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Coaches and player movement rumors

Latest on the Coaches merry go round today is...

Gorg is going to decide today whether or not he is going to leave Sydney.
IF he does its almost a certainty that he will be coaching Perth next season.
This would see Stacker appointed to the Dragons, Molloy to Sydney and Joey Wright too stay put in Brisbane.

In player news, the CJ rumor about him going back to the West is strengthening with the possible reuniting with Gorg, also Worthington a certainty to head home and play for Perth next season.

Kendall is a lock at the Dragons but they also have their sights on Slammy Sam McHinnon going back to melbourne who has a close bond with Stacker.

For Adelaide fans rumor is Rychart could be a slim chance to go "home". Lots of teams looking at him but is believed to want to be in Adelaide and to stay put. Will come down to citizenship one would think. Dragons very keen on his services too.

In other Adelaide news many players keen to join the blue since the Ninnis appointment, rumored names are Tragardh, Franklin, Vanderjact and Kersten to name a few.

All of the above still hinges Very much on Gorg and where he lands however.

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Years ago

I love Dusty but would want him to be natralise if he's coming here. The great thing about Ninnis is I'm sure he's going to attract more players like you say. Would be great to have Kersten.

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Years ago

Why would Goorj and CJ head west? I'm not sure how much credibility come with these rumours. Will be interesting if they are though.

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Years ago

how/why have holmes and rychart in the same team? not worth having either come off the bench.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Wortho and Redhage on the same team is my biggest question mark over the above.

McKinnon to the Dragons to replace Holmes, i can see that

CJ back home to Perth with money and Goorj can see that (wont that add something to the sixers v cats rivalry)

I thought Kavossy was done deal at the gong as well as Vanderjagt at Vegas?

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Years ago

Kavossy is signed up for the Hawks for next season, he's not moving clubs.

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Years ago

Looks like the downfall of Brisbane is all the rumours are true. They aren't swimming in cash anymore and now all their spoil stars are going to upset with paycuts (which will just bring them back to reality). There have been rum,ours aout Sammy, CJ, Joey Wright, and Dusty. Along with the fact that Ebi will probably be overseas making serious money in the NBA or Europe.

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Years ago

Vanderjagt is likely to move to Brisbane, but not sure that the deal is done. Could be more likely now that they're on a budget though.

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Years ago

I don't know where you guys are getting this stuff from.
The Bullets article yesterday and interview made it very clear that the boys including Joey, aren't considering any offers for the next month to see if the funding comes through- I guess none of you are aware of what they themselves said only yesterday.
The only players that weren't in the interview/ photo were Ebi, Bradshaw and Boucher, so the rumours you guys are spreading are nonsense.
If we were closer to the date that they said they'd wait until before disbanding, I could understand it, but not when it's less than 24hrs after the committment they have given.
If there wasn't that agreement in place, there would be no need for any of them to get together, do an interview on their Sunday off and take a photo shoot if they have committed elsewhere- they would be well within their rights to say get stuffed, this is no longer my club so i won't be making an appearance.
The stuff that's being said by some is just wishful thinking at this stage, but when I read these sorts of posts so soon after hearing contradictory info directly from the mouths of the players, it tends to have less credability to the other player rumours going around....

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Years ago

CJ had a falling out with Goorj, so I don't see them being on the same team together again. I know his old man has applied for the head coaching role out West and i'm sure he'd be dropping CJ's name as a package deal!
Sammy Mack at South...could happen, depends if he's playing or not really.
I think I posed this question once before, how would you fit Ballinger/Rychart and Holmes all on the one team??? Would you be better off going for Dusty or Holmes??? Will it come down to who's worth what??? I can definitely see the Sixers and Ninnis making a few changes, but not too many, just enough though!

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Years ago

Panther, one thing is true when it comes to coaches getting the players they want and players keeping themselves employed any "fallouts" are quickly forgotten. That's the nature of professional sport, the relationships are professional as well.

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Years ago

I wouldn't believe a newspaper article or what a player tells a regular fan about that sort of thing. Some Brisbane players would be quite happy to field offers I bet.

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Years ago

Good point gilbert, you would think Redhage and Wortho would be able to sort out their differences if it meant winning a championship.

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Years ago

Knowledge is Power......

You've posted a couple of interesting things recently, and some of them have been true. I'm starting to think that was luck though.

Joey is highly unlikely to remain in Brisbane after his recent treatment, I believe the Dragons are interested in him, although BG remains their number one focus. Certainly Stacker is in the mix there, buT i believe they have issues with wanting a coach with championship experience.

You are right that what BG does could trigger a chain of events.

Franklin is contracted to the Hawks and has indicated that he is happy to stay.

I would be VERY surprised to see Molloy in Sydney, sicne they need someone very public and that is just NOT Guy. Besides, do you REALLY think that Sydney have made a move to potentially replace BG? Two days after the GF? When they are depserately trying to get him to stay.

