Princess Fiona
Years ago

SASI fitness test

The SASI fitness test was held last night (Thurs 8/5/08)

I was suprised that this test had been penciled in 4 days after the state champs.

When I arrived to pick up my son I was not really suprised to see so many kids standing on the side lines injured and quite a few missing all together.

With the huge weekend the kids have just had, combined with club, SASI and state training I feel common sense should prevail and this testing should be either put off for two weeks or brought forward by two weeks. Some kids are also still fighting for a state spot, so the timing really does baffle me. The information gathering I understand, it is just the pounding these young bodies are recieving right now is IMO over the top.

Could this test be made at a better time? Is the timing of this test some how linked to national testing, therefore cancelling out any chance of finding a better time?

For the record, I am a supporter of the program in general, the timing of this test just seems to be off.

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Years ago

"it is just the pounding these young bodies are recieving right now is IMO over the top."

How long does the fitness test take again?? State Champs finished Monday. How many days ago is that. Great Post. Gold Fiona.

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Years ago

I agree with you Fiona in the next 2-3 yrs some of these kids will be looking at going to college or even, heaven forbid, the AIS.

Colleges, especially in pre-season, give the kids a week off here and there.

One of the best things about this time of yr is that it qualifies to the kids (and parents) whether they really want to play elite level basketball. Its like a job interview. Many will choose not to and that is fine most will choose to go on and most of those will make it to the ABL level. SOme will go onto the AIS, good colleges or the NBL/WNBL.

Fiona, I did rather enjoy your post though.

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Years ago

Anon above

What a load of crap - most kids won't go on to ABA level quite simply because they reach that age where they think for themselves and basketball is no longer a priority to them. Most kids going to SASI in the age groups I've seen are shit scared of the consequences if they don't go. Granted it has its good points but when a dictator runs it, levels of mediocricy are achievd particularly when a lot of the better kids choose not to go. Who else would run a program at 4pm on a weekday when parents work! My kid has passed through the system now and does play ABA so I know what I have observed. It is the same as 5 years ago. I love the concept of getting a kid to sign a contract - what genius pigmy dreamt that up.
One or two kids may go on to AIS but everyone knows who picks those. The problem with basketball is that it has no end product and kids once not needed to serve a coaches purpose or are old enough to realize how the system works choose to play other sports.

To run tests when they did does not surprise. They would have had some strange logic behind it. There is a saying in life and that is - everyone at some stage reaches their own level of incompetence. For some that run the game this is obviously so true.

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Years ago

SASI whinge for May - check.

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Princess Fiona  
Years ago

(#185722) The test only went for two hours. Combine that with SASI training (2 hours), club training (2 hours), State training (2 hours plus), State champ games (normally timed games and a minimum or 3 played)and school training (1 hour)plus this weekends games; as a parent you obviously have a gun of a kid that can do all of that with spare energy to burn & without injury? Lucky you, your gonna have a rich kid!

If the test was put put off for two weeks the timing would have been better suited to the children.

If the test was brought forward by two weeks there would probably not have been so many kids standing on the side lines injured from a tough weekend and therefore testing results would have taken in more kids. If the test was the week before state champs only the very seriously injured would have stood out.

My son improved on every test compared with his last one, but the walking wounded from the weekend tells me that the timing is off.

If you cant acknowlege that the timing may have been off then prehaps you are actually part of the problem, not the solution.

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Years ago

Princess Fiona,

Fitness testing is probably less tiring than an actual training.

They do sit and reach, height weight and arm length, flexibility. That must really take it out of kids.

They do a 20 metre sprint in under 4 seconds. Tough.

Vertical jump takes about 30 seonds. Wow

Suicide in 30 seconds. Oh no

Agility test is about 6 seconds. Killer

The beep test takes about max 14 minutes. I guess this test is what you are complaining about.

Of the players not doing the testing in my sons age group, It was the usual kids that miss every week. Saw about 5 others sitting out.

I guess that I see SASI as a selection process for higher possibilities, not that it is any guarentee. But being able to give your best when a little tired must count for something. Doing 3 times per year gives the kids a change to track their improvement. My son got a pb in 3 of the tests, so he's actually pretty happy with himself.

