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Newleys NBA Chances

What do people think of Brad Newleys chances of making the Rockets or another NBA roster this offseason? I'm not sure but if he show considerable improvement, shich I think he will, he should be able to impress. Thoughts?

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Is that you, Brad?

Seriously, just about non-existent. Players like Newley are a dime-a-dozen worldwide ie. his strength and athleticism aren't outstanding for his size, so he'll never be a good enough defender or finisher in NBA terms. He'd need to be a dead-eye shooter to demand court time, and he's not that either. Can he play PG? No. Can he rebound against NBA behemoths? No. You've got to be a class above at something to make the grade in the NBA. Slim to none, says I.

Ogilvy and Mills are the next most likely Aussie NBAers.

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As much as I'd hate to say it, I too think Newley is unlikely to make it to the NBA. That doesn't mean he is not a great player, I think he is more suited to the European style of game rather than that of the physical US style.
I actually think that Aleks Maric is a serious shot at being drafted in the 2nd round of this year's NBA draft, and unlike Newley I reckon he can secure a place on a roster. If he doesn't, he will command big buckls in Europe.
Jawai is all but guaranteed to be selected in this year's draft. However he could end up in Europe or the D-League to more finely tune his skills.
Our next genuine NBA prospect is Ogilvy, he will be a first rounder in the '09 draft, and Mills to follow in 2010 draft IMO.
Ingles just doesn't exhibit the desire and work ethic required to make it. He spends just as much if not more time in the bars of Melbourne rather than working on his game.

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Years ago

how do u know that about ingles hoody?

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Years ago

Hoody you are a complete moron.
Joe spends 2-3 times a day doing some sort of training.
Dont talk shit about people you dont even know anything about.
AND he will get to the NBA.

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Mr Black  
Years ago

Fisrtly, Newls in the NBA would ride a bench for a few seasons, see a tiny bit of junk time, and be cut and then get his ass back to Europe. Its the truth people, accept it and move on.

Hoody is right, Og will be in the NBA. The guy is ready, and his type of player is in demand, but I think Nathan Jawai will beat him to it, and will likely got mid 2nd round next year.

As for Hoodys statement about Newls...

"He spends just as much if not more time in the bars of Melbourne rather than working on his game"

Well, i have been going to the bars in Melbourne for over ten years and have NEVER seen him, so that is just pure horseshit.

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Years ago

Have to agree with Hoody to a degree. I have seen Ingles wasted on nights after games at hotspots in Melbourne. He frequently can be seen tanked at "The Loft" (Lonsdale St).

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AJ, Marics, Jawai and Mills are the only NBA prospects currently.

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Ingles is a prospect too, just less likely to make it.
I hope he does for the sake of Aussie basketball.
Good luck to Newley too as I'd like to see him get there - even if he does sit on the bench.

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I don't mean to be harsh, but I think Newley doesn't really have much chance of making the NBA. I'm slightly suprised he was even drafted, seeing as he never really dominated in the NBL. Sure, he was a good player here, and is worthy of our national team, but he's nothing special when you think of NBA-standard players, even

He isn't really outstanding at anything, and as others have said, players like him are dime-a-dozen worldwide, so I don't know what exactly the Rockets see in him. That may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but unless he improves greatly (and I mean a long way) both skill-wise and physically (strength etc.), he probably won't ever make an NBA roster. And by make I don't mean "play here and there and ride the bench some more" a la Andrew Gaze. I mean be a regular bench player at least. Gaze was that when he was with the Bullets and Spurs, but he was more regularly on the bench than actually playing, as far as I can tell.

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Dandy, stick to one alias...

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