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Kings still alive? - Rumour

I dont know if this is elsewhere on the site (did a search but didnt see anything).

Rumour has it that the "kings" licence is not closed for this season, there is apparently a buyer on the cards..but i cant see how..where the players come from or anything else.

Just saying what i heard?

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Ana what many others have said below, there has been press about it in the SMH.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

That, was Harmison on radio, just then, saying he'll know tomorrow, seems likely they will be alive.

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Years ago

As a Bullets supporter, I am insanely jealous right now.

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Years ago

someone please explain to me how the kings can be resurected after june 30 but not the bullets.
i don't understand this.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Brisbane couldn't come up with financial guarantees.
Sydney look like they have, we'll know tomorrow.

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Years ago


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Years ago

so they live without any players?

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Years ago

They have got players. Just not good ones.

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Years ago

I'd say they got their papers in on time but the NBL may need to run it through a meeting to approve it.

It's two previous owners or sponsors plus some other backers and a bunch of fans who've bought a 7.5% stake for $150,000.

You'd guess they'll keep Tovey, Carter, Hinder, maybe Smith, Kendall, couple of imports, maybe Mottram? (I think Crosswhite is heading to Cairns.)

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Years ago

There are 2 interested groups. One as Isaac said above, and another 'mystery' group (ie without the media coverage, but fairly well rumoured participants). One of the two should get the licence over the next few days and the team will compete in 2008/09. The lineup won't be *that* bad. Hopefully as Isaac listed above, with 2 x decent imports. Not a championship contender, but also certainly not a wooden spoon lock either. Will be a bit of a transition year season for the team in more ways then one.

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Years ago

Add Hill, Vanderjagt and Rigby to the list above. Bit of a jumble, but there are just enough players to field a team that will at least beat up Singapore a bit.

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Years ago

Any players that did have a contract with the Kings are they still bound by that? and are the Kings bound by it also?

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Great news. Hope they get it right. Will come up with a ok team from plyrs left and surely would try to get Rigby to squad. I dont see Signapore as easy beats this year Isaac I think ended up with much better squad than previous. Maybe like sixers a little bit of a hit or miss, with injuries etc

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Years ago

All players were released from the Kings. They are all free agents and the Kings will need to re-recruit/re-negotiate/re-sign/whatever.

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Years ago

Media release from the NBL regarding the Kings:

"Since the Sydney Kings license was terminated by the NBL on 12 June, the League office has received bids from two separate groups to purchase a new license for the Sydney market," said Harmison. "Our initial analysis of the bids is encouraging, with both including detailed supporting data on their business plans, budgets and investors, as well as concrete evidence of their financial backing."

"The NBL's Steering Committee reviewed the applications in detail yesterday and we have since gone back to both groups to request some additional information in order to make the final determination as to which is the strongest."

"The Steering Committee is now awaiting this extra information before making a final recommendation to the NBL Participant clubs. This recommendation will be made via a teleconference on Wednesday evening and the League expects to be able to announce its decision on Thursday."

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Years ago

Roster will be as thin as the Hawks were this year.
Hopefully we don't play them in the first round!

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Years ago

Strong word is that the kings will suit up for the season. I have also heard rumor the bullets will be back as well.

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Is Dusty going to the new Kings ?

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Years ago

drb I assume you're referring to the Bullets maybe coming back next year?
The door is firmly shut on us for this season from what we've been told.
It now seems that the decision to hand the licence back came down to a measly $200k difference- Brisbane is hopping freaking mad right now, because had we known that to be the case or had Eddy been open to the idea of fans doing what the Kings fans have done, that money would've been raised pretty darn quick...,23739,23944324-10389,00.html

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Years ago

Isaac, forget Hinder, he has signed with the Crocs. Sydney can have Pepper instead.

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Years ago

That's true (it's news that came up since I posted that). I don't think Pepper would be a good fit for Tomlinson (if he's retained - one consortium at least has him in their plans) or the team.

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Years ago


Its not like you had no warning - Eddy has been trying to sell the team for ages - why havnt any of these supposedly cashed up supporters - who now are bleating about how they would have saved the club if they had known - made a noise before now? Its so easy to say something after the event when you dont have to back it up....The Hawks fans made something happen and so it seems have the Kings fans - but the Bullets fans.....where were you?

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Years ago

A group of Kings fans put together $150K to buy 7% of the team. In the news this morning, ex-King Dwayne McClain has offered $500K to buy a 25% share. I think there's 5 or 6 Sydney businessmen making up the rest. This is the favoured bid of two, the other also has backing from a number of people, including some LA based sports group with NBA interests (but it is not the Lakers or Clippers outright - perhaps someone with a large investment in one or the other).

It looks like the Kings will be a very budget affair this season, both on and off the court, but all of this does look good for the immediate future of the team.

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Years ago

Please let them die a dignified death befiting a king.

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Years ago

MS- I bet that stands for you having MS?
You have no bloody idea where I have been buddy- no bloody idea, so don't shot your stupid little mouth off.
What I was questioning (from an intelligent post- unlike yours) was whether drb was referring to some inside knowledge or loophole- it was to seek clarification.
Don't bother your stupid little head with it.

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Years ago

anon don't worry about ms- we know how much tireless energy and effort you've put into the bullets stuff.
don't sweat it.
i too read the post as some inside info- we know the bullets will be back, but telling us 24 hours after they folded ofcourse while sydney is making a comeback so soon after folding also is going to make people think there might be some other inside info going on- i don't think you were wrong at all in asking the question.
we both know (which ms obviously doesn't) that eddy played hard ball with the sale of the bullets- it was his way or the highway and he was really treating it like a strict business.
i seriously doubt he would've made any time whatsoever to speak to fans about contributing to the cost- this all came about after the fact- not a word about the $200,000 was mentioned until he used it as a reason to say it contributed to why he handed the licence back.
you're not psychic, i'm not psychic and nor is anybody else that is gutted that we were so close yet so far behind closed doors.
ms is just very poorly informed.

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Years ago

Interesting anonymous's that you can say how poorly informed I am when you have no idea who I am - or even where I might be located for that matter.

Also interesting that you have both jumped on a 2 line post from drb as you thought it was 'inside info' (which has now clearly been shown to not be the case) Surely if you are both so well informed you would know all the inside info anyway??

What did I say in my post that was so far off the mark? Has my comment that the Bullets fans as a whole have not been proactive in trying to help the team hit a bit of a nerve?

With regards to the comment
"we know how much tireless energy and effort you've put into the bullets stuff"
Who knows about all this tireless energy and effort? Care to enlighten us as to what you actually did to help the Bullets situation?

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