Robert Horry does it again

A dirty play on a key player on the opposite team (for the second year in a row), is there no level this thug won't stoop to.

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Years ago

It all stops in the decider game 7. Hornerts are coming!

Well I hope they beat em

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Years ago

hey dont blame it on horry he learns from the master BRUCE BOWEN!.

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mr clutch  
Years ago

excellent resiging of the season vet. everyone thought his career was over. comes through in the clutch once again

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Years ago

It was a solid playoff screen, nothing more. West should have the sh*ts with his team mates for not calling the screen. Yeah, West has a bad back, but it's playoffs.

Last year was a cheap shot no doubt, but it was last year, need to move on ELG..

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Years ago

TR, you truly are out of your mind. It was CLEARLY a shot aimed at West's back.

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Years ago

From memory Horry had set a pick and West has backed into Horry.. Nothing wrong with standing your ground.

West entered the game with a pinched nerve so his back was already stuff and he been effecting him all game.

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Years ago


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Years ago

Wow, so bad. Firstly, watch Horry after the foul, he just walks off.

Secondly, you KNOW its intentional given that the ball was being passed into him and he gave up the play on the ball to make the contact.

This is why I hate the spurs.

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

The playoffs are a different game. In the 80's know one would even blink an eye at horrys so called 'bump' on nash and this incident. the L has gone soft

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Years ago

The positive spin is that's a veteran play by a guy who's been around the traps.
The negative spin is that's a bitch move by a guy who's lost his athleticism and has to get by on cheap plays.
I'm backing the latter.
Smart but cheap.

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Years ago

Looking at the vid Horry just stands his ground. If he didnt have a bad back it prob wouldnt have made much difference to West at all. West actually looks like he jumps backwards, not even looking where he's going.

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Years ago

That's a cheap shots as far as I'm concerned, instead of attempting to catch the pass that comes in to him Horry just nails the guy going for the ball in the back.

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Years ago

Robert Horry just stood there. (Slightly leaning in yes, but clearly a screen stance)

That is not a cheap shot what so ever, get over it, Spurs won. Listen to the commentary after aswell, Robert Horry did not do a flagarent worthy foul.

Hornets will win in 7.

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Years ago

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Years ago

Nothing in it.........just a cheap foul

If he was intentionally out to hurt West he wouldve thrown the elbow into the back

Is the NBA getting soft?

Turiaf gets thrown out for a hard foul

Horry gets called for this

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Graeme LeBroy  
Years ago

Soft... nothing in that at all. If that is a cheap shot, then I'd hate to see most of your reactions to a real cheap shot.

Horry is a true veteran, I love his game!!!

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PHD in SHot  
Years ago

he stood his ground and set the screen!!
as it has been siad before if it was any other time and west didnt have a sore back already nothin would have happened
horry has had a great career and is a great player!

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kidding me  
Years ago

Not much in guys are pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Years ago

Lesson learned! There are lots of Spurs fans on HoopsSA.

Im book marking this thread for when Wortho puts a sneaky shot on a sixer.

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Years ago

Spurs fan or not, Horry did nothing flagarent worthy.
What's wrong with a backdoor screen?

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Years ago

Hey Kad. there are plenty of Netball clubs you can join if you think the game is too rough for you. Im not a spurs fan, but it sounds like you have a case of sour grapes.

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Years ago

As Michael Wilbon said on PTI the other day, apart from this incident, and the Nash one, what else has Horry done that was really 'dirty' during the rest of his long career?

I agree with Wilbon, in that I hardly think he should be labelled as a 'dirty player', when the majority of his career he's been clean. I also agree with Wilbon that if it was Tim Duncan setting the screen, we probably wouldn't even be talking about it, because he's so squeaky clean (ie didn't have an incident last year) and is a much better player, we assume he wouldn't have negative intentions.

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I would like to think Tim duncan would have caught the ball and did a fundamental post move for 2 points.

And if you know a dude's got a sore back, why attack it? that's not sportsmanlike at all.

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Years ago

Man, that was seriously stuff all.

West- "you aint hurt- your pathetic, i see you actin a fool again, i'm a introduce you to my friend pain. Urgh.. GETS SOME NUTS!"

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PHD in shot  
Years ago

Watch the footage again, manu was not passing to horry, he threw it hard and was passing to the corner and hit the backboard seriously look how hard it was thrown! it was a back screen get over it

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Years ago

bunch of crybabies. It's playoffs .. you play hard, stand your ground and play hard defence.

If you think that's tough you should see the 80s .. the Laker-Celtics rivary or the "Jordan rules" OF Detroit in the 90s. Good hardcore bball theway it should b

These guys get paid millions, they are over 6.5 230 big men ... if they can't take shots then this league is SOFT !!! .. hell MMA,boxing and even soccer guys get hit harder in every game ... !!!

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