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Years ago

Rockets umpire - Family umpiring bias

why is it allowed that a north parent is allowed to umpire all of their 18b div 1 games every week. he is so biased towards north it makes a joke of the whole comp.

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Years ago

there ae two people you could be talking about. Neither of them have a bias bone in there body in fact in my experiance at least one is even harsher on his own son, possibly to stop tools like you starting crap like this!

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Years ago

I witnessed three games in a row where it seemed incidents of bias towards north in every single game. At halftime of the 18 div 1 game the starting centre of the opposing team got fouled out at half time and the small forward of the opposing team had 4.

Im not saying this is a definite factor that bias is involved, but it could raise some questions. You would have to watch the game and make your own choice but it could be a factor.

I didn't come on here to ear bash referees as i credit them from allot of bs they have to put up with. They do have a lot of guts to do what they do.
HOWEVER! It is all out WRONG to have the father referee his sons game. If that is the case the club should simply not allow that, that is just disgraceful and something should be done about it just so it stops people arguing about it all together

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Graeme LeBroy  
Years ago

I had an older brother referee his younger brother at the dome once, but I didn't get on here and bash them about it.
Sometimes it is unavoidable but ideally no-one related to anyone (blood wise) should be refereeing each other. It's just ammunition for plebs to have a go at you.
My advice (having been there and done it for a long time) is to ensure you don't put yourself in that position, either swap courts and referee the other game, or just take the game off.

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Years ago

i thought it wasn't allowed full stop to ref a game with a relative in it, or someone you may play with. i remember in juniors at the old forestville stadium another junior was refereeing a game before hand, but wasn't allowed to ref the game i was in due to the fact he trained with our team.

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Years ago

Immediate family are not allowed to ref family in VIC for this reason. It also ensures the integrity of the person reffing as it can't be brought into question.

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Family members shouldn't be allowed to umpire fellow members and you were completely right bringing this onto this website and to the Hoops's community's attention.

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Years ago

I think I received more USF or T's from my mother than every other referee put together.

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B Fresh  
Years ago

*door opens for mum jokes*

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Years ago

The game on friday was a complete joke...north wee without a doubt the better of the two and would beat the side they played no matter what the refs did but for a parent on a son to umpire the game and a parent of an under 16 boy who wold of played with a few of theseguys the season previous is unexceptable...on the other court was an unbiased ref and a very good quality umpire and therefore should of umpired the under18 div 1 game instead of the parent of a north player. The opposing team to north finished with 3 starters fouled out with 1 of there better players having 3 fouls 2 vey questionable fouls in the first quarter. At half time is was said by a NORTH scorer that the starting centre had 5 fouls when every1 else knew he had 4 thankfully that was sorted out and was judged 2 have only 4 fouls but just another case of maybe some bias.
The 3 players in which got fouled out for the opposing team had not fouled at all in the summer season and the 2 winter season games but in this game all ended with 5 fouls respectively.
North got away with so much during the game with 1 player from the north side chucking a clear elbow in the view of the umpire and also the north adelaide bumping a woodville player when he walked over to the sideline to inbound the ball but ofcorse the WOODVILLE player was spoken to by the ref and told to act apporiately.
But besides that the umpiring wasnt 2 bad at all and im sure alot of teams cannot wait to play at hillcrest sometime soon due to the professionalism of these 2 refs who are continually doing the under 18 game...also 1 more thing 2 add i did not notice a UIC at Hillcrest friday night?

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Years ago

Oh so the other team was Woodville.
Now all the complaining makes sense.

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Years ago

no immediate family should be reffing family.

the ref should know this - with central rotering these things could be missed.

local UIC's should be stepping in.

if woodville are dinkum a written report should go in and the score sheet protest signed.

trouble is it is rife in basketball here - ie on the committee kid in div 1, go to where the state coaches are to get in the state team etc.

i hate to think of what is like elsewhere.

it is an amateur sport with volunteers.

Q - do the refs have a code of conduct?

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Years ago

refs are going 2 cop it from some1 every game no ref is ever going 2 officate a game without some1 complaining but there a ways that can stop ppl from ref basking:
u DO NOT officate a game with a family member in it

if a junior ref and play at whatever level u do not umpire in that age group at whether its div 1, 2 or 3 and do not ever umpire your own club in the same age group

also i reckon it is fair enough that if ur a div 1 player and you move up a grade you do not umpire the age any of the teams at ur club from the age group below. e.g. 1st yr under 18 from sturt for example doesnt umpire a under 16 sturt game as he would have possibly some good friends and/or team mates still playing in that age group

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Years ago

The referees do have a code of conduct, it is signed each year when they pay their registration.

This was possibly an unfortunate event where referees have pulled out of their rostered games and someone has stepped in to fill the gap.

When the rostering is done, these types of things are taken into account.

Instead of writing on a forum, how about ringing the office of Referee Development on 8444 6416 and register for a level"0" course so we have enough referees to alleviate these problems.

Speaking for the referee concerned, and knowing him personally I have only ever found him to referee with the game as the main concern, not individual players or teams.

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Years ago

Graem Lebroy.... his names $%^#in Graeme Max.

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Graeme LeBroy  
Years ago

Well all the other fellas have a funny name.. I thought he would want one too :-)

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Years ago

Well, his team mates have all got long and complicated names, it seemed a pity really for this young man to miss out. Reckon I'll go on calling him Graemre.

Jeez you're f***ed in the head sometimes Max.

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jacked off  
Years ago

in fact the umpire in question didnt umpire his own sons game. He was the UIC and had to umpire because lack of umpires. He had to run 4 straight games so woodville go and get your level"o" or get a life lets see how everyone goes at the dome

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Years ago

the competent umpire on the other court wouldnt happen to have a son playing for woodville u/14 would he

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Years ago

My company has just signed a contract with Steve Waugh to do some promotional work for us in the sub-continent.

When I meet him, I just know it'll go like this

"Phizzer, this is Steve Waugh"

Phizzer replies, "Wo wo wo, what is he good for?".

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Big Baller  
Years ago

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Big Baller  
Years ago

OOPS on my last post lol I think the biggest prblem is lack of ref's and the fact that you can't offically do anything about ref's you get the same ref's every week and they get shitty (human nature) with teams and then if this get too bad they report or complain about your team and you or your team is looked upon badly by the leauge if there was a way of reporting ref's like they can to us it wouldnt be so bad but the problem is people may abuse this privilage

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