I guess most of all I feel sorry for your kid. Having a negative parnet who doesn't want their kid pushed will probably be their undoing. But it's all your choice I guess.

My suggestion is next time don't let them do it.

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Dear Fiona  
Years ago

Testing is actually much easier than a normal session. The players actually do a lot of sitting around (due to the fact that there are 100 of them and only 6 or so are active at any given time) waiting for the next test, and several short bursts of activity.

2 weeks earlier, holidays, 1 week earlier State Champs games.

If you were a supporter of the program you would have put the above in an email to the SASI coach rather than on here where you know the trolls (eg 185737) will feed on it.

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Belly Laugh  
Years ago


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Years ago

Health or fitness in perspective,after the last few days I would rather Health. The most talented under 16 girl from SAC has been dealt a devastating blow.She is in intensive care for a blood clot, she has been invited to the AIS. She is a true champion basketballer and kid.May all our positive thought be with her and her family.All of the above discussions do seem insignificant.

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Years ago

Oblivious, if by incomptetnce you mean has been the most successful in providing opportunity for athlete's from ITC programs to the AIS you would be right. Get your facts straight, SASI provides more players to the AIS than any other ITC program in Australia. It is haters like you that can't understand what kids need to compete at that level, which would be why your kid didn't get that opportunity.

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Princess Fiona  
Years ago

(#185746) your saying Im negative? Because I put up for debate that the timing should be looked at?

You really, truly feel sorry for my son because in your opinion, Im negative?

It seems that some people are happy with so many kids standing on the sidelines not participating because of injury; how are these kids improving their PB's?

Better timing of the test could well have meant that more kids were tested last night. Would more kids being tested be seen as negative?

Speaking with some parents from my sons age group last night I know that I am not alone in my thinking.

I did not think my concern for the timing of the test after a grueling weekend could be construed as negitive.

As long as you had a fit child improving on their PB's, nothing else obviously matters.

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Princess Fiona  
Years ago

(#185759) I fully understand. I do feel that the grueling work load mentioned above may have some significance with your point.

Our thoughts are with her.

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Dear Fiona  
Years ago

"I did not think my concern for the timing of the test after a grueling weekend could be construed as negitive."

But the manner in which you expressed your concerns is inappropriate. Again an email to the appropriate person would have been more appropriate.

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Years ago

"Again an email to the appropriate person would have been more appropriate."

But the appropriate person may* not respond/react in a way that's appropriate....


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Softly Softly.  
Years ago

(#185767)Yeah good advice, NOT.

Never ask a question. Even a request for extra information. You will be percieved as a trouble maker and an interfeering parent.

My experiance.

Now roll on the "your kid didnt make it then?" posts.

Wait and see.

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Dear Fiona  
Years ago

Well Softly, Softly you have indeed been soft in taking the easy option by posting here rather than going straight to the appropriate person. You are soft in my opinion and you are indeed perceived as a troublemaker by me for posting on here when not necessary.

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Years ago

Facts - #185763

Get some facts right your self. Not all the best kids do ITC as THEY do not want to do your so called elite program. They go and exel at other sports. Thats what my lad did and he has been playing league footy now for 3 years. He got drafted but then cut. So he was not good enough first time round for AFL. He will try again. He chose not to "be at that level" or be dictated to in a basketball program that stifles kids own individuality. He played state nationals so he was good enough when he wanted to be - like many kids are. What level did you reach facts or are you one of these self interested coaches floating around in the system. FYI I played both state bball and league footy through the 70'-80's so I am aware of "that level".

You may find mr facts man that it is people of your enormous ineptitude that are the reason why this great game in this state is going backwards. Shrinking like a pigmy.

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Years ago

(#185781) Is that you Niel?

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Years ago

Oblivious, Can you then explain why SASI produces more AIS basketball players than other ITC programs? PS A majority of AIS scholarships (more than 90%) are ITC athlete's.