Word from a close "friend" of Goorjian is that he would ONLY turn his back on Sydney to come home to Melbourne. I don't believe he is even considering Perth, and on the Budget Perth have stuck with in the past, I don't think they're close to being able to afford him. Don't forget, GOORJIAN is CONTRACTED in Sydney, so it would take something special to lure him away, or for Sydney to really look like they're going to slide bady.

The Holmes rumour has been going around for Ages and I KNOW that he is not happy here. Would be actually very surprised if he didn't end up home in Adelaide.

Can't see Adelaide needing Rychart if they get Holmes.

Wortho, from what I understand is almost certainly going to try to ply his trade in Europe. And I don't think Kendall would have even thought about leaving the Kings until Goorj makes up his mind.

There is a HELL of a lot of speculation in your post.

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Hoops 41  
Years ago

The word I have heard from a pretty reliable source is that Goorj IS likely to go to Perth, and Stacks will be at Dragons. There's always a chance it'll get scuttled, but that's my mail.

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Years ago


I don't understand the subliminal message you are trying to tell us DICKO?

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Dicko hence why i put rumors at the end of the original post, still waiting on confirmation of a couple of these that i had heard over night.

Your spot on about Molloy, that is just a process of elimination as he is about the only coach that is actively seeking a head coaching role that will be left.

I have on good word that Joey is staying put, but newspaper reports on players not looking elsewhere is way off.

Gorj to Perth was the strong word after the GF on friday night, and in talking to someone close to happenings it will be an offer more than enough to get him there, so have to wait and see.

The one that i should have researched and not just listened too was Franklin, your right, contracted.

I also do agree that if Jacob lands in Adelaide then no need for Rychart.

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Years ago

How about this for a rumour, I only just thought of it...BG to either South or Perth and a former Kings player and Championship coach (one who's name can't be mentioned) heads to Sydney to take over the reigns! Or fields an offer as a offensive coach with the or the other!

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Years ago

Man I'd HATE to see Phil coaching the Kings. Don't think it will happen.

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Years ago

Goorjian's chances of staying in Sydney are linked very heavily (I think) to the ownership situation, e.g., if Wrublewski's group gets it. Johnston, however, may be favouring a higher bidder.

I was told that all met yesterday and were spotted from afar. Supposedly body language from some didn't suggest that the meeting favoured Wrublewski or the best outcome for the team.

Panther, are you hearing rumours or creating them?!

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Years ago

They're WAY more fun if you create them.

And positively orgasmic if you turn out to be right.

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Years ago

If he who cannot be named became the Kings coach, the info at the bottom of the first NBL match report would look something like this....

Kings (lost) Crowd: 13

And it would only get worse from there.

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Lock in Wortho to Perth with a Euro outclause!

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Years ago

Just making them up mate, my day has been a little boring to say the least...

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Years ago

What would the chances be of the sixers attracting either Brian or Joey if Mal was willing to pay top dollar and had held of naming a coach?

What are the chances of Bevo going for the Kings job if Brian leaves?

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Years ago

Apart from Dusty I think pretty much all of brisbane are signed for next season.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Looks like you don't think that Dusty will come into the thinking, since Holmes seems to be coming here?

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Years ago

Goorjian is more than the head coach at the Kings. He's the face, figurehead, and frankly, after so much poor performance on court before him, and so much poor performance off court since he arrived, the soul of the team. If/when he leaves, it will be the final nail in the coffin for the Kings. There's no replacement in this country that can save them.

If someone is outbidding the Wrublewski group for the team, and not getting Goorjian in that package, they're buying a complete lemon and it shows right from the very beginning that they have absolutely no idea.

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Years ago

skip, could contracts be broken if players were being forced to take paycuts to stay?

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Years ago

A contract is a contract I would think. If a club proposed a pay cut to a contracted player would have to sign a new contract. It would be a negotiable thing I would say where if the club asks them to take a pay cut, the player could then ask to have his contract bought out by the club to then negotiate with other teams. It could be a way out of paying a big contract if financially in trouble.

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Years ago

sorry guys, but dusty's home is brisbane- lol
he's been localised for a few years now- a lot has happened since adelaide and as most of you have cleverly already pointed out- they may not have room (or money) for him with the other additions they'll take on.
i suspect that if the bullets don't fold, that if dusty were to go, he'd want to go for more money, not less..... to me it sounds like a sideways move?
isaac- i'm sure they realise their worth elsewhere, but at this stage, they've publicly been interviewed and agreed to stay together if they can and disband in a month of it comes to it.
i have no reason to believe that they would lie to the public who are trying so desperately to keep them afloat, and have them also claim that they've all taken small pay cuts to ease the burden.
why would people make that many attempts to save something, if they had no interest whatsoever in doing it?
why take a pay cut of you're not going to stay?
i believe them.
and a month from now, all will be revealed in which way they go.....

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Years ago

If the reports about the non-payment or late-payment of wages are to be believed then the Sydney coaches and players may have an out from the contracts because certain conditions have not been met. If the contract is continually breached it may be able to be voided.

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Years ago

Nutwork, I believe all but one have change-of-coach out clauses anyway should Goorjian move on.

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Years ago

i hear south is keen on lebron.

