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2008 NBA Draft

Noticed that Joe Ingles is an early-entry candidate for this year's NBA draft.
Apparently he is currently training in Chicago at the moment. If he has a good pre-draft cam p, then he should do well, but he would be better off IMO playing under Goorj this season and then heading back.

Jawai has not yet nominated for the draft. He is probably our best chance for an Aussie to get drafted this year, but don't count out Aleks Maric either. I reckon he is very much underrated. Can't see Aaron Bruce making the cut though as much as I would like to see him make it.

Who will go No.1? Beasley or Rose???

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Years ago

Depends who get's the 1st pick and what they are after.

Rose very much a PG, while Beasley is more of a LeBron-type (carry, drive, bang bodies) 3-man.

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Years ago

Depends of which team wins the lottery..

If the Sonics, Knicks, Wolves and maybe the Clippers and Heat win the lottery then I think Rose goes number 1.

Any other team wins it, Beasley goes number 1.

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Years ago

TR - if the wolves win the lottery i doubt they would go for Rose. With Telfair and Foye already solid guards along with Jaric i'd say they'd go for Beasley easily.

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Years ago

Right, and Al Jefferson goes to the bench?????

Al doesn't play the middle very well, and is a true PF. Beasley and Al can't play together on the court. Beasley can't play the SF. Both are low block powerforwards, whilst Al has a better power game, Beasley has a better midrange game. The Wolves will not get rid of Al as he was the centerpiece of the KG trade. To move Al means that the Wolves got totally screwed (instead of partially screwed) and will save face by not trading him after signing him to an extension.

It's easier to find a stiff to man the middle then it is to find a true PG.

Foye isn't a true PG, Jaric outright sucks (McHale was an idiot to trade a 1st rounder for him) and Bassy, he'll be getting locked up soon for stupidity.

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Years ago

TR mate, have a look through your posts, are you just making this shit up as you go??? In your first post on Beasley you said.."Beasley is more of a LeBron-type (carry, drive, bang bodies) 3-man." I highlight the 3-man statement in particular. Then you follow that up with the following statement..."Beasley and Al can't play together on the court. Beasley can't play the SF. Both are low block powerforwards.." From memory a 3 man is a small forward!!!
Beasley is 6'10 and plays POWER FORWARD, do your research before commenting champ!

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Years ago

Chill Panther, i said he was a 3-man, not TR. Without sounding like 'one of those people', please do your research before trying to cut someone else down.

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Years ago

Beasley will be no 1- lock that in eddie.
I beleive you take the best player available regardless of position. You can always trade to re-shape your team.
I can't imagine a lottery team that would not be able to fit this guy into their starting 5.
Miami with Wade, Marion and the Beast? Awesome.
Every GM wants another CP3 or D-Will but what if Rose is just another Law or Conly jr?? ouch.

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Years ago

Panther, how about not taking a cheap shot before learning how to read.

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Years ago

Lol..whoops. My bad TR, apologies!

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Years ago

The T'Wolves are the only team I can see picking Rose with the number one pick, everyone else should be going with Beasley ( I don't think there is a chance he is a 3 man in the NBA). For me, this years draft crop is particularly risky for big men, outside of Beasley I am not convinced on how some of these highly rated players such as B Lopez and Speights will go with the transition to NBA basketball.

Christopher Reina has an interesting article on RealGM with his mock draft. Other than his ridiculous predictions on the individuals players chances of becoming a HOF, All Star, etc, his list kind of confirmed my thoughts on how wide open this draft is going to be. After Beasley/Rose there seems to be a drop off in talent, and from there its not going to be clear cut on who gets drafted. A pick in the 10-15 range is just as valuable as a pick in the 5-10 range depending on team needs.

Outside of the top 2, I like OJ Mayo, Nicholas Batum and Serge Ibaka in particular. I really don't understand why players like Anthony Randolph and Kevin Love are thought to be worthy of a top ten pick. Perhaps people who knows a bit more about those players than me could say why, or maybe its just a reflection on how open the draft is.

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Rex Hunt  
Years ago

Panther taking a cheap shot? Surely not.

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Run TMC  
Years ago

Clippers and Wolves are the only two that should even CONSIDER picking Rose, IMO.

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Years ago

Surekly Portland would take Rose with Aldridge and Oden

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Years ago

Rose has done a good enough job in the tournament to be considered a 50/50 proposition (vs Beasley) for the #1 pick now.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, the job Chris Paul and Deron Williams have done with their teams in short time has put a high premium on top-class point guards.

