Years ago

West Sydney new name?

Not sure if this has been picked up on a previous thread but heard on the ABC news this morning that West Sydney Razorbacks are planning to change their name to Sydney Spirit. Any confirmation?

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Years ago

Sydney Spirit........ sounds like a WNBL name...

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Years ago

Yeah it does sound like the name of a womens team. The word spirit implies that girlish nature.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

just like this little rascal?

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Years ago

absolutely crap name

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Years ago

u mean wascal.

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Years ago

I wish they'd stop trying to accommodate kings fans and become a team for all of Sydney. kings fans aren't going to jump onborad their enemies. Besides the kings could even come back next year or a new sydney team might be made with the re-doing of the nbl teams in 09/10.

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Years ago

It sounds more of a soccer name. Spirit, Glory, Honour, Righteousness, Valour etc etc....

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Years ago

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Years ago

Nick what fans? :P

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Years ago


... That'd be me mate.

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Years ago

Amazing I know but there are still some Kings fans, and I was reffering to all 14 of them :P

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Years ago

they may as well call themself "spirit fingers" i'm sure that'd help them win games

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Years ago

West Sydney FirePowers??

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Years ago

They should get the jump on the AFL and beat them to the name Celtic/s.
I read an article on the weekend suggesting that is one of the favourite names for the new Sydney AFL team.

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Years ago

Heard the same thing too Skip. I'd love to see the NBL screw the AFL by nicking the Celtics name!

Just wondering if anyone has any idea why people in West Sydney might like the Celtics name? Lot of Scots and Irish out there?

I'd like to see West Sydney really move west too. No point trying to build a reliable customer base with the fickle inner Sydney crowd. There is just way too much competition for their entertainment dollars.

I reckon they'd have more success trying to build a core supporter base in the outer suburbs, especially if they make a big effort to get involved in local communities, encourage young kids to play ball and keep prices cheap for families to get to the games.

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Years ago

They wont get Celtics.That's why T'ville are Crocs now not the originally named Suns,because Phoenix was going to sue them.

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Years ago

I think the AFL reasoning behind it is

1) The irish connection. There are currently 9 Irish players listed in AFL squads and we obviously play them in the International series too.

2) The name shares a lot of success. Boston Celtics, Glasow Celtic, etc.

3) The colours arent being used.

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twenty four  
Years ago

The AFL are considering it because the Gaelic Athletic Assoc have put the idea to them. They want to be part of the AFL, and the team would bring in some more Irish players and it would supposedly open up a new TV audience for the AFL in the UK.

Not really just a superficial idea, there is some reasoning behind it. Which I doubt the NBL could say they have.

Qlder, I highly doubt Boston could do anything about the name Celtic(s). It's more of a term, not just a catchy nickname. The Scottish Soccer team have used it for much longer than them anyway.

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Years ago

"He has spiwit...a little bit of ..daring doo?"

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Black Dracula  
Years ago

Sydney Spirit...heh.

What would be truly hilarious is if they called themselves 'Sydney Pride' hahha...

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Years ago

Sydney Pride....hahahahaha that's a good one

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Years ago

Sydney Spirit?? Jeez, I dunno ...

Surely there is a risk that this will not only fail to entice ex-Kings fans fail to jump aboard, but upset/alienate existing razors fans aswell? Very risky.

And on the AFL bit, I can see how those reasons for celtics make sense, but surely u'd want a name that the local community can embrace?? Not much good if they're fan base is in the UK and they only get 5000 to home games!

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Years ago

"Not much good if they're fan base is in the UK and they only get 5000 to home games!"

Maybe not intially any good for the new Sydney team, but for the AFL in would be a massive breakthrough. And I'm pretty certain the AFL would be quick to provide any financial assistance that a new Sydney team might if that were the case.

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Years ago

So what will the mascot be??? A bottle of vodka??

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Oh well... the name change is official. Let the bollocking begin.

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Years ago

Well done to West Sydney for taking a positive step for basketball - can't imagine Port Power doing the same in the AFL if the Crows fell over!!!

However the name - Sydney Spirit - pretty limp!!!! Locally in SA -Sabres, Bearcats, Flames all are imposing names. Hell even the old Sydney Supersonics name was better. At least the Sixers have a link to our state's heritage ( ahh perhaps the Sydney Convicts - could have the basketball on a chain round their leg as an emblem.!!!!) Rum rebellion - spirit???

Seriuosly the NBL needs a good presence in Sydney - who would have thought both the Bullets and Kings would go. Sad day for the NBL.

Does anyone recall the Nunawading Spectres getting some grief on a tour of the US as their Spectre emblem was misinterpreted as something to do with the KKK and not a ghost?

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Years ago

THAT tag belonged to the Bruce Palmer led North Melbourne Giants!

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