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Years ago


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Years ago

What about Gorj to Dragons, back to Melbourne and probably take Jason Smith & maybe Kendall with him. All other Kings to move on, end up in minor leagues in Europe or at Perth Wilcats.

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Years ago

With Boomers camps based in NSW and Vic, chances of BG going to Perth are 0, and I will take a bet with anyone at any price!

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Years ago

duh! How do you know that what has come out of the Bullets camp is not to make the club attractive for a prospective buyer, hence the 4 weeks waiting period.

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Years ago

i don't know ec- sammy mac was reportedly in tears when he held the press conference at his home with cj and joey.
call me gullible on this one, but i believe they're trying to do whatever the have to in keeping the club alive.
if it doesn't work, then that's that, but out of the ones that are left, they are definately trying.

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Years ago

and i highly doubt that they'll have problems finding a buyer....

but ok this is weird....

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Years ago

Jo Jo English is rumoured to be working in the Sixers Canteen this year

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Years ago

As long as the beer is cold again this season, I don't care who goes where......

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Years ago

A couple of things missed so far. Gorj will resign from Boomers after Olympics so will go where the money is. The talk of CJ going west is because the Wildcats have spoken to Cal about coaching. West Sydney are also without a coach. Now that NZ are a threat don't be surprised if Bradshaw and Boucher return home.

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Years ago

Bradshaw has already left.
He's currently in NZ at home and considering heading back to the US or to Germany.
No word on Boucher but he along with Ebi was absent from the public committment, so not sure if they were on holidays at home or if that was a sign that they weren't agreeing to the committment- totally their choice at the end of the day.

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Years ago

Ere very likely gone from the Bullets. Bradshaw looking to go to Europe. Has big issues with the Breakers and I reckon he'd take a paycut in Brisbane before he went home (unfortunately). Boucher wasn't there because he's playing in the NZ NBL.

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Years ago

thanks isaac!
so it's possible that boucher is still committed for the next few weeks pending a buyer.
*ticks another potential box*

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Years ago

It's also possible that Boucher is seeing David Beckham's hair stylist. He'd probably be one of the players in least demand from that team (besides perhaps Brown and Williamson), so perhaps the one to worry about least?

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Years ago

boucher is pretty respected here- especially as a solid rebounder.
it was just a bit worrying the other day when the article about the one month committment and photo shoot was done, and a few of the guys were conspicuously absent, but seeing that he's playing in nz, we'll see what happens.

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Years ago

Isaac, what issues does Bradshaw have with the NZ Breakers?

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Years ago

I think they kept making offers to him while he was at college, but maybe without much personal effort. Then someone from the Bullets (coach, JVG, who knows) went to visit him and made a good offer. When he wasn't drafted, the Breakers made a bigger offer, he signed with Brisbane instead, citing less pressure playing for a championship team rather than helping his home side.

That's what I've gathered from piecing bits and pieces together.

Then someone (Breakers, media in NZ, whoever) inflamed it when the Bullets visited Auckland for a game, having things like "Who's Bradshaw anyway!?"

Shame as he'd be a great fit for them.

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Years ago

It really annoyed me how Bradshaw was treated by the Breakers and the Breakers fans when he returned to Auckland to play NZ. They were saying things like "he's from NZ but we'll show him that he won't be welcome anymore" or words to that effect. Just because he's from NZ doesn't mean he's OBLIGED to play for them!! He can play for whoever the hell he wants! You'd swear he committed a crime by signing with another team. Will be interesting to see if he stays in Brisvegas (well... not so Vegas like anymore I suppose) or moves to another club or overseas.

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Years ago

I agree - awkward situation. I think they felt that they have a good program, great club support/admin, made the best offer, and that he should return to his home country to help the Breakers build into a force.

I'd say that he had a few ex-Breakers in his ear as well - you'd guess that Boucher wasn't too impressed when NZ let him go a number of years ago, for example.

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Years ago

Stephen Howell reports in today's Melbourne Age that Perth is believed to be out of the running for BG. So I guess its down to Sydney and the Dragons. Let's hope it's the latter.

He also mentions that Worthington could be headed south (Dragons OR Tigers).

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Years ago

To back up The Age's claims, Goorj is definitely not heading to Perth. Too far away from the mainstream basketball fraternity. He is fed up with sydney management and wants to hook up with his bro back in Melbourne.
Wortho is about a 75% chance of heading back down the Hume to VIC. If Goorj does go to Dragons expect Wortho to sign the dotted line too. Talk is that it is 50/50 between Tigers and Dragons and would prefer to stick with Kendall.
Kendall is an even bigger chance (90%) of signing with the Dragons. He wants to go home.
Of course no deals can be finalised until Friday week, so evertyhing remains up in the air.

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Years ago

Stephen Weigh is set to sign with Townsville. Brisbane's woes finalised his decision to go North.

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Years ago

Aaron Bruce is being wooed by Melbourne and Dragons and he wants to head home as his NBA dream is just that - a dream.
AB would be a great replacement for D-Mac at Tigers or for Heal at Dragons.

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