Rose fills a tough spot for teams to find All-NBA players, whereas it is difficult to spot where Beasley fits along the LeBron/Carmelo/Marion/Kenyon Martin spectrum.

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Years ago

Pit Riley said that he will draft Beasly if he could.

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Years ago

Realistically Portland aren't getting that pick tho.

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Years ago

Beasley will be number one because he had one of, if not THE most dominant college season of all time.

He is such a beast it is scary

I believe however, Rose is a better PICK because of the importance of a point guard and his amazing combination of size, strength and athletism has never or very rarely been seen in a point guard. I dare you to name 1 point gaurd that matches his body...its impossible.

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eddie hearts Eric  
Years ago

Eric Gordan anyone. lots of potential in him i reckon

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Years ago

"Beasley will be number one because he had one of, if not THE most dominant college season of all time."

You're getting a bit carried away there sport. Tyler Hansbrough won the Wooden and the Naismith this year so Beasley wasn't even the most dominant THIS season.

Just on the matter of Hansbrough, has there even been such a good college player who's received such little interest from the NBA? Draft Express have got him at 29 in the 2008 mock draft, the guy's gotta be asking himself what more he can do to boost his stocks.

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twenty four  
Years ago

Have better potential?

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Years ago

Hansbrough will be an average NBA player. He's undersize at the 4 position and way too slow to play the 3.

Athleticism is very average and he hasn't got a crazy albatross-like wingspan to make up the difference. As twenty four mentioned, there is a worry that he is as good now as he'll ever be.

He's a great college player, and will go down as one of the best in a Tar Heel jersey, but when playing with the big boys I don't see him doing so well.

He could be the Josh McRoberts of this years draft (if he decides to declare).

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Years ago

But surely the fact he can dominate college means he can bring something to the table against the big boys, sure on paper he might be too small or not athletic enough (although he was the first - and only? - guy to dunk on 7-7 Kenny George so he's surely not that unathletic) but his nous and ability to rise to the occasion surely suggest he'd have more to offer than your average 29th pick. I seem to recall Charles Barkley was a touch on the short side for his position but still managed a pretty tidy career in the big league.

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Years ago

Remember a guy called Ed O'Bannon????

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Years ago

First round of the draft is for
1/ standout players (usually 1-5 picks)
2/ Potential players

Hansbrough will go second round and be a great team guy to come off an NBA bench.

He has Utah written all over him.

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Lloyd Braun  
Years ago

JJ Redick?

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Years ago

Someone will take Hansbrough in the 20-30 range, next year (he's staying for another season). He's never going to blow up, but he'll be able to step in as an immediate contributor, think Brandon Bass, Nick Collison, Leon Powe etc.

This will be worthwhile to at least one contender.

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Years ago

Tyler Hansborough is also a beast, but Im talking about individual dominance, which I know Hansborough still had. He won because he is in the best basketball programme in the states, his team was a number 1 seed. Beasley, averaged more points and more rebounds than any other player who also averaged 20 and 10...and took Kansas State to their first tournament win (by himself).

Look at his game-by-game stats! they scare me...

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rotate on this  
Years ago

Derrick Rose . The ability to build a team around a stud PG ala New Orleans and the difference Deron makes to Utah will be too much for teams to pass up on .

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Years ago

Why would Portland take Rose? They already have both Brandon Roy, who is a superstar IMO and Steve Blake as a backup. Where would Rose fit it? Fact is, he wouldnt!

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M Dizzle  
Years ago

Well with Roy starting at SG as he always has, and Blake backing up at PG, that leaves a spot at PG open perfect for say Derrick Rose to fill......?

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Years ago

M-Wills what a stupid comment. M-Dizzle summed it up perfectly. And you dont want another pf in beasley when you already have lamarcus Aldridge and channing frye developing.

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Years ago

Hansborough is going back to study for another year.

I reckon Beasley will be No.1. Rose will be great too, but Beasley will give a team an immediate lift.

Jawai, Ingles, Maric and Bruce all working out in the US at the present time with a view to getting drafted. Jawai is the best chance IMO, followed by Maric and then Ingles. Can't see Bruce going. In fact I reckon Bruce will sign with Dragons.

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Years ago

lol @ quagmire's first post

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