Johnny Sack
Years ago

Karl Malone - Dodgiest NBA player ever???

I knew that Malone wasn't keenest mind to play pro sports - he was a great player but...

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We can all remember the accusations that Kobe levelled against the mailman a few years ago - which was more for the purposes of making his indiscretions look better... but a 13yo???... Maybe it's not so shocking in the Deep South - he's lucky he wasn't charged (i'd imagine would have never played NBA - hell he might have come to the NBL to play for the Cats and the Hawks!!!).

I hope that Demetrius didn't inherit his old man's titanic itellect -

P.S. - The writer looks uncannilly like Yinka Dare...

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

I fail to see how having a child out of wedlock reflects on his ability as a basketball player.

Sounds like a bad case of sour grapes combined with a large dose of tall poppy syndrome.

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Sorry - but a 13 year old??? And having the gall to disinvolve himself in the kids life??? (Sorry mate but if you reckon that's sour grapes then one of us has a serious issue with our morality compass)...

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

BTW - I just noticed the "Need to add a link?" button... Sorry...

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Years ago

Fill Smythe is probably wishing there was a 'need to edit a post?' button...

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Years ago

i think you mean moral compass- lol
morality isn't a word.... unless you're american and like to make up words and add "ity" on the end of everything.

(Mod: Morality is a word. FYI: Morality (from the Latin moralitas "manner, character, proper behavior") is the learning process of distinguishing between virtues and vices.)

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B Fresh  
Years ago

uh oh! Grammar Patrol!

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

J Sack,
Dodgiest NBA player ever was YOUR title. Again I ask, whats that got to do with his personal life aside from the fact that people like youself like to drag down others who have acheived more in their lives than you've acheived in yours.

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Fair play on the title (- admittedly i did add the "???" (See Deadwood season 1 - "Smallpox in Deadwood???"))... Anyways suffice to say i was pretty shocked by this (i only found it for the first time this arvo - clearly it is is fairly well known in some circles) - but come on EC i'm not stating anything that is not common knowledge (by the sounds of it)... I guess part of me is just disappointed in Karl... Always rated him as a player (and that is tainted for mine -) - and i'll leave it at that...

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Not much there really. Plenty of people don't claim their children (esp NBA players), and there are certainly plenty of sexually active 13 year olds out there. How do we even know that Karl knew the girl was 13 anyway.

Obvious that the writer has a chip on his shoulder due to him not knowing his Daddy til he was 40. way, awesome...hell yeah!

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Years ago

stockton to malone - if Malone was a sofmore in college that would put him at what, 19? It's not cool for a 13yo to be impregnated by a 19yo, whether or not he knew her exact age is larely irrelevent, he must have known she was far to young to be fooling round with.

If you're any older than about 15 then I find your post deeply distubing.

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Years ago

stockton to malone... end of the day you are a sicko if you don't find a 13 year old female having a child to a 19 year old male disturbing.

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Years ago

Terrible situation, yes. Dodgiest NBA player ever? No.

Great line from my all-time favourite basketball book "Golden Boys" about Stockton and Malone.

"The Mormans of Utah loved Stockton and Malone. Of course, one being Catholic and the other being a Baptist, they'd never get into Heaven, but it didn't matter, as long as they got into the Playoffs."

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Life's more complicated than it looks so don't judge the guy in black and white. Life is grey. There's reasons behind people's actions and unless you've walked a mile in Karl's shoes, it's a bit harsh to stand in judgement on him as a person. Sure, bag his basketball ability but not the person. That said, it's not a good look (she was 13!) and he then went on to father twins in high school as well, and now takes them into his family but not the other kid. I'm confused.

Anyways, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Happy chucking, folks.

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No Duets  
Years ago

Johnny Sack, You must hate Jimmy Barnes after his treatment of his son David Campbell.

But anyone scallywag can have a kid but only a Man can have a son.

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Years ago


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What a prick (assuming these are actually the facts).

For anyone trying to justify it- the girl is 13. 13!

He's lucky he doesn't live in Australia or his ass would be going to jail for statutory rape.

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Years ago

Never knew that Cheryl Ford was his daughter either..

Good luck to his son.

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Years ago

the Mailman sure DELIVERS !!!

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