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Basketball collectibles

Has anyone got any good basketball-related stuff they've collected over the years? Like tops or cards or signed posters, etc?

What's your favourite basketball related item?

What do you wish you had?

Is there anything you want to sell or trade for?

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Years ago

i collected 112 Hakeem Olajuwon bball cards in my foolish youth and if iwerre to sell them id prob make 25 bucks

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Liam Flynn  
Years ago

I have a signed game worn shoe from Amare Stoudemire. Might give it a whirl on ebay if he cracks the All NBA team

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Years ago

oh yeah i have a ball signed by all the 6ers from last year- i was hoping they would win it all and increase the value of it! What 1st round and out? DOH!

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Years ago

Ed Nealy and Kurt Rambis cards have to be worth something more than just a laugh these days!

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Years ago

I have a Mark Davis '94 "super sixers" signed bball card :P

And also a '96-'97 signed 36ers team bball.

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Years ago

Ive got a signed Magic Johnson Lakers singlet

and nup - no way amd I trading or selling it ;)

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Camel Toe  
Years ago

I have a Tree Rollins card

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Years ago

i have about ten sets of old, early 90s basketball cards. plus 300+ Chris Webber cards. But the best of the lot id have is an hakeem olajuwon card, with a misprint, looks like a photo blur on the back of his head, but its not on any others, dont know what its worth, but misprints are meant to be valuable. anyone with any ideas???

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Years ago

My ex wife has Darnell Mee and Kevin Brooks autographed Nuggets cards....she has albums full of cards from the days the basketball was highly sort after.

She has hologram ones, al lot of the special ones...I *THINK* I recall see a Jordan rookie card.

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Years ago

I have the Sports Illustrated Michael Jordan Sportsman of the Year Issue which on the front cover had him in a hologram. Dated back in the mid ninties.

Also a 1983 program of the Adelaide Thirty Sixers, coached by Mick Osborne, and before their amalgamation with Westies playing against (can't remember) at Apollo

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Years ago

I have signed Luc Longley pic from when he played for the Bulls

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h to tha izzo  
Years ago

Ha, I beat you all!! I have Lebron James' autograph from when he was playing high school ball. He signed the object "LeBron 'King' James". Beat that...

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Satish Dogra  
Years ago

I've got:

a) the shotgun Dennis Rodman sat in his car with when he made his mind up to become weird;

b) a tape of Sam McKinnon hitting a jumpshot

c) some hairs from Mark Eaton's beard

d) a few holes from the nets from the rings from Court One of the old Forestville stadium

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Years ago

Ive got yellow paint on the bottom of my shoe from the hack morphetvale stadium

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Shaquille O'neal  
Years ago

Sup bros, I have myself. Beat that!

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Years ago

Satish and Cheezeburger...very funny!
And Yogee..i'd be asking to take a closer look at that Jordan Rookie card and perhaps slippin it up your sleeve!!!

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Years ago

"what jordan rookie card" ;)

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Streets Disciple  
Years ago

Does anyone remember that Johnny Killroy card AKA MJ????? gotta be worth a few $$$$
Also I have a Jermaine Oneal game worn jersey card!!!!

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Years ago

Yogee, i have a Jordan Rookie card aswell- they were selling as protocopies for $25.

Looks just like the real one but heres the trick....if you hold the 84 version there should be a fuzzy material feel to the back of the card.

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Years ago

I'm sure that the original MJ rookie cards are worth a S**tload. In mint condition of course.

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Years ago

MJ signed singlet framed... plus other sporting memorabilia not related to bball..

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Years ago

My Magic Johnson rookie card is may most treasured possession, besides my wedding & engagement rings.

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Years ago

I also have a signed 36ers ball from the 2000/01 season, which was a nice surprise 30th birthday present, presented to me by The Catt.

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Here's my list.
1) Entire set of Original Dream Team bball cards from the Barelona Games.

2) Signed Michael Jordan photo, with Jordan wearing the #45 Singlet vs Indiana Pacers.

3) Signed Shaq photo when he was playing with Orlando.

4) Shaq rookie card.

5) Larry Johnson 1st Round draft pick rookie card.

