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Most Over-rated NBA player

Ok, so the thread : Most over-rated NBL Player gave me the idea- Who is the most overrated NBA Player

What about Darko Milicic. One of the biggest Draft Busts ever!

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Years ago

he's a bust but he's no longer over-rated. In fact, now, people don't rate him at all :P

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Years ago

In my opinion, it would have to be Ray Allen. They guy is nothing more than a spot up shooter. He can't play defense and he isn't a great passer. Great players are Paul Pierce, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James. Players who play defense, can shoot, and can distribute the ball.

Allen is considered as a "superstar" of the NBA, yet he relies on KG and Paul Pierce to command enough respect for him to get wide open shots. Believe me, if Sasha Vujacic was in place of Allen on the Celtics offense, he would be knocking down the same jumpers. And Sasha plays D too.

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Have you forgotten Ray Allens last 10 years in the NBA? That he has been an all-star and a consistant 20ppg scorer and clutch shooter...not to mention he was top 10 in PPG last year trying to keep a rubbish team a float...Or that fact that he was probably the second most important or best player in the finals series that got him a championship?

A 'spot-up shooter' - who happens to be the best shooter in the game...Thats like saying all Dwight Howard is is a big body who can jump...And his biggests buckets of the series were all on hard drives and layups...One that comes to mind is the sealing bucket in game 4...who was playing defense on him in that possession..?...OHhhh...Sasha Vujacic who forgot that when a player moves you also must move. Also dont forget that he got given the defensive jobs on joe johnson, lebron james, rip hamilton, and kobe bryant.

I dont know what I found more stupid, the fact you said Ray Allen is overrated (let alone the MOST overrated) or that you siad Sasha Vujacic would A-play to Rays standard in the Celtics or B- that he plays defense...

Dont mistake Vujacic's 'Fake Hustle' (that Stan Van Gundy put so well) as defense...when it comes to stopping a player 1-on-1 he is WOEFUL

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Years ago

Chewy. Dirk Nowitzki is an example of a player who is just a shooter. Unlike most people he has had good teammates yet has never produced the goods in the playoffs. If he wasnt so protected by the officials, he would just be your average player. Great players, superstars, must perform in the clutch (the playoffs), yet he has failed to do so.

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M Dizzle  
Years ago

Chewy mate, Ray Allen does so much more than shoot spot up jumpers. Doesn't play defence? he played Kobe better this year than any other player outside of Paul Pierce. I think the fact that he has the sweetest shot in the world works against him and people forget the other facets of his game. Remember allstar reserves are voted on by coaches and not fans and he is there almost every year.

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Years ago

Man and i was going to say Ray Allen also....

Having read the posts I'm leaning towards giving One Vote for Michael Redd for being simply a spot up shooter and i don't think anyone here is going to convince me he plays D either

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Are these stupid threads necessary?

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Years ago

"Ok, so the thread : Most over-rated NBL Player gave me the idea- Who is the most overrated NBA Player

What about Darko Milicic. One of the biggest Draft Busts ever!"

Draft busts and over rated are very different.

Draft Bust = Shawn Bradley
Over Rated = Stephon Marbury

See what i mean...

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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

by no means is ray allen overrated, he shoots about 40% frm 3pt range and thats mainly contested, u dont see him open very often and he creates his own friggen 3point shot off the dribble! i hardly think hes overrated
how bout yao ming and tracy mcgrady, yao ming being the "best" centre in the west and tracy mcgrady one of the best shooting guards and players in the game yet what have they done for their teams? none of them have been past the first round yet they have soooo much hype.

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

Ronny Turiaf, clearly overrated in warrior town.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Yao, injured? Yes. Over-rated? No way. I was just having a discussion in the office today with someone who was bagging him who clearly hasn't seen him play since his rookie season. He does average more than the "7 to 8 rebounds per game" that everyone seems to think he does.

22ppg, 11rpg, 2.3apg, 2.0bpg at over 50% and 85% FT. Dude just needs to play more than 55 games each season to get into a finals series again.

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Years ago

I have always seen Yao as a waste of time for Houston. They have a champion in waiting in T-Mac. Dude wants it so bad but has been so unlucky with each team he has been on.

Someone write this down- Houston will never ever win anything with Yao as their focus.

He is too big. He will never be fit enough to play 30+ QUALITY minutes, sure, he might be on the court for that amount of time but he will play 20 good minutes max.

I think i've said it before but
Houston doesn't really care about winning with Yao....not when they are selling a billion Yao Jersey's in China.... All they have to do is convince their fans they are a chance when people in the know would see they have a great big Chinese achilies heal...

You know the best bit? They make those jeresys in China and save on transporting them to the USA by selling em over there!!!! Gold!!!!

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Years ago

Sasha plays D, and allen is overated? Bahahahhaha. Whos lack of defence resulted in Allen going from the top of the key to the basket uncontested late in the game.... oh thats right it was Sasha...

Sasha is a waste of air..

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Years ago

Exactly, Who ever thinks Sasha is an excellent defender doesn't know basketball. He is ok, but not great.
Ray Allen killed him in the finals. Sasha didn't know how to play him-If Sasha shot the gap on the screen Allen would just flare and spot up. Also, if Sasha shirt-tailed Allen would just take him to the hoop

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Years ago

I don't think you could question Yao's ability. It's just his ability to stay healthy for the full season that comes into question.

Also the fact that I think he's overpaid and that Houston values him for more than his basketball abilities (his marketability to the Asian demographic) hurts his credibility as a player. It seems like whatever he accomplishes in his career will always be met with cynicism i.e. 'Ooooh, it's only because he's Chinese!!!!'

