Years ago

What moves do chicago make now????

Now that chicago has derrick rose running the point what trades should they make to help them become a playff threat???

Personally i think if they can offload hinrich and som other for a solid centre they will be alright maybe a hinrich for camby deal

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Years ago

get Lebron James to sign on free agency so the NBA can get the Chicago BULLS and the good old' 23 back again !! .. why not NBA has their Lakers-Celtics rivalry back ...why NOT the Bulls for the next logical step .. that and getting the Knicks relevent again and they can relive the GLORY DAYS of the late 80s/90s once again !!!

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Years ago

Dcanwade, minor problem....

If Lebron went to Chicago he'd have to change his number, I think SOMEONE had that particular number retired?

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Years ago

Use Hinrich and/or Gordon (S&T) for a decent powerforward that can play some offence out of the low-block. No point in going for a PF like Dirk who plays in the mid-range or outside.

Resigning Deng is a must, and Gordon would be a good if possible, but if it came down to only one, then Gordon goes in a S&T, and finger crossed a TE will come with it.

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Years ago

If i'm a GM i'm grabbing Hinrich first chance i get.

Solid point with shooting touch and tough on D.

Why have so many people made him the scape goat of this situation?

He is way more a player than Gordon and would be awesome next to Rose... just try and trap a team with two point guards, both over 6'3.

They need a solid, long, def orientated big man- and should look to move Gordon to get him, or perhaps a FA...

Or they could of drafted the best college freshman ever, kept Hinrich and Gordan in the backcourt, with the Beast down low and Thomas off the bench... idiots.

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mr clutch  
Years ago

Hinrich, Deng for Harford, Bibby

Mid level Exception Diop

Thomas + Gray + plenty of second round picks for Battier

PG Rose/Bibby - Can split minutes, Bibby can teach him the straps

SG Thabo/Gorden/Hughes - Thabo is a future all star with a developing shot, already an elite defender. Gorden and Hughes are disposable at the right price.

SF Battier/Nocioni - Battier is the perfect role player, will provide leadership, hit threes and defend until he's in his late 30's ie Bowen. Nocioni is a solid energy guy and shot maker of the bench.

PF Horford/Gooden - Horford is a winner and plays the game the way it should be played - future all star. Gooden is a good backup

C Diop/Noah - Great defensive tandem with length athletcism to cover the best bigs in the league whilst protecting the paint, also versatile defensively; Diop with crazy length and physicality to cover powerful bigs and Noah as an energetic/athletic defender to cover the faster bigs.

If Gorden/Hughes were dealt with correctly they'd have major cap flexibility next year with Bibby, Nocioni, Gooden coming off the books. Could run at a superstar.

A team full of unselfish winners as well as having the best defensive personell in the league.

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Years ago

There is no way that Atlanta is giving up Horford for something short of Oden, Durant, Paul etc. In short, it's not happening.

I would hold onto Hinrich and trade Gordon (possibly with Gooden) for a PF or a C. Channing Frye? Udonis Haslem? Or equivalent. The idea is to free up minutes for Tyrus Thomas (who will thrive with Rose's drive-and-kick play) and grab some rotation players.

Hinrich is an excellent defender/shooter who can pair with Rose in the backcourt. Thabo and Hughes round out the backcourt rotation.

Thomas/Frye or Haslem
Noah/Frye or Haslem

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Years ago

Mr Clutch, I do not see how Rose and Bibby could 'split' mins.
Bibby is a starting PG who averaged 36 MPG with Atlanta in the playoffs. IMO it wouldn't work. Bibby would not want to go to the Bulls if he had to share minutes with Rose, unless he felt the Bulls were the real deal and favourites to win the championship. They are not though.
Remember Bibby is only 30 years old, he still has time. He doesn't need to do what 39-year old Sam Cassell did by moving to another club and watching his mins. plumett.

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Years ago

I believe Michael Jordan brought back the #23 after he wasn't playing well with #45. Was it retired again?

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mr clutch  
Years ago

The majority of the minutes would go to Rose with Bibby's main purpose serving as an expiring contract.

The Hawks want a young PG and Hinrich could still be an all star

Deng could still be a superstar - 22 years old and got 17 a game under skiles without a 3 ball, not bad.

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Years ago

Yes, MJ's jersey was retired again.

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Years ago

23 is that retired, even Miami retired it in honour of the great man.

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The entire league should retire 23. I mean is there a more iconic number anywhere in sports ever? And you have players like quentin richardson wearing it.

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Years ago

good call elg Q is a bum

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Years ago

I think Miami retired it because Harold Miner wore it.

; )

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Years ago

I heard Darius Miles wore 23 as a tribute to his all time fav player......LeBron James.....jesus wept.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Chicago should consider acquiring Emeka Okofur in exchange for Gooden.

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Trevor Anderson  
Years ago

Whatever happened to Harold Miner?

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Trevor Anderson  
Years ago

Yes I know........just had to put it up there!!!!

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Years ago

I think you should consider a reality check Big Marty....

A defensive stud for a player that is dumber then a pile of dog poo on top of a brick....

Charlotte agree to your trade as long as Chicago chuck in Rose and Thomas into that deal.

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Cool Cat  
Years ago

What moves do chicago make now????

All the right ones baaaby!

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Years ago

Wow, the bibby line is a bit of a farce, as has already been stated.
The word is Noc is being shopped to clear cap space for Deng. This will make baby jesus cry, as Noc is all effort, all day.
My bullies are kind of stuck. Log jam in the backcourt and desperate for an offensive weapon in the paint.
Hinrich is the easy guy to trade at 10mill, but him paired with Rose in the backcourt could be interesting, although they are both undersized to guard the 2(I dont want to hear peeps bleeting Kirk has guarded the 2 b4. Of course he has, when Gordon is on the court, as gordon couldnt guard a chair). Kirk gets beaten up when guarding the 2. He is quality guarding the 1. Im not sure Rose has the bulk to guard the 2 either.) So, Gordon is the guy to move, pre
ferably with Gooden, but with TT if the price is right.

Elton would have been a great pickup, but I dont see that happening with the fun and games baron has been up to.
Josh Smith would be an interesting guy, and his price is reportedly around the 12-13mill mark.
We would get hurt in a half court game, but damn, we could run and gun with anyone.

J Smith/TT
Deng/Noc or Thabo
kind of left field, but making a play for the Iguanna from Philly for say Hughes and Gordon would be a no brainer. Doesnt address the front court problems, but when your backcourt has Rose, Iguanna, Deng and backed with Kirk and Thabo....who cares, although the 3 ball may be a problem.

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