6) Signed Kurt Rambis Card. As well as loads of other Kurt Rambis signed memorabilia including the 'Rambis Phone' DIAL 1900-HUSSLE!

and the most prized piece...

7) The sign from the old sturt stadium that reads...
"Management reserves the right to evict anyone from this stadium for any ring hanging"

# 7 is NOT for sale...

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Satish Dogra  
Years ago

Here's some other things I have:

a) a tape of Sam McKinnon caring about the result of a NBL game

b) a tape of BRAD McKinnon playing in an NBL game

c) the original copy of the first paternity suit filed against Shawn Kemp, signed by the mother AND the child

d) the scoreboard Wilt Chamberlain kept in his bedroom to keep track of his...activities.

e) the mask Bill Laimbeer whatever year that was for the Pistons (still encrusted with flecks of Bill's saliva and other bodily fluids)

f) a copy (not original) of Yinka Dare's autopsy report

g) a copy of the letter 'H' before Akeem Olajuwon stuck it on the front of his name

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Years ago

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Years ago

1. I've got an Sydney 2000 basketball cap signed by the 2000 Aussie Olympic b-ball team.

2. SIXERS jerseys signed by their players.

1. is definately not for sale!!!



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Satish Dogra  
Years ago


That's a great (and funny) picture, but I'd be even more impressed if you could post a picture of Wilt Chamberlain's bedroom.

And just a little bit worried. :)

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Years ago

Found that photo here -- an NBA feature on players wearing masks...

"Wilt's bedroom that occupies the entire second floor in which the 72-square-foot bed is the most commanding feature. At the touch of one of the many electronic devices in the room, a triangular mirror above the bed rolls back enabling the Big Dipper to see the Big Dipper on a clear night."

Photo of the retractable triangular ceiling window:

Not only do I have a photo of Wilt Chamberlain's bedroom -- I can give you a virtual tour. :P

Ahh, the internet...

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Satish Dogra  
Years ago

Good get, Isaac.

Of course, I'm not going to say how I happen to have the scoreboard in my possession - but I'd be willing to trade it for that mirror.

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Years ago

i got a signed 36ers bball from the 99-00 season... wanna buy?

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Years ago

Photo of some stuff (too big to insert inline).

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Years ago

can u plz fix that up!

thats just some small gadgets i have

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Years ago

1992-93 Lakers team photo
Signed by Doug Christie
Lakers hologram, papers etc.

1992-93 Oak Hill Academy
Basketball Prospectus
(at time #1 ranked high school in US)
Signed by the whole team
Including Gerry Stackhouse

August 1993 Honolulu
Pete Newell Big Man's Camp
Group photo of around 20 players.
Signed by..

Pete Newell
Danny Manning
Rodney Rogers
Patrick Ewing
Shawn Kemp
Vlade Divac
+ 3 others I can't remember

Shaq was at the camp but isn't in the photo because he fell off a Moped (scooter) the day before and grazed his legs.

My brother has a letter wishing him all the best from Bob Knight.

Got no idea what any of it's worth.

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Years ago

Jerry with a J oops.

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Years ago

I got a book about basketball by John Wooden signed by John Wooden..

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middle stump  
Years ago

brandon williams looks like an extra for phantom of the opera !

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middle stump  
Years ago

just off basketball for a sec...

we have -

a large (metre x metre) framed photo of the 1901 grand final in progress at adelaide oval port v norwood.
full team photo (handle bar moustaches, knickerbockers etc)

"smoke social" invitation from 1912 at port adelaide - bring your own pipe and crevat.

season ticket pad from 1914 - yes they had season tickets then !

plus many more boater hat team photos of port adelaide from early 1900s

silver commemorative tea set of port adelaide fc champions of australia c 1910

SANFL have said they would like to stick some pitures in board room at footypark

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Signed cards of Moses Malone, James Worthy, Todd Lichti, Adrian Dantley, Kurt Rambis and Reggie Theus.

Michael Jordan cards in his #12 jersey against Orlando (his #23 was stolen that day).

But the big one is: a Terry Dozier redemption card from the 1990 (or 1991?) NBL "Best of Both Worlds" series, telling how Dozier scored six points in a game against the Lakers.

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Years ago

Wow, I don't have anything (just thought it would be an interesting topic).

