Bo Hamburger
Years ago

NCAA gamewinner's 2008 goes from bad to worse

I liked this story:

Mario Chalmers hit the clutch three in the title game that led to Kansas winning the national title earlier this year, and now he's in the NBA:

The players [Chalmers and a former Kansas teammate now also in the NBA] were caught by hotel security at the Doral Arrowwood resort in Rye Brook, N.Y., where 69 of the league's rookies arrived last night for the four-day seminar in which coaches, referees and former players speak about adapting to the league. Having visitors at the rookie transition program is not permitted.

So a quick recap of how life is going this year for Mario:
1) hit college championship winning jumper
2) enter NBA
3) begin earning major coin
4) immediately 'adjust' to NBA life by commencing hedonistic lifestyle of women and drugs, presumably with playing basketball for a living thrown in.

An annus horribilis, it's probably not.

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Years ago

Perhaps he should be kicked out of the league like they do in the AFL e.g. Ben Cousins :P I dont think its a big deal but disappointing as these two players might make an impact this year and this could affect them. It was still an interesting post.

Its easy to judge but if people were in their shoes they would see things differently, as all of a sudden they get huge amounts of money, fame, an abudance of women and excessive amounts of free time. All these things would do funny things to the brain.

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Years ago

If you have an abundance of women and they're doing things to your brain, you need a different kind of rookie camp!

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johnny sack  
Years ago

Go easy - it not his fault he`s been addicted to porn since he was 12... ;)

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

'Nookie' camp, Isaac?

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Flinders 40  
Years ago

haha he is a sucker for getting caught..
but smoking cheddar and slamn broads aint a big deal.
even if you are a pro-athelete

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george donnikian  
Years ago

Nice one Johnny.

Now there's a crock of shite if I ever read it.

How can someone be addicted to porn which leads to faking cancer? One big fat lie from down south right there.
I haven't faked a cold let alone cancer!

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Years ago

there's nothing wrong with a bit of hanky panky. Some of the finest people I know come from the adult industry. Always on the look out for voluptuous talent

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johnny sack  
Years ago

The funny thing is - who isn`t (heavily into the porn from the age of 12 onwards??? - a dangerous precedent has been set... Screw the "Chewbacca Defence"!!!)... Surely a better excuse could have been concocted - possession by the devil, Hitler`s dog`s soul, a spider monkey on heat - anything!!!

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Melvin Corpuscle  
Years ago

Would you really trust any defence from a "Johnny Sack" ?!

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Years ago

Back on topic tho. Pat Riley must be fuming. This guy had a chance to be a part-time starting PG in his first year in the NBA (and at worst the reserve PG)... and now he's gone and done this? Consdering PGs are supposed to be good decsion-makers you'd be worrying a bit - I wouldn't say he's done but this is a very bad sign for the guy...

You'd think given he only just made it into the NBA (yes he was a 2nd rounder - but the differece between being a 2 rounder and going undrafted is not that great at all IMHO). On the face of it the guy must be pretty dumb - i hope he proves me wrong (even though my beloved T-Wolves owned his rights for all of 10seconds... on the other hand??? - maybe i want McHale's trade decsion to be vindicated- either way i'm happy...)... Oh and Darell Arthur (the other guy - all of this applies to him as well - cept the 2nd rounder, PG, and Pat Riley stuff...

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Years ago

Johnny - I had a confused laugh at that one too. Couldn't see what one thing had to do with the other.

Journo on Today Tonight - "So, do you really have cancer?"

Charlie Church (through oxygen mask) "I did, but it's a miracle! It's gone!"

TT Journo "You never had cancer, did you?"

Charlie Church (removes oxygen mask) "It's true! I'm so sorry - I faked it. I've been addicted to porn since I was 12!"

TT Journo "I never said anything about porn."

Charlie Church "Ummmm...... neither did I. I have to go (don't say watch porn!!!) DAMN IT!"

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Years ago

When that story broke, I thought it was a bit amusing how they had to specifically clarify that it was "adult" porn!

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