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Years ago

Na, I think Yao's acheivements will always be met with the idea that his 7"4(i think)
Alot of people will look back at his career in the future and say "he was only a good player because he was tall"

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Years ago

NPBHS- Shawn Bradly! Hes tall, not so good. You still have to be good to put up those numbers.

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Peter Maravich  
Years ago

I was just having a discussion in the office today

DC works in an office!?!?

I always assumed you were a freelance Journo, with your penchant for writing great hot/nots, but only when it suited you and also your strong favouring towards hard liquor - straight up no doubt!

Come to think of it, i thought of you in a similar way to the protaganist from the Californication TV series, only without the 'best seller' to fund your lifestyle.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Most over-rated player - Kobe "Would you like my Autograph little girl?" Bryant.

Long story short: Is rarely able to be an assists man/rebounder & scorer at the same time and still have a chance of the lakers winning a game (classic example was the Boston win in LA during the 08' finals)

Shouldn't have won MVP over CP3 since Paul had a greater impact and turnaround for his club whereas Kobe just did the usual; and let's face it: Gasol made the difference in the end and we all disgruntedly accept that.

To summarise: YES, we know he's a good player; but Kobe is a role player, nothing more... more like an evolved Michael Redd with passing skills.

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johnny sack  
Years ago

OJ Mayo - everyone is screaming like they are bleeding from the seat orifice about how good OJ Mayo is going to be and how much of a mistake McHale made trading him for Love... I don`t buy it one iota... The guy has done nothing (same goes for Love - SL doesn`t count) in the NBA lets just wait and see (for every Gilbert Arenas there are 2 or three Juan Dixons)...

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Years ago

You're stupid Big Marty

Very stupid

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Yet I've made valid points for Kobe being a great player but being overpolished and advertised.

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Years ago

Johnny Sack, Don't know how you can say OJ Mayo is over-rated. The kid hasn't played a single NBA Games yet.

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johnny sack  
Years ago

Someone forgot to lock the gate at the asylum methinks - yesterday Gaze was overrated and now Kobe is a "... role player, nothing more..."


Of course - you are allowed your own opinions... :p

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johnny sack  
Years ago

Yeah - that`s my point, he`s been anointed the next Kobe... and for doing what???

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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

kobe overrated? yawn..... sometimes i cant be bothered explaining to idiots
he is expected to play 45 mins a game, score 30 points, get 6 boards, 6 assists and guard the other teams best player, lets c u do that night in and night out, kobe is the leader of the lakers and if u didnt notice he passed a lot more hence his ppg coming down from 35 in 06-07 to like 30 in 07-08
and just quietly how many players have scored over 80 in a game? 2 wilt chamberlain and kobe...
first allen overrated and now kobe? whos next? lebron? garnett? god some ppl dont have a clue

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Big Marty  
Years ago

BP, some of us actually HAVE a clue. Incase you're forgetting, the NBA is a marketing machine; the moment a player begins generating a large stat line, the NBA hops on their back and hammers into everyone that their the next Michael Jordan etc. etc.

Like I've said already, we KNOW he's a great player, same as Ray Allen, KG, Lebron etc. etc. etc. All I'm trying to point out is that he IS overrated considering there are probably 20+ other people in the league capable of generating the same stats as he can. Hell, guys like Al Jeffereson can produce insane stats lines in games and be pivotol players etc. for their teams (no matter how defunct the team is); yet players like Bryant are buttered up because they're the "well known" players who the NBA pick as their poster child.

SO... Kobe IS great, he will forever be GREAT, but his game in the 21st century is exactly the same as half the new breed coming in. Treating Kobe as the Golden Child despite being part of the "Standard of Star Players" is called 'over-rating'. That's my point, that's all.

In 5 years, Lebron will be over-rated.

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Years ago

What a joke

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Years ago

ELG, I heard u name this thread 'stupid'. Well if you ask me it must not be that stupid if it has 29 replies and is receiving alot of attention.
If you don't like the topic, then don't bother posting. No one wants to hear your whinging.

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Years ago

Scottie Pippen

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Years ago

Wow Marty..


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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

yawn.... i dunno if i can be stuffed replying to marty eh?

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Years ago


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mr clutch  
Years ago

How in the world is Kobe Bryant a role player?

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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

hes a role player cos he gets asked to score 30 a night, grab 6 rebounds, get 6 assists, guard the oppositions best player and be the leader of the lakers..... lol its a joke calling kobe a role player

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mr clutch  
Years ago

So by your logic Michael Jordan must've been ovverated in his day because there were players like a young Kobe Bryant coming through with a game 'exactly the same' as his.

So because several players can produce similar stats that means they are as good as him? Kevin Garnett choking in the clutch time and time again doesn't matter because he can put stats as good as Kobe? Gilbert only passes the ball when he can get an assist, dominates the ball and doesn't care about defense - but he can put up numbers as big as Kobe so he must be as good.

I won my fantasy league last year with Shaun Marion as my best player. Think he could lead a team to a championship?

Numbers don't define a player.

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Oh, so this is another 'let's compare stats' thread is it lol

what defines overrated anyway? Because someone else thinks he's good and you don't? Because someone's paycheck is bigger than you think he deserves?

anyway, (the real reason why i'm replying)... Kobe bryant overrated? are you fucking stupid. who are you anyway. what sort of moron says that (unless of course, you're looking for attention, in which case you got it)

"considering there are probably 20+ other people in the league capable of generating the same stats as he can."

give me proof, idiot. list 20 people who would have a chance of getting the 30 6 and 6. greatness comes from consistency anyway.

"but Kobe is a role player, nothing more... more like an evolved Michael Redd with passing skills."

lol. I'd like to hear your definition of a 'role player'. if its someone who leads the team, both offensively and defensively, has the ball the majority of the time, and will always take the final shot, for LA and the USA team, then yeah, you'd be right.

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