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NBA Game for PS3

I've finally gone and done it.

No, not THAT, I went and bought a PS3.

So, of course, I want an NBA game for it.

Recommendations People!!!!!!!

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NBA 2k8, hands down.

Craps all over the others.

Warning: The dynasty mode gets very addictive- almost to the point of obsession. I spend almost as much time trying to develop my players and tweak my roster by robbing the computer in trades as I do actually playing the game.

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Years ago

I'm more for the arcade style.

2K8 good graphics and gameplay as well?

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Years ago

NBA 2K8 hardcore sims and a decent arcade feel.
If you seriously want an Arcade game go NBA Live 08 but be warned very arcady.

09 series for all will be out in a few months if u can wait?

Should be able to get any of the 08's for $50 or so.

Also remember ps3 games are NOT region locked...


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I buy all my games from the US. Great success.

You can adjust the settings and sliders in 2K8 to be as realistic or as arcady as you want. I think the Graphics and gameplay on 2K8 are superior- seems more fluid and smooth.

If anyone is interested, I have a copy of College Hoops 2k7 for the PS3 that I'm looking to sell. If you like the depth of the 2K series, you'll love this even more.

$30 and it's yours.

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Years ago

good too see everyone is on the same page. Ive always been a nba live person until a few years back. 2k8 is the best by far. In 2k8 the individual player movements and moves relate to the the real players so well.its awesome.

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Years ago

Always bought the Live series until they killed it about 3 years back. I never thought I would play others but the 2k series wins hands down. Awesome gameplay, very addictive.

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Years ago

2k8 is the bomb but NBA2008 is underrated very good for online play

if u like street homecourt is da bomb

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Biggest problem with NBA2K8 is the how the shooting works.

Players on fast breaks missing layups, Guys like Arenas or Allen missing constantly at the 3pt line despite being open and in their "hot spots".

Apparently the X360 had a patch to fix this but I haven't noticed squat. Other than parts of the gameplay (like the occasionally stupid pass to the wrong player on court, leading to an intercept), it's still a great game.

Probably NBA Live 06 was probably the best in the Live series to date considering the flop of 07' and the lack of "star moves" in 08'

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shin splints  
Years ago

NBA Live 2008 also has the FIBA tournament option - no Boomers but plenty of countries to play with. Just adds something a bit different to the norm.

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Years ago

Thread can finish now.....I bought NBA2K08 at lunchtime.

Although I MAY have to return everything nowmy wife just found out that she can't play her old PS2 Singstar discs on it (:roll)

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Years ago

Just buy her singstar on PS3 and she can purchase/download all her favourite songs, much better than the restriction of 1 or 2 discs.

The shooting takes a bit to get used to in NBA2K8 but once you nail it you'll have that sweet style down pat. Hint whilst it's something totally different use the shot stick rather than the button, so much more control and when mastered like mentioned above you will know how to hit that jumper everytime.

BTW NBA Live 09 will feature the Boomers in the Fiba tourn mode... hmmm might have to buy both :-|

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Years ago

"Just buy her singstar on PS3 and she can purchase/download all her favourite songs, much better than the restriction of 1 or 2 discs."

Yeah, but I JUSTIFIED the purchase on the fact that she'd be able to use the discs that we already own. The store is a rip off, it's like $3 per song and the only things there are stuff that is already on the discs. We got the Singstar bundle with the PS3.

If they want to maintain ANY momentum with the PS3, they need to get things like the Singstar store moving along.

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Years ago

if you want a game with bad graphics and game play where you can't even break down the defense on the outside, not to mention annoying gameplay, go get 2k8
want a game that has good graphics, easy game play, overall good game, then get nba live 08

want to be smart then get live 09 in october, is going to be ridiculous

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Years ago

2k8 easily. I bought NBA Live 2008 first, then played it, then turned it off and took it right back to the shop. Swapped it for 2k8 which is far, far better.

Ricey should we be listening to your advice about how to be smart? ;)

Oh and if you want a truly addictive game then buy Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. You won't get all the team names but it is the best football game ever. Period.

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Years ago

live sucks.

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Years ago

Played 2k8 for a SHORT while last night....going to take some time for me to get used to it.

Seems pretty cool, though, for the short time I spent.

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Years ago

nba live 08 is solid while not as good as nba2k8. 2k8 is slightly better - i say that being a live fan my entire life and still having a soft spot for the series. but i still enjoy live more. just a personal preference, as the players move more smoothly and i feel there are fewer glitches. but i own both and play both regularly. it depends on what you feel like. the more arcady, ejoyable, get your shots up and run game is live, whereas 2k8 tries to be more realistic. it really depends what mood you're in.

but nba2k9 will have minimal improvements, as the creators feel they've done enough to not need to recreate it again.
whereas nba live 09 will be rebuilt, and if you look up some info on it it is going to be the smartest game yet, updating rosters and player ratings and injuries by itself using the technology that the actual nba teams use to track players and their development and changes in statistics. it's very full on. let's hope the gameplay lives up to this technology - at the moment they're saying it does

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Years ago

On PS2, you only have to press one button to shoot on 2K8. You can use the Shot Stick, but I never do. Is it different for PS3?

And there are plenty of dribble moves available in it to 'break down the defense' as well.

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Years ago

There's also plenty of post moves available as well, with movement of the shot stick when you post up

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