Where have you guys found all this stuff? eBay? At games? Gifts?

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king kong  
Years ago

got a signed michael jordan photo that i won in the south adelaide basketball club raffle in the mid 90's

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Years ago

Signed Hersey Hawkins card from when he came to Adelaide on some NBA promotional thing, he signed it right in front of my eyes at Rowe and Jarman!!

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Floor board from Apollo

Signed Spurs Hat by George Gervin and Johnny Moore.

1986 Mark Davis and Wayne Carrol cards that came in a set of Taco's.

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I was wondering if anyone out there know how many people attended of former Detrroit Piston Jerry Stackhouse and his wife Ramirra? and when and where was the held?

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Years ago

Where's that rabbit with the pancake when you need it?

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Years ago

will some 1 send me a piture of lebron at this email airm123 please

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Years ago

im onley 11 4 real

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Years ago


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Years ago

I have a Detlef Schrempf jersey from when he was playing at portland.

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Rex Hunt  
Years ago

I have a Tree Rollins jersey when he was playing at Orlando

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Years ago

Has anyone got any old games on video/dvd?

I have burnt copies of

- Larry Bird scoring 60 vs Hawks
- Jordan scoring 63 vs Boston
- Jordan scoring 55 vs Knicks in 95
- All Aust vs USA games from 96 until now
- Drazen Petrovic scoring 60 in Euroleague final in late 80's
- Lakers vs Sixers from 1986 - features Magic, Barkley, Dr J, Worthy, Byron Scott, Moses Malone

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Years ago

Haha... old games. I have the '87 and '89 All Star Games on vhs.

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BBall Fan 2K  
Years ago

does anyone have any of the old Shaq commercials of reebok.... You know- Dont fake the funk on a nasty dunk? and the old jordan commercials, Grant Hill & Sprite?

If so, let me know, i want it, making a DVD with Shaq, Jordan and Grant Hill Clips. Willing to give a free copy ofcourse, its for my personal use.

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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

i have in the past downloaded the full set of 6-8 nike commercials with Spike Lee and Jordan. "Its gotta be the shoes!" hunt around on the nike site, and you might get lucky.

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Years ago

They are no longer available online at Nike. Trust me i have tried!!

If you like i could possibly send you some of the ones you want however they are about 1.2 meg each!

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Years ago

I have a pair of Patrick Ewing high tops. Bought in the Melb markets for $50. Some guy had them in his cupboard for 12 years

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Years ago

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Years ago

I like you and my friends don't like you.

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Years ago

who wants to sell any jordan signed stuff

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Years ago

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Years ago
These are for sales. ALL as 1 LOT.

please email me if you're insterested. [email protected]

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Years ago

can any one help me out. I have over 100 basketball cards from 80's to 90's with larry bird.michael jordon,magic johnson. i want to sell them but dont know how much they are worth.

(Mod: I think this person is in the US. Any local valuers are unlikely to be of much help.)

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Years ago

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Years ago

SOrry about the other HTML, here are some items that I am willing to sell, e-mail me @[email protected] if interested.

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Greg Brame  
Years ago

Yes I have a 1989 NBA Hoops, James Worthy All-Star card Autographed in silver sharpie
I got it at a local card show....and I want to sell.!

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Years ago

hey john, i got a Fleer Jordan Rookie for sale. Anyone else interested in buying should email me too. Ciao

P.S [email protected]

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Years ago

well i have an autographed shoe from Jason Terry of the Dallas Mavs and nope, im not gunna sell it or trade it! ;)

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Years ago

I have 2006/07 topps hobby boxes nba trading cards for sale. 36 packs per box, 12 cards per pack. Factory sealed, fresh from cases.
great boxes, Auto's, rookies.
If interested give me an email
[email protected]

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Years ago

anyone with info on a 1994 best of both worlds lanard copeland redemption card?

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Years ago

i have a misprint bonzi wells all-rookie team. (impulse '98) #49

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Years ago

i have a misprint bonzi wells all-rookie team. (impulse '98) #49

lookin to sell

best offer



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Years ago

I'm not sure if it's worth anything so please let me
know but I have Terry Doziers autograph

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Years ago

I have #53 Mark Eaton, autographed converse playing shoes. What do you think they might be worth?

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