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Years ago

Is SASI still relevant? Have or do results at Australian Junior Championships justify the existence of SASI. I am not involved with any clubs. I don't have any children that have or will attend SASI.
It seems to me that a great many people get on this sight and complain about SASI. I attend a lot of games and I hear many people saying that the people running SASI are out of touch and are only perpetuating their own positions at SASI and that they are 'confrontational' and 'dictatorial' in their methods regarding coaching/training regimes.
I have also observed that the people at SASI are "in thick" with the people at the AIS (just watch the 'clique' at a National Championship)and a players chances of attending the AIS are diminished if they don't attend SASI or don't come from a club that the SASI coaches "endorse" or "were associated with".
I note that the Lightning are supporting a "Girls Academy" style group under the tutelage of Sam Woosnam. Will this replace SASI?
It would be nice (but probably unrealistic) if this post is replied to in a positive manner and people put forward options for the future of basketball in SA. It seems to me that SASI is NOT THE ANSWER!

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Deafening Silence  
Years ago

*Tapping and blowing into microphone* Is this thing on? *Sounds of crickets chirping in the background*

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Years ago

The National Intensive Training Centre Program (NITCP) is run by SASI in SA. It exists solely as an underpinning program to the AIS. I say that again, that is its sole purpose. State programs are not of SASI's concern.

SASI produces more AIS athletes than any other NITC program. Therefore by definition it is doing its job, regardless of what the vocal minority on here think. Agree or disagree, like or dislike, whatever your view, it is doing what it is supposed to do.

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Years ago

To quote another thread;

"One day the state government might actually ban employees from surfing the web instead of doing their job"

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Years ago

Dear fiona

give up !!!!!

Good effort though.....

If ya kid wants to do it encourage them. If they don't.... well and good. As long as they enjoy what they are doing.

Tip - don't have an opinion on here, there are a lot of closed minded souls around.

live for the moment !!!!!!

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Bugger me; it must be the only time I have ever agreed with Victorian.

(185767, (185737)& (185812), The coast is clear. I think the Gov employees have knocked off now.

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By the way, all those supposedly in the know never did answer one of the 1st posters questions.

"Is the timing of this test some how linked to national testing, therefore canceling out any chance of finding a better time?"

Seems to me if the answer was "linked to national" then end of story, kiss and make up.

If the answer is "what we say goes" then wake up!

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Years ago

'that lot r never wrong' you must be a government employee if you are on here then? I am not and I am on here. So there you go - takes all kinds.

Anyway, at the risk of being drummed down. My daughter has had a little experience of SASI as an under 15. She loves it, so do the other kids I transport to and fro.

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Years ago

As I understand it, the testing would have occured last week, but there were State Champs games scheduled. Not sure about interstate, but SASI have tested on the same weeks each year, so I would assume the test is done to be consistant year to year.

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Years ago

PF; Yes some would agree another week would have been best. However, I think for the athletes, the testing wasn't too daunting, beep/shuttle aside which most don't want to do anytime.

I congratulate you for bringing it up but suggest you try contacting Neil and get his perspective and, as long as he's eaten , you'll survive the experience and may get a better insight into the why's and when's of SASI trainings.

Posters/ responders here will always bag you despite your genuine concerns and that's the price of a public forum, don't take it personally.

As to SASI's worth and the claim it produces the "most" AIS basketballers, I think the claim is somewhat exaggerated.
AIS intakes recently however suggest the VICs have some merit in there assertions that the present Head Coach can't see past SA country with very worthy canditates omitted.

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(#185849) I am thinking that the best kids get picked; country or metro should not make one scrap of difference.

(#185845) I think maybe you missed the point to my jibe.

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Years ago

Four from one team that finished 10th or 11th, come on!

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So you are questioning the talent that the 4 picked kids have?

You would have picked another 4 then, perhaps just all metro?

It is a shame that we sometimes tend to forget that despite the other team being called "country", they still do actually represent SA and have as much right to selection as any other kid in Australia.

If the Guru's are not picking the most talented kids to package off for the AIS then I dare say their days are numbered.

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Frogga 55  
Years ago

A) Was acyually 3 from the SAC team.

B) Maybe it says more about their coach for the tournament than their ability.

Scholarships are now actually selected more from performce at National Junior Camps. Nationals Junior Camps are selcted from the National tournaments.

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Years ago

It probably says more about the links country have with Dean Kinsman than anything else.

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Years ago

185889 - spoken like a bitter metro parent

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